Hips and waist are problem areas of most women and if you want to have the perfect body, then doing this exercises 20 minutes a day can help you. Let’s start! Straight twisting is an exercise aimed at strengthening abdominals. To do it you should lie on the floor, bend your legs and place your feet at the width of your shoulders. Hands are behind the head. Breathing outstretches up and lifts shoulder bones. It is essential that the chin doesn’t touch the chest and elbows and neck should be relaxed, all efforts directed to abdominals. You take a break on the peak. You should do three sets and eight reps.

Also in the set of exercises for 20 minutes is twisting with a turn, which can strengthen the oblique muscles and make the waist more elegant. The initial position is the same as in the first exercise. Then it is necessary to do simultaneous rises of the opposite leg and hand. So the elbow of the right-hand touches the left knee and vice versa.

The number of reps is identical to the first. To stabilise the scapular waist and to train shoulder muscles the lifting of dumbbells in a sitting position is perfect. This exercise involves sitting on a reasonably stable surface; it preferably should be a chair. Use small dumbbells the weight of which is not more than 3 kg. They are at such level that the angle degree between elbow and shoulder is 90. Rise hands to the level of the shoulders and then go back, do it as slowly as possible. Plie correctly strengthens the inner side of the hips; you should do it about 50 times with a maximum depth of squatting. It is also important to pay attention to the development of lumbar muscles. The lifting of the body contributes to it.

You should do them 50 times while breathing out. And the last but not least – working out the back. Lifting dumbbells reaching forward will be suitable for this. It is necessary for doing this exercise to be extremely attentive because it is technically challenging. If you follow the emphasis- closing blade to each other-the lats of the back will be entirely developed. The starting position of this exercise is a slight lunge forward with a bending support leg. To get a balance a free hand rests on the knee. Lift a small dumbbell to the low back. Do three sets with ten repetitions.

As you can see, there is no need for a personal trainer to be slim, it is enough to do simple exercises 20 minutes a day, and a beautiful body will not be your dream, it will become a reality.

Perfect exercises to make your body slim for 20 minutes
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