Which you chose: brown rice diet, fruit or vegetable one?

Hi, it’s Blum! I got really excited about this ‘diet choosing’ stuff, so I continue searching for the ideal diet to lose weight for me. Well, actually, I would really like to lose some extra weight, and I already have several healthy eating ideas. Actually, there are three options: the first one – brown rice diet, the second one – the fruit diet and third – vegetable diet for weight loss. However, the problem is that I don’t know which one should I choose.

I like to add a small number of leafy greens, sesame seeds, dietary fiber while dieting. Is it good for weight loss, how do you think? My question concerning the mentioned diets are:

Which one would you choose for yourself? What are the most popular diets of these products? Which one is the safest for the organism? What is better grain brown rice or white rice? Is it good for losing belly fat? Does the mono diet really bring no harm to the health? Does brown rice, fruit or vegetable diet provide the organism with all nutrients and vitamins while dieting? How many calories can I consume during these diets? Is it allowed to follow these diets while blood pressure, type 2 diabetes or heart disease?

Which one would you recommend for your friend? Thanks!

Which you chose: brown rice diet, fruit or vegetable one

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Hello Blum!

That’s a great question!Personally,I think you should combine some parts of each diet.In addition,you can also make like a “food journal” to keep track of what you have eaten per day.My friend actually told me about that idea,so I m pretty sure it can work for you too.

Moreover,those components are usually considered to be a great addition to vegan diet.For instance,many Victoria’s Secret models are trying to change their lifestyle to vegan one.It would be an awesome idea for you to try and watch some of their YouTube channels, since many of those ladies want to share their favourite low-calories recipes and some food secrets(see what I did here?ha)

Anyways,this HEALTHY diet may be great, but DO NOT forget about taking up some physical activity.If you want only to go on a diet and do nothing relatable to training,then ,I can assure you,you’ll unlikely see the anticipated results!

Stay healthy and fit!

Hello, Kelly!
It is a fascinating question. And there are so many details that you should know to choose the right diet for yourself. Also, you asked what better is grain brown rice or white. It is essential to understand. And I can confidently say that brown rice is much better than the white one. Despite white also has its advantages. Now I want you to explain why.

In each store the number of varieties of rice just out of stock. And you can choose any of them. But studies show that rice is an indispensable product for those who are busy doing sports. are Moreover, it helps in recovering of muscles after extended training.

Also, scientists recommend consuming rice for those who want to lose weight. So, such a diet is a perfect variant for you. Or they recommend it for those who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Also, rice grains correctly cleanse the body from slags. Moreover, it removes excess fluid and helps remove fat molecules. But every kind of this product has its advantages and disadvantages.

On the one hand, different types of brown rice, such as basmati or jasmine, contain germ and bran slices. And it means that they are a beneficial food for the body. The brown rice contains essential nutrients, including vitamins B, phosphorus and magnesium. Therefore, brown rice is what is needed for weight loss and fitness fans.

On the other hand, nutritionists say that white rice can be taken only after a workout or in the morning. It contains three essential components. There are bran, sprouts, and endosperm. The bran contains the bulk of dietary fibre. In the sprouts, there are all vitamins and minerals. The endosperm contains mainly carbohydrates that are rapidly digested.

Moreover, white rice raises the level of sugar in the blood. So, after 3 hours after eating you will again want to eat. And the frequent use of white rice can lead to weight gain.

So, it is obvious that brown rice is much better than white. But brown rice is much more valuable than white. It only removes husk from the treatment. And the germ and most of the bran do not touch. So almost all nutrients are stored.

1. Brown rice lowers cholesterol in the body. It contains a lot of dietary fibre. And there is still gamma-isazanol. It is a substance that has antioxidant properties and absorbs UV rays.
2. Also, it reduces the level of triglycerides in the blood serum. There are the fats that are most often deposited in our body. Brown rice protein is more valuable than the proteins of many other kinds of cereal. They have more useful amino acids.
3. And in general, the chemical composition of brown rice is much more precious than the form of white rice. Meanwhile, the regular use of white rice, which is so delicious and easy to prepare, significantly increases the risk of developing diabetes. Because this product has a high glycemic index.
4. Rice is known to grow in water, and therefore, feeding them, you can bring the normal water balance in the body. So, unloading rice helps to remove swelling and remove excess fluid from the tissues.
5. In addition, due to its high nutritional value, brown rice supplies the body with energy. And it is saturated for a long time.

Also, I recommend you to read an article about rice diet for weight loss. It is beneficial. I tried it myself and am satisfied with the result.


In 3 days I lost weight by 2 kilograms. It is quite an effective mono diet. You can try it. Now I am practising rice unloading day. And it is a great way to keep your body tone!

The system of nutrition combines the useful and essential for the body trace elements and vitamins. So they provide safe weight loss. Rice grown contains the following minerals.

• starch – has an enveloping effect, which is especially useful for the functioning of the stomach;
• potassium – is responsible for the work of the heart;
• calcium – strengthens bones;
• iron – saturates the cells of the body with oxygen;
• iodine – ensures the normal functioning of the endocrine glands.

Also, some vitamins improve vision, strengthen immunity and promote digestion. But rice diet does not provide the organism with all nutrients and vitamins while dieting.
A rice diet for three days may well be attributed to the category of mono-diet. Rice cereal is good for the body. But it does not contain vitamins A and C. But they are needed for normal human life. Therefore, it is possible to observe mono-diets for more than three days. And there are a few other products that are included in the diet not to bring the harm to the health.


Day 1

Breakfast. Rice, served with grated apples and lemon zest – 200 g.
Dinner. Vegetable broth – 300 ml., vegetable salad – 150 m, rice porridge – 150 m, mug of unsweetened green tea.
Supper. Vegetable broth – 200 ml., boiled rice with stewed carrots – 200 g.

Day 2

Breakfast. Rice – 150 m, sour cream 20% – 1 tbsp. l., orange.
Dinner. Light vegetable soup – 200 ml., rice porridge – 150 m, a glass of apple juice.
Supper. Stewed vegetables – 200 g, boiled rice – 100 g.

Day 3

Breakfast. Rice – 150 m, grapefruit.
Dinner. Vegetable broth – 200 ml., rice porridge with mushrooms – 150 m, fresh cucumber salad – 100 g, a glass of orange juice.
Supper. Rice – 150 m, boiled broccoli – 150 g, a cup of unsweetened tea.

Due to a three-day diet program, you will lose 3-4 extra pounds. By the way, the third day of a meal can be considered a way out of mono-diet. Therefore you can begin to eat vegetables, salad dressing.

Compliance with any mono-diet should not exceed two weeks (ideally – less). Because a healthy diet should be balanced and varied.

Moreover, experts in the field of nutrition advise to adhere to the rice diet in three days. It is recommended not to arrange snacks and lunches. But, if you feel an irresistible feeling of hunger, eat a piece of apples or orange and drink tea. To maintain your weight on the same level after dieting, try to make sometimes unloading days.


Despite this name, the power system is designed for 1-2 days of use. So, during this period you have to eat 250 grams of rice per day. The volume is indicated in a dry form of food. After cooking the quantity of rice becomes bigger. So, that is why this diet is so-called the non-hungry diet. In addition to porridge, you can eat apples and drink green tea.

The rice diet and green tea is quite effective. In just a couple of days an excess fluid will emerge from the body. And you lose up to 2 pounds of excess weight.

The typical loading day menu looks like this:

Breakfast. Brewed rice 150 m, one apple, a cup of green tea.
Dinner. Rice porridge 250 m, apple, a glass of apple juice.
Supper. Boiled rice 150 m, unsweetened green tea.

For snacks, you can drink apple juice or eat an apple cut into pieces. Low-carbohydrate diet means mandatory use of clean water up to 2 litres.


Your question is excellent. A few years ago I had the same problem. I did not know what diet to choose. I have read a lot of different articles, heard a lot of pieces of advice. And one of the menus that were the most appropriate for me was the fruit diet. So I want to share the benefits of it with you. And I consider it the best variant almost for everyone.

Minimum duration of the fruit diet is 3 days. But the maximum fruit diet lasts 3 weeks.
• the more diverse the fruit, the better;
• possible use of all kinds of fruits except bananas and grapes;
• eat as much as it is enough for you to saturate your body;
• instead of the usual fast food and sandwiches, dine with fruit;
• You can use fruit not only in crude form. You can make a sheikh, puree, sorbet, jelly of berries and fruits;
• The main rule of the fruit diet – do not forget about the liquid (at least 1.5 litres of fluid per day).

Kinds of fruit diet:

1. The most common – mono-diet. This type of diet means that during a mono-diet, a person consumes only fruits and only one variety of them. Combining them with freshly squeezed juices is possible.
2. A versatile or annual fruit diet. This diet has such a unique name because it is easier to use it during the hot season. The essence of this type of diet is to use as much fluid as possible. And if you feel hungry, eat vegetable salads, fresh fruits, nuts and seeds.
3. Fruit diet, based on the minimum use of fluid. It is the least favourite type of fruit diet. The allowable amount of water per day is no more than five hundred millilitres. However, you can eat any fruit from one to two pounds each day.

The menu of fruit diet for weight loss:

Fruit diet for weight loss is considered to be quite rigid. It is contraindicated for people with stomach problems (ulcer, high acidity). I recommend this type of diet not more than once a month.

#DAY 1
Breakfast: a glass of freshly squeezed juice; any fruit.
Lunch: Fruit Salad; a glass of water.
Supper: Fruit Salad; a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice.
#DAY 2
Breakfast: fruit; a glass of water;
Lunch: Fruit Salad; water.
Supper: two or three beverages; a plate of boiled vegetables.
#DAY 3
Breakfast: a plate of fruits; fresh juice;
Lunch: water; fruit salad;
Supper: vegetable soup.

As you can see, this fruit diet for 3 days is quite definite and strict. Therefore, before using it, it is advisable to consult a physician.


Fruit diet for two weeks is good because its menu is quite diverse. And at the same time, there is no fat, flour, salty products. There are only minerals and vitamins in the form of fruits and vegetables. And they are not only useful but also amazingly delicious.

Disadvantages of fruit diet:
– Some types of fruit not only weakly burn fatty layer but also often contribute to the process of its build-up;
– Too often the use of fruit diets can lead to protein starvation, which is very common in vegetarians.
– People with stomach problems cannot use any fruit diet. First, you should consult a doctor.

It is very important to choose the right diet. To do this, you must know everything about it, all details, all the pros and cons. Read an article about choosing right diet, and all trues about fruits and vegetables. I am sure it will help you to determine what diet is the best for you.


Hi, Kelly!

After pregnancy, I gained a few extra pounds. I was not satisfied with my body. So, I decided to follow a fruit diet. But this diet is not perfect. It has a lot of its disadvantages. But, there are more advantages to it. I can recommend it for you. Due to the fruit diet, I lost 4 kilograms for one course. It is really effective.

This diet is one of the non-protein and non-greasy diets. Dietitians say that protein reserves. Therefore, muscle and the skin becomes flabby. In any case, for the full and proper functioning of the organism, the presence of all micro- and macro elements are required. For example, proteins are responsible for the correct metabolism, the condition of hair, skin, vessels and tendons.

At the beginning of the diet, everything is perfect. The person begins to lose weight. But prolonged stay on such a diet begins to be expressed in cellulite. Due to excessive amounts of glucose and fructose, subcutaneous fat forms. And it is terrible for you.

The immune system also becomes weaker. Of course, nobody denies that it is possible to eat fruit. But do not consume food to the detriment. The theory that fruits are responsible for immunity is wrong. Because there is a lot of glucose and fructose in fruits. Glucose stimulates the production of insulin. And fructose in large quantities turns into fats. That’s the whole mechanism. If you eat a lot of food, you just begin to gain weight.

The main thing is to enrich your body with all the necessary substances correctly. These are proteins, carbohydrates and even fats. It all depends on how the human diet is built. You can eat sweets only between lunch and dinner. This removes the state of tension. And that is why at this time, most of all, you want sweets. But especially fruits may contain this sweet taste. Just do not eat 2 kg of fruits at once.

Also, there is still a list of certain positive qualities of this kind of diet:

1. Due to the high content of fibre in the fruit, the slags and toxins are safely removed from the body.
2. The body is saturated with vitamins. Therefore, the immune system of a person strengthens.
3. Some types of fruit contain a unique acid that helps to split the fat cells. And it helps to dissolve some “unnecessary” carbohydrates;
4. Frequent use of fruits leads to getting rid of cellulite, as well as improving the skin, its colour and structure;
5. You can lose 3 to 7 extra kg only for one course;
6. Diet is suitable for sweet-tooth. Because most girls like to pamper themselves with fruit dishes;
7. If the feeling of hunger does not let you calm down at night or late in the evening, then you can boldly bite the fruit. Or make a diet salad, and do not be afraid to get extra centimetres in volumes.

Hope my information will be useful for you and you will make the right decision.

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