Are leg muscles on a man attractive? What do women think?

Hello everyone! I am a great sports lover. Actually, I attend the gym already for 5 years. My muscles have really grown. My body is strong and toned. Lots of articles from fitness experts helped me. Such as training program in the gym for men for beginners and not only. The aim is gaining the muscles mass. So it was very beneficial for me. As I have the same aim.

Top 10 simple secrets for building muscles are also helpful. The result after following them didn’t make me wait. I also recommend protein shake recipes for building muscle. Animal- and plant-based protein is perfect for growing body mass for sportsmen like me.

The best example for me isĀ Ulisses William Jr training tips. His workout plan for building muscle has influenced mine a lot. Ulisses’ body is very strong. He impresses people who are involved in sports and not only. As to me, such a body must be the goal of every sportsman. But I am interested in what do women think of men’s big muscles? Especially on the legs. My question is the following:

  • Do the muscles on a man look attractive? What do women think?

Please, share your experience. Looking forward to your answers! Thanks in advance!

Leg muscles

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I am not a woman, but can explain how opinion about legs works. Many of the men, coming to the gym for the first time, do not know where to start their workouts and what to look for when working on themselves. Even those who consider themselves to be a professional often do not understand why their huge hands and impressive lifting weights do not inspire girls. Men and women have different understanding and vision of the beauty of the male body. Young guys often go to the gym for the sake of increased attention to the opposite sex, and men would rather like to attract others. Therefore, it will be useful for these categories to know which muscles attract women in them. It is believed that girls madly like muscular arms, and therefore should work hard on biceps and triceps. If you ask the girls about the priority of such behavior, they will all object and list far more important muscle groups. You should not mindlessly swing your arms, especially since against the background of thin legs, developed biceps and triceps look ridiculous and absurd. Men’s strong legs are attractive for women as much as slim female legs for men. Here, as is the case with the buttocks, primitive instinct takes place. Hunter’s legs are fed, and therefore a male with muscular legs can feed himself, and the female, and the offspring. In our time, in order to eat normally, you no longer have to go hunting, but the stereotype is firmly entrenched in women’s heads. Every man who wants to be attractive in the eyes of girls should work on their legs in the gym, preferably allocating a separate training day for their work. A truly universal exercise that will help you build up your leg muscles is a deadlift. It uses more than half of the muscles of the body. It includes the legs, and therefore should be in the arsenal of any athlete. Squats with weights are also good for legs. That weights allows to work out the gluteal muscles.

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