Have you ever thought of having a pumped-up body and building muscle? Do you want to know how to tone up your body? What workout routine has the most popular Instagram male bodybuilders? Nowadays, natural bodybuilding is very popular. One of the most attractive and famous athletes in natural bodybuilding can safely be Ulisses Williams Jr. and Lazar Angelov.

Ulisses is an athlete who trains without anabolic steroids, has a workout plan for building muscle through intensive training, proper diet, sports supplements and additional cardio loads. He is considered a natural bodybuilder. By the way, he was Will Smith’s trainer.

His physique serves as a role model for bodybuilding athletes. The muscular definition of Ulysses surprises with the detailed drawing, the figure is symmetry and proportionality. By the age of 39, he conquered not one sporting line and earned the respect of the fans.


Fitness model’s workout plan and training tips

Ulisses’ strategy:

15 minutes of HIIT cardio on a treadmill or Stairmaster stepper. One minute of running and walking. To increase the intensity, I shorten the rest time to 45 or 30 seconds, depending on the state of health. Famous bodybuilders have personal plans that are radically different.

Sergio Oliva admits only training for the whole body and practicing for 2 hours, Dorian Yates relies on muscle failure, Ronnie Coleman insists on multiple repetitions. Jay Cutler stands for the duration but does not exhaust himself with heavyweights. Everyone chooses the option that gives the best result. It depends on the structure of the fibers: l, lla, llb having different rates of contraction. His “signature” is in the training of Ulisses Jr.

  1. Monday: Legs
  • Barbell Squats 5 x12-15
  • Leg Press 5×12-15
  • Calf Raises 5×12-15
  • Leg Extensions 5×12-15
  • Lying Leg Curls 5×12-15
  • Stiff Leg Deadlifts 5×12-15
  • Seated Calf Raises 5×12-15
  • Barbell Lunges 100 times

       2. Tuesday: Back

  • Barbell Deadlifts 5×12-15
  • Weighted Pull-ups 5×12-15
  • One Arm DB Row 5×12-15
  • Cable Rows 5×12-15
  • Lat Pulldowns 5×12-15
  • Back Hyper Extension 5×12-15
  • DB Pullover 100 Reps

3. Wednesday: Chest

  • Incline Barbell Bench Press 5×12-15
  • Bench Press 5×12-15
  • DB Fly’s 5×12-15
  • DB Decline Press 5×12-15
  • DB Close Press 5×12-15
  • Cable Crossover 100 Reps

4. Thursday: Shoulders

  • Military Shoulder Press 5×12-15
  • DB Lateral Raise 5×12-15
  • Arnold DB Press 5×12-15
  • DB Front Raise 5×12-15
  • DB Posterior Raise 5×12-15
  • DB Shrugs 5×12-15
  • Upright Rows 100 Reps

5.  Friday: Arms

  • Barbell Curls 5×12-15
  • Reverse Barbell Curls 5×12-15
  • Close Grip Barbell Press 5×12-15
  • DB Hammer Curls 5×12-15
  • Cable Tricep Extensions 5×12-15
  • Preacher EZ Bar Curl 5×12-15
  • Body Weight Dips 5 sets
  • Lying Supinated DB Curls

6. Saturday: Wild Card Day
On Saturday, the emphasis is on shortcomings. The muscles that require attention by the multiple indicators for the week are trained.

7. Sunday: Rest

At the end of the main part of the workout, Ulysses Williams Jr. uses a cardio-loading system that involves interval high-intensity workouts on a treadmill or stepper (alternating: 1 min run-1min walk) for 10-15 minutes.

Indeed, an indispensable condition for accuracy, and most importantly, the effectiveness of the entire complex as a whole is the use of proper breathing techniques, comfortable grip, and a qualitative warm-up before training.
It is essential to visualize the desired physique and persevere in the gym, putting it to the fullest.

Ulisses Williams Jr: height, weight, torso, biceps

He was born in New York, the USA in 1979.


  • height – 178 cm
  • weight – 84 kg – at competitions,
    93 kg – outside the competition
  • waist – 80 cm;
  • torso – 120 cm;
  • biceps – 50 cm.

Since childhood, Williams had a lean physique, which determined his desire for physical self-improvement. Ulysses Williams Jr. started bodybuilding at age 19 and continues to this day. Quite quickly this sport became a primary occupation in his life.

Ulisses Williams jr takes first place in the youth championship “2000_Platinum_Classic_NYC” in 2000. This achievement served as a powerful impetus for the further development of the athlete.

From 2001 to 2005 he took part in many sports competitions.

Here’s a list of his accolades:

  • «World Championships Las Vegas 2011»- 2 place
  • «World Championships Las Vegas 2010»- 1 place
  • «World Championships Las Vegas 2005»- 3 place
  • «Superbody Championships Miami 2004»- 1 place
  • «Superbody Championships Miami 2003»- 1 place
  • «2003 Musclemania Atlantic» — 1 place
  • «2003 Fitness Atlantic Championships»- 1 place
  • «2002 Musclemania Atlantic» — 1 place
  • «2002 Fitness Atlantic Championships»- 1 place
  • «MET Championships NYC 2001»- 1 place
  • «2000 Platinum Classic NYC» — 1 place

The champion does not lose leadership positions, successfully participating in championships which lead to an increase in his popularity in the bodybuilding environment.

Today, Ulisses Williams is the author of a unique training system that he successfully implements to maintain his unusual appearance and business development.

In one of the gyms, he met Simeon Panda, with whom he is now close friends.

How to change your physique?

Ulisses gave three tips to those who plan on to changing their physique. From his own experience, one of the most famous Instagram bodybuilders proposes precisely what helped him and his friends personally!

  1. Visualization – create a clear image of the body that you’d like to have and  move towards the goal. Setting goals are the first step to success!
  2. Persistence – go all out 110% each time you go to the gym. Consistency is critical, so never give up!
  3. Food – do not eat any rubbish, showing disrespect for training! Choose a balanced diet and stick to it!

When there is no strength to grow up and go to the goal, celebrity is motivated by the very accurate quotation of Douglas Everett. It says: “People are living in a world of dreams. There are those that are faced with reality, and there are people who turn one into another! “.

Men’s motivation is fueled by several different sources. From the inner desire for self-improvement! From family and friends who believe in what he do. From the representatives of the golden age of bodybuilding of the old school, as well as from the fans who always follow him confidently along the path of fitness!
The star is surrounded by people who help him to maintain concentration and motivation.

Nutrition basics

In 2011 he switched to coaching. Today he offers author’s methods of training in social networks, works hard and keeps himself in the champion’s form. He continues to act, conducts business, raises two sons and is happy. In 2017, his photos and interviews adorned the first page of the “Iron World.”

As to his nutrition, he has to maintain a balanced diet that’s rich in fiber. His diet mainly consists of animal-based protein (poultry, lean beef, fish, egg whites) and plant-based protein (porridge, beans, vegetables). Aside from that, he drinks protein shakes and other nutritious supplements. Here’s a short video about his daily meals:


Ulisses William Jr training tips. Workout plan for building muscle
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