Have you ever thought of having a pumped-up body and gaining the mass? Do you want to know how to tone up your body? What workout routine has the most popular Instagram male bodybuilders? Nowadays, natural bodybuilding is very popular. One of the most attractive and famous athletes in natural bodybuilding can safely be called Ulisses Williams Jr. and Lazar Angelov.

Let`s discuss this exciting theme on the example of a great fitness m0del Ulisses William Jr.

Ulisses is an athlete who trains without anabolic steroids, gaining muscle mass through intensive training, proper diet, sports supplements and additional cardio loads. He is considered a natural bodybuilder.

His physique serves as a role model for bodybuilding athletes. He is a living allowance for the study of anatomy. The muscular definition of Ulysses surprises with the detailed drawing, the figure is symmetry and proportionality. It is another reason to invite a photogenic athlete to shoot in popular publications.

Throughout his career, he has received many titles, of which the most important are: “Musclemania World Pro” and “SuperBody Pro.” Ulysses’ photo is often found on the covers of fashionable, popular magazines, including: “Musclemag”, “Men’sHealth”, “Men’sFitness”, and his Instagram has 5.4 million subscribers. By the age of 39, he conquered not one sporting line and earned the respect of the fans.


Ulisses Jr: height, weight, torso, biceps

Ulisses Williams Jr. was born in New York, in the USA in 1979.

The main parameters of the athlete:

  • height – 178 cm
  • weight – 84 kg – at competitions,
    93 kg – outside the competition
  • waist circumference – 80 cm;
  • torso – 120;
  • biceps – 50 cm.

Since childhood, Williams had a lean physique, which determined his desire for physical self-improvement. Training in bodybuilding Ulysses Williams Jr. began at age 19 and continued success to this day. Quite quickly this sport became a primary occupation of the athlete’s life.

Ulisses Williams jr takes first place in the youth championship “2000_Platinum_Classic_NYC” in 2000. This achievement served as a powerful impetus for the further development of the athlete.

In the period from 2001 to 2005 Ulisses Williams jr takes part in many sports competitions, where he takes first place. In 2005, at World_Championships_Las_Vegas, he took only third place. At the end of the championship, Ulisses decides to postpone the competition and creates his fitness club.

At the same time, the athlete marries, and two sons are born in his family. Together with his family, the athlete changes his place of residence from New York to London. In 2010, 2011, the champion does not lose leadership positions, successful participation in the championships is rapidly increasing his popularity in the bodybuilding environment.

Today, Ulisses Williams is the author of a unique training system that he successfully implements to maintain his unusual appearance and business development.

In one of the gyms, he met Simeon Panda, with whom until now close friendship is associated.

Fitness model workout plan and training tips

Killing Ulisses strategy

15 minutes of HIIT cardio on a treadmill or Stairmaster stepper. One minute of running and walking. To increase the intensity, I shorten the rest time to 45 or 30 seconds, depending on the state of health.

Famous bodybuilders have personal plans that are radically different. Sergio Oliva admits only training for the whole body and practising for 2 hours, Dorian Yates relies on muscle failure, Ronnie Coleman insists on multiple repetitions. Jay Cutler stands for the duration but does not exhaust himself with heavyweights.
Everyone chooses the option that gives the best result. It depends on the structure of the fibres: l, lla, llb having different rates of contraction. His “handwriting” is in the training of Ulisses Jr.

Everyone chooses the option that gives the best result. It depends on the structure of the fibers: l, lla, llb having different rates of contraction. His “handwriting” is in the training of Ulisses Junior.

Everyone chooses the option that gives the best result. It depends on the structure of the fibres: l, lla, llb having different rates of contraction. His “handwriting” is in the training of Ulisses Junior.

  1. Monday
    On Monday, the emphasis is on the muscles of the legs.

The system contains the following exercises:

– Squats along with the barbell;
– Press with your feet;
– Rise to the toe;
– Extension and bending of the legs on the lying simulator;
– Deadlift;
– Rise to the toe in the sitting position.

In the end – attacks along with the use of the bar (100 repetitions).

       2. Tuesday
Tuesday is the emphasis of back training.

The list of exercises includes the following:

– Deadlift ft with a rod;
– Lifting with burdening;
– Traction of dumbbells in slope (with alternating arms);
– Thrust on a low block;
– The push of the vertical block to the chest;
– Stretching;

In the end – a pullover lying with dumbbells (100 repetitions).

3. Wednesday
On Wednesday, the muscles of the breast are subject to training.

The complex of exercises includes such as:

– Bench bar (inclined bench);
– The bench press;
– Raising the hands with the load;
– Press of dumbbells (seat with a reverse slope);
– Press lying narrow grip with dumbbells;

In the end – the reduction of hands (using a crossover) (100 repetitions).

4. Thursday
On Thursday, the emphasis is on training shoulder muscles with the help of such exercises as:

– Army press;
– Mahi dumbbells in the sides;
– Press of Arnold;
“The dumbbells are in front of you;
– Lifting dumbbells to the rear deltas;
– Shrugs with the use of dumbbells;

In the end – pulling the vertical block to the chest (100 repetitions).

5.  Friday
On Friday, they train the muscles of the hands.

The complex of exercises consists of the following:

– Lifting the bar (training biceps);
– Flexion with load (reverse grip);
– Press bar (narrow grip);
– Exercise the Hammer;
– French press (lower block in standing position);
– Bending of hands-on Scott’s bench (using the EZ-bar);
– Push-ups (using bars)

All exercises are performed in 5 sets of 13 repetitions. In the end – lifting dumbbells with supination of lying.

6. Saturday
On Saturday, the emphasis is on shortcomings. The muscles that require attention by the complex indicators for the week are trained.

7. Sunday
Sunday: Rest.

At the end of the main part of the class, Ulysses Williams Jr. uses a cardio-loading system that involves interval high-intensity workouts on a treadmill or stepper (alternating: 1 min run-1min walk) for 10-15 minutes.

Indeed, an indispensable condition for accuracy, and most importantly, the effectiveness of the entire complex as a whole is the use of proper breathing techniques, comfortable grip and a qualitative warm-up before training.
In the opinion of the athlete, it is essential to visualise the desired physique and persevere in the gym, putting it to the fullest.

I like the HIIT Cardio technique very well. I give her 15 minutes after the end of the main workout. I recently did a DNAFit test that showed that my body responds well to a series of exercises with a short duration but high intensity.

How to change your physique?

Ulisses gave three advice to people who want to change their physique. From his own experience, one of the most famous Instagram bodybuilders proposes precisely what helped him and his friends personally!

  1. Visualization – create a clear image of the body that suits you, and move toward the goal. Setting goals are the first step to success!
  2. Persistence – give 110% each time you come to the gym. Consistency is critical, so never give up!
  3. Food – do not eat any rubbish, showing disrespect for training! Choose a balanced diet and stick to it!

When there is no strength to grow up and go to the goal, celebrity is motivated by the very accurate quotation of Douglas Everett. It says: “People are living in the world of dreams. There are those that are faced with reality, and there are people who turn one into another! “.

Men’s motivation is fueled by several different sources. From the inner desire for self-improvement! From family and friends who believe in what he do. From the representatives of the golden age of bodybuilding of the old school, as well as from the fans who always follow him confidently along the path of fitness!
The star is surrounded by people who help him to maintain concentration and motivation.

Today’s reality

In 2011 he continued to speak actively, then switched to coaching. Today he offers author’s methods of training in social networks, works hard and keeps himself in the champion’s form. He continues to act, conducts business, educates two sons and is happy. In 2017, his photos and interviews adorned the first page of the “Iron World”.

What is the next aim of Ulisses William? Where would he like to be in a year?
He already got everything he wanted from the bodybuilding and fitness industry. This fitness model won more than ten projects for bodybuilders, appeared in more than five dozen editions, coached many celebrities and was promoted to PT-director of the Reebok sports club. The best gym in Europe!

Ulisses said that his next task would be to reach a higher commercial level. Most likely, in the near future, it will be a television show or a movie shoot.

Posing lessons from Ulisses in video format.

Ulisses William Jr training tips. Workout plan for gaining the mass
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