Are there alternatives to Beyonce’s lemonade diet?

Hello! I adore Beyonce’s music and admire her dedication to looking her best! I find her quite the inspiration. I read about her lemonade diet, but I want a longer lasting effect. I’m in no hurry to lose weight,┬ábut it would be nice to see the results within the first month.

I have lost weight before in my life, but some way or another it kept coming back to me. Not that I’m complaining, because I’m the one who got lazy and stopped dieting. Now my intentions are serious and I’m thrilled to try something new.

I know that she works her butt off at home with a personal trainer, but I just go to a regular gym. Is there another diet she sticks to? Do you know any alternatives? I would like something more consistent, where I wouldn’t be hungry all the time. Appreciate the help!

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Hey, Alice! Lemonade diet is really inspiring indeed. Losing 9 kilograms in 10 days as Beyonce did is really great. I heard that she used a variation of the Lemonade Diet. Which is also called Maple Syrup, Master Cleanse or Lemon Detox Diet. Of course, she did it under the strict doctor’s supervision. I share your attitude and desire not to make the process of losing weight too extreme and fast. Do not be hard on yourself, here are the general diet rules, you can create some exceptions. For instance, if you are supposed to drink the special lemon juice 12 times a day, reduce the number to 6.

Herbal laxative tea is prescribed 2 times a day, you can make it only your bedtime habit. I would not do any internal salt water baths. Seems too extreme to me. The essential diet plan does not allow you to consume any other food. Of course, it is not what you need! So create your personal healthy diet plan. I guess you can extend those 10 super-extreme dieting days up to one month and see the first results. But unlike Beyonce, you will not need any supervision as your way of losing weight is going to be more natural. Good luck, Alice! Please share your experience with us later! Have a nice day!

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