What to eat on a low carb diet? Is sushi a good variant?

Hello, everybody! I am here to ask you about brown rice. Recently I’ve started a low carb diet, but I’ve never been on this diet before. I’ve tried such diets as carbohydrate diet, atkins dietketogenic diet, and other weight loss diets. Now I decided to try something new and want to read your opinion concerning this. Do you guys consider healthy such food groups as carb foods, nuts and seeds, added sugars, net carbs, fat burning carb meal, olive oil, and dairy products? I included them in my diet before.

So, I was a newbie, wanted to ask you whether I could eat brown rice on these meal plans? Or should I better eat white rice instead? How many calories, fats and carbs have both brown and white sorts? What tips should I follow to lose weight fast on this diet? How long does the low carb diet last?

In addition to this, I love sushi very much, and I supposed to eat them before. I thought it was kind of low-calorie food, which wasn’t harmful to my health. Was I right? Is it okay to continue eating sushi? I am worried about making everything right.

Does the sushi are allowed to eat on low carb diet? Are they very carbohydrate? How many calories does sushi have? Should I avoid eating them or they have health benefits? I would really appreciate any information about sushi. Let me know what do you think.

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Sure, Eden! Do not feel guilty because of ordering sushi! Just a few healthy tips for you. Your question has the right answer already – chose sushi with brown rice, it does lots of magic compared to the traditional white one. The healthiest fish rolls are those with tuna and salmon, guess why? Right, they are rich in omega-3. Vegetarian sushi rolls have the least calories. Fried sushi are not our choice in any case. Ask your waiter for reduced-salt soy sauce, it`s so much better. Do not underestimate wasabi, it is the source of very important antioxidants and gives heavenly good taste to your dish. Calories? Avocado roll – 140, Tuna roll – 290, Shrimp Tempura Roll (fried!) – 580. See?

Tania Kharkevich

Tania Kharkevich

Expert in the field of food and nutrition. Specialist in weight loss, diet recipes, men's and women's health.

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