Can I change the 1 week weight loss diet menu for particular days?

Good afternoon! I’ve just read an article about losing weight in 1 week. Honestly speaking, I’ve tried many different diets before, but the result was not so impressing. Soon I have my vacation and want to lose weight as quickly as possible. You know that it’s summer and everyone wants to look perfect in his swimming suit. What is better – to lose weight fast, especially when there is no time to wait. My vacation cannot wait!

That’s why I decided to try this diet. The products for the menu are simple and absolutely available. Because of lack of time, I cannot prepare the exquisite dishes. So does my husband. I wake up in the morning and cook for the whole day as I work until 8 pm. So I am to have time to make everything in the morning.

So I’ve chosen this diet to improve my body quickly, and now I have a question. Can I exchange the menus for different days? For example, at first, I want to try  Wednesday’s menu, then Sunday’s and so on. I consider such sequence better. And I would like to know whether the result will be another. Waiting forward to your answers! Thanks!

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Hello there!

Thank you for this question. What I can say, there is not a big deal. You can change your meal plan. I am sure that this diet is not harmful to your health. But first, consult this with your doctor. Maybe he will have some corrections. The important thing is to remember about training you have for this day. If you do not have much time, you can make a morning workout and evening yoga. The very good combination, I even try it for myself.

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Stay fit and healthy!

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