Can I eat avocado and tofu on the cabbage soup diet? Which cabbage is better for this?

Hello, my name is Helena and I am 22 years old. I would like to ask you some questions about the cabbage soup diet. I want to vary my diet and add some products to it, for example, avocado and tofu. Can I do this? What do you think about it? Another question that I want to ask you is which kind of cabbage I should consume on the diet. Which one will be the most suitable to make the cabbage soup diet the most effective? Hope your answers will help me. I am waiting for them, thank you very much.

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Hi Helena! A cabbage soup diet presupposes some combination of products. So you can add some avocado and tofu for sure. And I’ve read that some people cheated on this diet and they still got nice results. It’s a kind of hardcore dieters and it can last only for 7 days, after that you have to make a break. And of course, there are cons and pros you should be aware of before starting this diet

Dear Helena! I am pretty sure that the usage of tofu during your diet is OK! I have read that tofu contains only of 75 cal pro 100 g. It is not a lot. Speaking about avocado I can say that it contains approximate 200+ cal pro 100 g and maybe you can choose another kind of vegetable with the less amount of calories. But still avocado is known for its useful substances and your organism needs them while keeping on the diet. Speaking about which cabbage is better I can say that all kinds of the cabbage are good for the diet. It plays no role, you should just eat the one you like.

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