Keto diet foods: what type of yoghurts is permitted?

Greetings everybody, I am Medina, and I have one interesting question for you, based (yes, again) on the ketogenic diet for weight loss. Actually, I have been following this diet for nearly two weeks. But today one question caught me, while I was standing near yoghurt shelves in the supermarket. Can I include any type of yoghurt into Keto diet foods? I have heard, that when dieting, you have to exclude all dairy products to lose extra pounds.

My current aim is to lose weight. So my meal plans aren’t high in fat anymore. I used to eat saturated fats, sweet potatoes, that had side effects, leading even to heart disease, blood sugar rise. So I decided to change the menu. Include such foods as net carbs, coconut oil, avocado oil, dark chocolate. Diet foods should improve my general well-being.

What to eat on the keto diet? How to make yoghurt? What kind of bacterias should it contain? Does yoghurt bring many benefits to the human body? Will it help me to lose weight quicker? And what exact type of yoghurt is permitted? Can I drink fruit yoghurts? Does it contain much fat and carbs? Is this product permitted on any types of diet? Does the keto diet include yoghurt drinking? How much of it can be drunk a day?

Thank you very much for your help!

Keto diet foods: what type of yoghurts is permitted?

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Hi Medina!

Fundamentally, the whole premise behind the ketogenic diet is not giving the body enough glucose and keeping the body fueling itself with ketones. From that standpoint, so long as your counting the carbohydrates, yogurt is fine.

From a metabolic syndrome / insulin sensitivity perspective, yes, you should consider the insulin response. Still, in the long run your insulin sensitivity is going to increase as you lose weight and I doubt yogurt will sabotage your weight loss in the big picture of the ketogenic diet.

My take – yes you can eat it but metabolically it’s a mixed bag. For what it’s worth I eat it to help get probiotics into my diet.

Hello, Mdina! How is your diet going on? Do you have any visible results already? You can eat yogurt on keto diet but surely not a sweet one. Do they sell plain greek yogurt in your store? This is the only option for you now. Yogurt is rich in proteins for energy and building your muscles, its probiotics protect your immune system and do lots of good to your stomach functioning. It is the source of vitally important calcium and B-12. Just be careful and read the label, you need to be sure you are buying a plain one, without any sweeteners and low in fat. You can make it tastier at home with fresh berries and granola.

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