Can you do the cabbage soup diet for more than 7 days? Does it work for everyone?

Hello, my name is Helena and I’m 22 years old. I want to lose 2 kilograms and I have chosen cabbage diet but now I have some doubts about it. Is this diet effective for everyone? I’ve read that it is more suitable for those who want to lose many kilograms and I need to get rid of only 2 kg. Will cabbage soup diet help me? What is more, for what period of time can I follow this diet? Can it be more than 7 days? I want to change my nutrition gradually, without sharp changes. I’m waiting for your answers, thanks a lot.

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Hello, Helena! I must admit that you are pretty lucky with your only 2 kilograms you want to get rid of. The cabbage soup diet will help you! Moreover, you don`t need to keep it for seven days, five maximum. Then a break is adviced for 30 days or so; you may repeat it later. The diet is suitable mostly for everyone, you may have a drum belly after eating raw cabbage salad (like I always do) but the vegetable works differently when in soup, it is easily digested. You will be losing weight immediately, have your skin better as well as hair and nails, you`ll undoubtedly also notice you are feeling better in general. Don`t hesitate, enjoy your diet!

Hello Helena!
Thank you very much for your question!
So, yes, this diet will absolutely help you with losing only 2 kg because in week you can lose up to 5 kg (in only one week, you see?). You can change your nutrition menu only for week, achieve the goal you want and then without doubts return to tour normal nutrition. Of course, if you want, you can follow it for more then 1 week, many people use this diet for 3-4 weeks and feel themselves very good and renewed.

Hello, Helena! Everyone around are talking about this new diet, however I think it’l be more effective for you just to eat more vegetables and fruits and less of junk food, sugar and fried food. Do more exercises and you’l get better results and for a longer period of time. Unless you want to try how this diet works on you. I’l recommend you then to eat not only this soup, but other dishes too. It will help you to reduce the stress level on your body. You can follow this diet for 1-2 weeks, it depends on how would you feel. Don’t forget to eat also other nutrition meal, so that your body could have more vitamins and energy. Stay healthy!

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