Can you do the cabbage soup diet while breastfeeding?

Hi. I am 25 years old, and I became a mother a month ago. You understand that now I’m not in the best fit, but I want to make my body better. I’ve heard about cabbage soup diet, and people say that it’s effective. But the main point is that I’m breastfeeding, and I’m afraid to harm both my and child’s organisms.

After birth, many mothers dream of quickly returning to their old form and losing weight. And it does not matter at all whether you gave birth yourself or by cesarean section. More and more often women are worried about how to lose weight when breastfeeding, so you do not have to pay for slender legs and a tightened belly with milk.

Well, do you know whether this diet is allowed to follow while breastfeeding? Are there any risks to my child’s health? What the rules of using cabbage soup for weight loss in lactation? What recipes of cabbage soup for weight loss while breastfeeding? I’m looking forward to your answers, and I need your professional advice. Thanks!

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Hi Lucia!

To begin with, it is a common knowledge , that many women tend to put on weight after giving birth, but that is also totally okay.You don’t have to worry about such things like diets or so, because it might cause some problems to baby’s heath(especially when you are breastfeeding).

To be honest, I do not recommend you to go for this cabbage diet, since it has many negative sides. Just try to work out (find some exercise plans,try yoga or meditation etc.) and eat more fruits and vegetables.I am sure your baby would be more pleased with this one then its mom on a diet.

Consider this,please.

Have a nice day!

Hi Lucia. I dont advice you to use the cabbage soup diet during the breastfeeding. It is really harmful for your baby becouse it is a monodiet and you dont get all needed vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates etc. which are so important for your baby. It would be better for you to find another diet.

Hello and thanks for your question!
Cabbage soup diet is a good diet but it can’t be used during the breastfeeding because of lack of vitamins for your child so it’s highly recommended to find another diet that contains a lot of useful. For example, i can advice to avoid any diets and try simple healthy life – do sport, eat less fried, sweet and artificial, more vegetables, fruits and, of course, drink water. You won’t harm your child and yourself.

Dear Susan, I feel I can understand your desire to become fit again and worries about your baby`s health. You are in your wonderful and fragile period of breastfeeding. To be honest, I am not an expert in the cabbage soup diet, none of my friends tried it as well… but the very image of the young woman in her first month of becoming a mom eating mostly cabbage soup looks frightening. Your body now needs additional energies to produce milk so having enough nutrients is vitally important. I prefer a few temporary extra kilograms on my body than being depressed and sheerly exhausted. Please take care.

Hello, Lucia! I think that the best decision in this situation would be to ask for a doctor’s advice. I can only say what I heard about this diet. Maybe for somebody this diet works, but it definitely doesn’t work if you’re breastfeeding. I believe that you can’t have any diet at all while breastfeeding. Try just to eat well balanced, nutritional and organic food and do exercises and your body will say thank you! If you got an extra fat, your body will take it from your milk. If you eat only cabbages everyday, your baby would feel a lack of vitamins and there could be problems. I think, that now you should think more about your baby’s health and when it will grow up, you could think about getting your body in a good shape.

… Maybe you should look for some compromise – a cabbage soup plateful for lunch and your favourite healthy nutritious meal for breakfast and dinner. It is the time when it`s wise to be creative and adjust every diet to your delicate needs. There exists a myth that cabbage is bad for breastfeeding moms. Every kind of cabbage that was grown without using banned products contains a great deal of useful and healthy stuff. Vitamins C and A, folacin (B9), protein etc.

… Cabbage eaten by a mom can have a bad influence on a baby only if he/she has some allergic reaction to this vegetable. Please try to introduce it in your menu very carefully, examining baby`s skin and “toilet”. The results will demonstrate whether you can eat cabbage or not. Enanthesis, diarrhoea or intestinal obstruction will warn about feeding intolerance or maybe even allergies. In this case, I guess, you`ll have to forget about cabbage at least for six months.

Hello, Lucia.
I’m not an expert and maybe it will be better for you to consult your doctor. But I can just tell you my opinion.
I cannot recommend you to follow cabbage soup diet while breastfeeding because you and your child need lots of vitamins and this diet cannot provide you with them.
I think the best option for you will be just healthy nutrition and doing some exercises, it will help you to lose some pounds and to strengthen body. Eat fruits, vegetables, soups and other healthy products.
Hope my advice will help you!

I would say that this is quite a crash diet. Cabbage soup has very few calories and there is a risk that it can influence your milk supply in a bad way and actually your health in general. By the way, any diet while EBF is a bad idea. I think the best diet in your situation would be to eat just healthy food. Hope you will make the right decision.

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