Could you suggest exercises to combine with 3 weeks diet?

Hello! I am a sportsman, currently beginner, and I’ve just read the article how to lose weight in 3 weeks. I go to the gym in order to keep fit and often try some types of diets to combine with the sport. After reading the article, I decided to start following this diet. But as I’m a sportsman, I would like to improve my results by training.

Overall, a sportsman’s day may seem to be very simple and strictly tied to routines and schedules, but when looking at a normal day in more detail, you’ll see that it is not so simple. My normal day goes pretty much like this: wake up at 7:30, have breakfast. After morning routines, the first training session starts at 9:00.

Depending on the day, I will do a high-intensity workout, long aerobic workout or strength training for 2 hours, having sports drinks at regular intervals. Then I have about an hour to take care of general duties before taking a nap. At 15:00, I will eat a small snack (yogurt, muesli, and bread) before starting my next workout.  After dinner, my leisure time starts, which I normally spend with my family. In the evening I will do a little stretching and have a night meal before going to bed at 23:00. The same routines are repeated 7 days a week.

So could you suggest some sports exercises to combine with my diet, knowing my schedule? Waiting forward to your answers! Thanks!

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Rope jumping exercises are great for losing weight and it is easy to perform as soon as you have some spare minutes. What kind of stretching do you usually do before bed? What if you extend it to some full bedtime yoga session? It will definitely do you a looooot of good. Anyways, you know better what you really need. Let us know what you chose! Good luck!

Hello, Stuart! Good to hear from you!
Your days are really full and productive, I am amazed! It is pretty difficult to add more sport to your routine! If you insist… I can only imagine you playing some games while spending time with your family… jumping rope maybe when you are out on a picnic…

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