The best gift you can make yourself is to start going towards your goal today, not postponing it for tomorrow.  Experts WH are unanimous in opinion: there is no more healthy and effective way to lose excess kgs and to tighten muscles, than a combination of a proper nutrition, physical activity and discipline.

Healthy eating is one of the best things you can do to prevent and control health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer. We know how to eat healthy, at the same time losing weight.

How to bring the body in perfect shape using a slimming plan in just 21 days?


First week: sample menu

Breakfast: 3 options

200 g of oatmeal with dried fruits; 2/3 cup low-fat milk; fruit.
2 whole-grain toast; 30 g of cheese; boiled egg; fruit.
150-200 g of cottage cheese with honey; 30 g of nuts; a glass of freshly squeezed juice.

Lunch: 3 options

Vegetable salad with dressing from lemon juice and olive oil; hot sandwich (whole wheat bread, greens, chicken breast, soft cheese); fruit.
Salad with bulgur, chicken breast, cherry tomatoes and dressing from honey and Dijon mustard; fruit.
Sandwich with whole grain bread, salmon, avocado and dill; natural yoghurt.

Dinner: 3 options

Baked fish with vegetable salad.
Wholemeal pasta with lean ground beef, garlic, parsley, tomatoes and dried herbs; Herb tea.
Chicken fillet without skin; garnish of baked vegetables (pumpkin, broccoli, onion with olive oil and seasonings), fresh tomato and 1 tbsp. feta.

Second week: sample menu

Breakfast: 3 options

Omelet of two eggs; a tomato; 30 g of cheese; a small baked apple with honey and cinnamon.
Smoothies of banana, drinking yoghurt and vanilla; roll with salmon, avocado and cucumber.
200 g buckwheat porridge with fast fried onions, carrots and bell peppers; natural yoghurt; fruit.

Lunch: 3 options

250 ml of soup with chicken and vegetables; lettuce leaves with tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers and onions, dressed with olive oil and linseed.
Salad with baked pumpkin, spinach, brynza and lemon-oil dressing; 2 rye bread with lean ham; fruit.
250 g couscous with fried vegetables (carrots, onions, corn, green peas).

Dinner: 3 options

Pete with finely chopped beef, salad leaves and dressing from natural yoghurt with garlic and dill.
Steak with garnish of fresh vegetables; baked apple with honey and cinnamon.
1 baked beetroot; 3 rye bread with soft goat cheese; 10 large olives.

Third week: sample menu

Breakfast: 3 options

Cheesecakes with maple syrup; natural yoghurt; fruit.
Warm sandwich with rye bread, lettuce leaves, boiled egg and slices of the fried chicken breast; fruit.
200 g cereal with milk and dried fruit; fresh figs; 30 grams of hard cheese.

Lunch: 3 options

Warm salad with cinnamon, fried vegetables, turkey and cilantro; fruit.
Broth with croutons and boiled egg; tomato with 50 g mozzarella with balsamic sauce.
Fish fillet with ginger crumb and vegetable salad; toast with peanut butter; fruit.

Dinner: 3 options

Whole-grain spaghetti with chicken mince and tomato, garlic and parsley sauce; vegetable salad.
Baked Bulgarian pepper stuffed with brown rice and ground beef; 6 cherry tomatoes with 1 tbsp. l. soft cheese and greens.
Fish fillet with rosemary and vegetable garnish; natural yoghurt.

How to make a diet plan for losing weight

Your task: not to refuse food for the sake of harmony, but to build a nutrition system that will help the body burn excess fat and build muscle.

The basis of the diet should be: chicken, turkey, lean red meat + fish, avocado, olive oil + eggs and dairy products + fruits, vegetables and greens + whole grains products + natural spices and spices + pure still water.

Under the ban: all types of canned products + carbonated drinks (including water) + alcohol + smoked, salted and fried foods + refined sugar and white flour + caffeine sources (coffee, tea, energy drinks, chocolate).

One serving is:
100-150 g of vegetables (the size of your fist)
150 ml of dairy products
120 grams of meat or fish (approximately with a palm-sized)
1 tsp. vegetable oil
12 grapes
1 apple, banana, orange or pear
1/2 mango or grapefruit
1/4 avocado

How to use a diet plan?

The main thing is diversity! The menu offered here for each week is just examples of how to combine useful products.

You can choose from three lists of your favourite dishes and alternate them at your discretion, or come up with your own options, taking into account the recommended caloric intake of each meal, or look in the section “Day of a flat stomach” and choose something tasty there.

Advice №1

Try to eat as much fresh, untreated vegetables and fruits as possible; the most suitable way of cooking meat, fish and garnish is baking and cooking.

Advice №2

If after 10 days of struggle the stomach is not drawn in, it makes sense to give up all kinds of legumes, cabbage and dried fruits – these products can cause bloating and flatulence, which does not give you rejoice at the first results.

Advice №3

The choice of desserts on a diet is small – fruit-berries and cottage cheese. But if you add to them cinnamon or vanilla, then you easily deceive the body, bored in buns. Cinnamon, by the way, also regulates the level of sugar in the blood, and therefore will not let the hungry fool your head.

Counting and cutting calories can be a practical approach to weight loss. There are, however, other approaches to weight loss for those who don’t want to count calories, such as regimens that focus on changes in dietary behaviour rather than calorie counts.

Whether someone chooses to count calories or take a behavioural change approach, McDaniel said it is important to “find ways to not just slash calories but replace them with healthier options that are still emotionally and physically gratifying for that individual.”

Someone interested in losing weight should consider how many calories he or she is eating, how many calories he or she needs and the differences between those numbers, McDaniel said. If someone is eating more calories than necessary, that person will need to change his or her behaviour.

It’s important that behaviour change to a “sustainable pattern that reduces calories,” McDaniel said. She gave the example of a man who eats 300-500 calories of ice cream every night after dinner. “We might change that to putting a frozen banana in the blender and adding a little cocoa powder to make soft serve ‘ice cream’.  This cuts the calories in half and he’s still getting the same mouthfeel, pleasure and sweetness.”

Lose weight in 3 weeks: breakfast 500, lanch 300, dinner 300 kcal
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