Could you share vegan buckwheat pancakes recipes?

Hello, my name is Tina. Now I am on buckwheat diet because, as I have already explained earlier, I want to lose weight before my holidays. Today I am writing to ask you for some recipes. My friend is visiting me the next week, and I want to cook some delicious meals. But she is a vegan, and I am on a diet, so it is difficult to choose meals which are suitable for both of us.

The vegan pancake should be a gluten free pancake, using raw buckwheat. As for me, I also like adding peanut butter, almond milk, buckwheat flour, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar. Could you tell me whether these products are suitable for vegan buckwheat pancakes recipes? So please, help me with the following question:

  • Do you know the best vegan buckwheat pancakes recipe?

I will be glad if you share it with me. And maybe you can advise us other tasty dishes? Hope you can help me, I’m waiting for your answers, thank you very much!

vegan buckwheat pancakes

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Hello, Tina! How is your buckwheat diet going on? Any results? I love buckwheat. Here is my special recipe 🙂 Let’s start with toppings! Seasonal fruit, almonds and maple syrup is my favorite but you can experiment! You may prepare your own flour if you want. Do not worry, buckwheat is totally safe for using in your coffee machine even if it is not that powerful.

Take 125 grams of buckwheat flour, a bit of sea salt, half teaspoon of baking powder (preferably a gluten-free one), half teaspoon of baking powder, 2 or 3 tablespoons of the syrup, 1 or 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, a cup of plant milk (if you are using a full fat one, make it half of the cup and the other half should be replaced with water). a tablespoon of almond butter, some oil for frying.

The cooking method is nothing extraordinary. Mix dry ingredients first (flour, baking powders and salt), then the wet ones in a separate container. It is important to stir everything carefully, the texture must be very smooth, but I am sure you know that. Combine two bowls in one and whisk again. Find your perfect balance of the pancakes structure.

Do you prefer them thick or thin? Adding a bit of water to the mixture will make it thinner. That’s what I usually do. Frying pan should be hot and greased with oil, I usually use 2 tablespoons of the dough for a pancake. They must be pleasantly brown on both sides. Serve while hot, do not forget about topping. Enjoy!

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