Does Kelsey Wells drink alcohol? Does she have any unhealthy habits?

After reading quitting drinking weight loss stories, I’ve become interested in celebrities’ results.

I’m always interested if athletes have any unhealthy habits? Last time I like to follow to Kelsey Wells. Maybe she has any bad habits?

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As she has written in her post on the Instagram, there are four essential rules which she follows.
1. She doesn’t eat candies, desserts, refined sugar.
2. She doesn’t eat fast food at all.
3. It is necessary to drink 10 cups of water every day.
4. And the last one is “no soda drinks and alcohol.”
So, you can see that she does not drink alcohol.

Hello! As I know, Kelsey Wells doesn’t drink any alcohol. You can notice she stands for the healthy lifestyle at her articles and on the social pages. I have read a lot of her habits. In my opinion, she hadn’t been drinking for some years. What do you think about it?

No, she thinks that alcohol is a poison and doesn’t consume any alcohol or soda at all. This is the philosophy she’s been promoting in her social media pages.

Kelsey says that she doesn’t follow a specific diet plan and never have one — it’s too overwhelming for her. Instead, she started to make small changes that eventually produced a big difference, such as increasing her vegetable intake to 3-5 servings a day or ordering vegetables as a side order instead of ordering chips.

Kelsey has cut out all soda and alcohol, which was massive for me, and eat less refined sugar and processed foods, focus on a balanced diet that is rich in nutrients.

She also says that she is allergic to some nuts.

I don’t think she has some unhealthy habits. She is a ‘fitness mamma’, and to the best of my knowledge, it was the child that inspired her for setting foot in a gym. So I think she wants to establish a perfect example for her child.

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