What happens to your body when you stop drinking alcohol?

Everyone knows about the effects of alcohol on the body. We read posts about harmful outcomes but rarely talk about the benefits of quitting this habit.

Perhaps it would be more effective to show quitting drinking weight loss stories?

People face so many benefits after sobriety – improved health, reduced weight, feeling more confident about themselves. Some of them get surprising results before and after 30 days without alcohol.

30 days no alcohol & surprising results

Here we present what happens to your body when you stop drinking for 30 days:


Usually, when you drink, you start eating more. Another option is stopping to eat because of anxiety. But since you are already at the moment of change, you can fill yourself with fruits and natural juices:

In fact, most kinds of alcohol primarily contain a great amount of sugar. So when you no longer consume it, blood levels will drop, as well as the need to eat sweets and cakes.

From now, you can fall asleep much better. Obviously you will sleep better than going to bed drunk. If you suffer from headaches associated with drinking and a hangover, you can forget about them.

Benefits after sobriety


What happens hext? Your liver will begin to recover, and this will improve your blood flow. As a result, it improves skin pigmentation and prevents the appearance of spots and wrinkles. That is, you will look much better.

Digestion is stabilized, so if you suffer from abdominal pain and discomfort in the intestines or other areas of the digestive system, they will gradually decrease.

The following diets enhance your result:

In the social sphere, you will have more opportunities to meet common events with family and friends. Of course, it concerns events that do not include alcoholic beverages.

Benefits after sobriety


Of course, you have noticed that drinking alcohol usually causes face swelling, bags under the eyes. Or even spots that look like bruises, which is also associated with every time you drink.

Well, by now they will disappear, and obviously you can wake up early without much difficulty. You can use the spare time left, possibly for exercise.

At this point, your sense of taste and smell, damaged due to excessive alcohol consumption, will return to normal. So that you can enjoy aromas and smells that you could forget. In addition, the risk of teeth decay will be reduced.

To enhance the effect:


When you reach the fourth week, you will realize that you have lost 3 to 4 kilos of weight. Moreover, this trend will continue. If you do regular home training, the benefits will be even greater.

Especially for your cardiorespiratory system, which has also improved over this time. The skin of your face and whole body will look much cleaner and fresh, as if you were rejuvenated.

What is most important, since you are calmer, your thoughts and judgments will flow more clearly. So you will make better decisions in personal life as well as at work. You will notice an increase in your productivity.

As you can see, there are many advantages.

Quitting drinking weight loss stories

Therefore, if you have reached this level in 30 days, keep going. Because nothing can prevent you from feeling more confident about yourself.

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Overweight, bad eating habits, problems with alcohol. All this you will see in the "before" photo. I decided to change my bad habits and 30 days no alcohol & surprising results inspired many.

How it started?

I started to change with a weight of 87 kg (height 175 cm). I was addicted to alcohol and really tired of the way I look. On January 1 of this year, the moment came to recognize the need for change.

I was probably genetically prone to excess weight. Of course, this is not an excuse. The lack of a food culture since childhood, when my grandmother said that you can’t go to bed hungry 🙂

I always lived like that, thinking that being overweight is an integral part of my life. And later, alcohol and various harmful snacks were connected to it. Not only the appearance began to suffer, but also health.

After a month and a half of quitting alcohol, I decided to build a beautiful muscular body. I regulated my eating habits, so my weight began to fall on average 5 kg per month.

At the same time, I did not do anything. I led my usual way of life, only added fractional nutrition to it. After two months of such nutrition, my weight fell at around 75 kg.

Now I am always overwhelmed with energy and my head thinks much better. I am very pleased that I began to lead a healthy lifestyle and do not regret anything. I’m not going to stop there, because movement is life. So we only move forward.

Like many girls, I started drinking alcohol at the institute, in the morning sometimes faced a hangover. Fortunately, this habit passed quickly, but the weight changed.

My friends and I played board games for a drink. We liked to drink cocktails, where in addition to alcohol there were plenty of carbohydrates. And all these empty calories settled in my abdomen.

What happened to my body when I stopped drinking alcohol?

After the diploma, I went with my family for the holidays. And no, I didn’t drink everything in front of my younger sister! I decided to change my bad habits.

I started running in the morning, stopped eating sweets at night and drank coffee from the hangover in the morning because there was no hangover! A week later, I realized how my life was changed. Of course, for the better.

Six months after I quit drinking, the scales showed minus 8 kilograms. Moreover, the mirror showed the absence of a hanging belly!

I took part in 30 days no alcohol & surprising results challenge.

I don’t drink at all and I’m losing weight very quickly. The results are so stunning that I’m even afraid to drink my favorite beer, to knock down the process. Therefore, I searched in google the connection between weight loss and alcohol and found out interesting things.

I surfed the forums where people who quit drinking talked about how extra pounds started to go without additional efforts. One man writes that it took him 15 kilos literally in six months when he stopped drinking!

What kind of metabolic processes occur in the body and how are weight and alcohol related? This question is still open for me. But the results are obvious!

My body is already transformed, in current photos it is difficult to recognize me! Anyway, you should not forget about the main goal – to be healthy inside.

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