Christina Aguilera, who was fighting with extra pounds for a long time, has managed to lose weight. It was a real surprise for her fans! In almost a year the singer lost 37 kilograms. Isn’t it an amazing result? Many women all around the world became interested in the way she had lost weight. As they looked at the superstar’s amazing look and were impressed. Her fans wanted to look like her. Christina Aguilera weight loss was a real sensation.

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Actually, in 2010, the singer’s fans were shocked by her dramatic change in weight. Quite for a short period of time, Christina gained more than 25 kilograms! The paparazzi followed the once slim singer. But Aguilera proudly declared that she loved herself in any weight. What was a surprise for not only journalists but also fans! When in the fall of 2013 a new Christina Aguilera appeared before them. A slim elegant woman with perfect shapes and face. Now we will reveal the main secrets of Christina Aguilera weight loss.

Christina Aguilera Weight Loss Secrets

All celebrities and fans watched the Christina Aguilera weight loss with interest. No wonder, as before the slim singer gained extra pounds while being pregnant. And could not get rid of them for a long time. As we know, the star got a glorious victory in the end. How did she manage to do it?

Christina Aguillera weight loss

Christina Aguilera nutrition system

You will be surprised to hear that. But there are not hard diets and starvation that helped in Christina Aguilera weight loss. But the balanced and healthy nutrition. Here we explain the main points of the singer’s nutrition. So Aguilera’s diet included:

  • Sources of easily digestible protein (such as lean and boiled meat, eggs).
  • The sources of fiber (such as fresh herbs, low-calorie vegetables and fruits low in sugar).
  • Fatty acids (such as sea fish, nuts, vegetable oils, and avocados).

Fast carbs, “empty” fats and sugar should be excluded from the menu. Besides, refuse deep-fried dishes, muffins, fast food, and cream desserts. Drinking enough water is obligatory. The norm is about 2 liters of clean cool water. As well as herbal liquids and green tea. Alcohol in any doses is a totally prohibited product.

The fact is that Aguilera lost weight not alone. There are only a few women who have managed to lose much weight without the specialists’ help. Of course, some of them made their own training programs. But there is not that case. Christina Aguilera weight loss would not happen without the help of specialists. When the singer decided to fight those extra pounds. She turned to the popular star nutritionists Rachel and Richard Heller. They have formed a unique food program. That suits hopeless fast food lovers. And people who simply have no time to monitor their food. And such a diet seemed to Aguilera just perfect. Because she cannot live without carbs food. Besides, the star is constantly busy with the concerts and tours.

Christina Aguillera weight loss

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Many people have a negative attitude towards carbs. They say, it is their consumption that spoils the figure. Causing fat to be deposited where it is not necessary. The reason is simple. These substances add to the production of insulin. And if there is too much insulin in the blood. Then the person will feel a regular hunger. And the urge to go to your favorite fridge will become more frequent. Christina Aguilera’s diet is based on those special foods. Eating of which is able to lower insulin levels. The system by which the star lost weight, is divided into 2 main stages.

  • “Three for three

Each meal should be divided into 3 equal parts by volume. The first part is protein foods (lean fish, lean meat, poultry, soy cheese). The second part is vegetables. The third part – carbs (bread, potatoes, pasta, fruit and juice, sweets). Exception – lettuce leaves, which can be used in unlimited quantities.

  • “Fixing the result”

After Christina Aguilera weight loss, she had to strengthen the achieved results. For doing this, she began to observe the following rules:

  1. Chromium deficiency contributes to the accelerated production of insulin. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the eating of foods rich in this trace element. Such as legumes, potatoes, liver, cheese, meat.
  2. Caffeine also affects the amount of insulin. So the star has limited coffee drinking.
  3. Sugar substitutes cannot be used. If the soul asks for sweet. Aguilera eats a slice of dark chocolate or her favorite cheesecake.
  4. As the weight loss requires an active lifestyle. Three times a week, the star is surely involved in physical exercise. Because she is afraid that the extra weight will return to her again.
  5. Life should flow calmly and without stress. This was perhaps the most difficult condition for the singer. But she found a way out – yoga and walking.
  6. Daily she should consume no more than 1600 kcal.


Christina Aguillera weight loss

Christina Aguilera sample menu

Today, Christina Aguilera is a slim, beautiful and sexy woman. The achieved result of the superstar is really striking! By the way, the strong legs and slim waist cost her, by star standards, not so expensive. She had to pay a little less than 1.5 thousand dollars for the diet developed by Heller. You have the chance to try the technique in practice for free. Take note of the following menu, that helped in Christina Aguilera weight loss.

  • Breakfast: oatmeal on the water with berries, fruits or dried fruits, apple, tea.
  • Lunch: meat or fish steak (100 g), vegetables in any form (unlimited), water with lemon.
  • Dinner: fried tuna.

Any snack between the main meals can be vegetables. Such as cauliflower, zucchini, pumpkin, green beans, etc.

Physical load and Skincare

Christina Aguilera weight loss would not be so striking without the following methods. Everyone knows that active physical activity normalizes and improves metabolic processes. That is why they are an obligatory condition for those who want to lose weight without harm to health. The Christina Aguilera fitness complex includes blocks of cardio and power loads for working out muscle relief. Besides, creating perfect body bends. The star also recommends effective activities that can be performed at home. Such as jogging, intense walks, aerobics, yoga, and incendiary Zumba.

Moreover, the secret of Christina Aguillera weight loss is the following. The perfect elastic skin of the singer – lifting massage sessions. They restore the turgor of the epidermis during weight loss. So due to that, she has got such an amazing look after the serious weight loss.

Our Fitness Experts’ view

Frankly speaking, I do not consider Christina Aguillera weight loss something unusual. She has lost 38 kilos for 10 months. Our clients regularly show such results. By the way, without strict diets and severe workouts. Besides, on the contrary, both can slow down the process of losing weight. Reducing the rate of metabolic processes. We can say that the singer lost weight in a very physiological way.

At first, she was overweighted enough. That is why I suppose that she could lose about 7-9 kilos during the first month. First, she got rid of excess water. Then some muscle (about 1.5 kg) and a small amount of fat. Then you can get rid of 4−5 kg per month without harm to health. In the following months, the weight will go away due to fat. The amount of muscle mass may decrease. But if you connect the reasonable physical load to weight loss. These losses can be avoided. Such a smooth weight loss allows you to get rid of excess weight without the appearance of stretched skin.

Christina is quite a young woman. And with a certain care (massages, wrappings) her skin may well be brought by itself to the desired volume. As for the diet, for such a result, it is enough to reduce your calorie content by an average of 500 kcal. Remove all junk food from the menu (fast food, white flour products, trans fats, white sugar). Minimize the use of simple sugars. Not more than 10% of the daily caloric intake. Increase the number of products with fiber (greens, savory fruits and non-starchy vegetables). And your diet will be satisfying with proper proteins (lean white meat, egg white). As well as dishes with polyunsaturated fatty acids (fish, a small amount of nuts and seeds, olive and flaxseed oils, avocados).

And do not forget to drink water, sleep for 7–8 hours, take extra vitamins and trace elements (magnesium, B groups, vitamin D, iron, omega-6, and others as needed). During the normalization of weight, many of them are required in larger quantities. Which often increases the appetite and makes weight loss uncomfortable. A doctor will help to find the right complex for you.

Christina Aguillera weight loss

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On the one hand, it is quite possible to lose 38 kg in 10 months on your own. On the other hand, quite often after stabilization of weight. The hereditarily caused local fat deposits to remain – the so-called fat traps. This may be the lower third of the face (second chin, cheeks), hips, and abdomen. If there is such a thing with Christina Aguilera weight loss, I do not exclude the possibility that she could have asked the help of a plastic surgeon. And corrected some of the zones using liposuction.

By the way, contrary to popular belief, liposuction is not one of the ways to quickly lose weight. It only allows you to correct the flaws of the figure. Moreover, modern methods of plastic surgery make it possible to do this without interrupting the main type of activity. Even in the case of the public profession. In particular, laser liposuction allows you to remove local fat deposits. Moreover, the fat is removed together with a skin tightening. Of course, some time will have to wear corrective underwear. But already 5 days after the correction, you can take 2–3 hours to appear in public, including in open suits. This method of correction leaves almost no marks on the skin. Christina Aguilera weight loss may definitely not occur without such a method.


Top Secrets of Christina Aguilera Weight Loss
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