You regularly practice the training to get fit. You have reached good results to keep the body toned. However, you still wish better flexibility of the muscles. The split helps you to improve the situation. How to do the splits? How fast you can do it? Good questions. It seems very difficult exercises. People hesitate very often to proceed.

In fact, absolutely anyone can do it. The only difference is the time of the required preparations. Someone will be ready in a week. The others have to work out for several months. Special series of exercises will help as well. The age plays a role in a possible term too. Here are some ideas on how to do the splits in the best and fastest way.

Why Should You Train How to Do the Splits?

The word split refers to fitness and gymnastics. It is the name of a body state.  Both legs are in one line. They directed opposite each other.  The legs’ angle forms 180 in the best split. Only well-stretched muscles are able to perform this. The range of angle shows the level of your flexibility.

This exercise is an essential part of working out in many activities. Mostly they are popular in gymnastics, dance, ballet, yoga, martial arts, cheerleading, synchronized swimming etc. It is a popular stretching training. The split provides warming the leg muscles. This procedure increases the total flexibility. Moreover, it underlines the beauty of the healthy body.

Specific Features of the Splits

  • Before you begin to learn how to do the splits it is necessary to recognize the peculiarities of this exercise.
  • The main feature of the split is that the athlete spread the legs in contrary directions but in one line.
  • The inner parts of the thighs create the angle not less than 180 degrees.
  • The suspended line connecting the right and left hip joints is strictly perpendicular to the line of the front splits.
  • This line is in parallel inside splits.
  • The pelvis is turned forward.

What are the Types of Splits?

Knowing the specificities of this essay, let us observe the kinds they have. There are two key types of splits. They are a side split and a front split. Besides, a wide range of different split variations exists. They vary depending on the manner of how to do the splits.  Look at them in more details.

  • Side split is performed by widening the legs to the left and right sides of the body. They are known with some other names. Very often it depends on the applied activity. Dealing with dance and yoga you will call it middle or straddle splits. in martial arts people familiar with Chinese splits. You could meet the other terms like box and centre splits. All of them belong to the same type. The principle of how to do the splits of this type is the same.
  • The front split means spreading one leg forward and the other leg backward of the upper body.  Dancers and ballet artists divide them the right and left spits. It depends which leg is in front. Yoga followers call front splits Hanuman asana.

Basic splits types enlarge the alternatives. Their classification supposes the ways how to do the splits with different adaptations.

Here are the 10 most identified kinds:

  1. Classic split. In other words the simple one. They do it from the floor. The angle between inner hips is 180 degrees.
  2. Oversplits have the angle more than 180 degrees among the puller legs. This intensive stretching exercise requires one or two additional supports. Chairs, blocks, books, etc will help to manage.
  3. The suspended split is a specific one. It needs time how to do the splits in this manner. The feet are placed on the supporters in one.  The torso is in a static position.  In some cases, the angle can overcome regular 180 degrees.
  4. Jumping splits are managed in the air. They extend the legs in leaping. They are common for ballet, dancing cheerleading and figure skating. Russian jump is the other name for this kind.
  5. Vertical split. The performer stands to lift one leg vertically.  The legs’ angle can be more than 180 degrees.
  6. The twisting split is performed by turning from front split to side split and then to the opposite front split.
  7. The rotation split in martial arts supposes the rotation of the back leg.
  8. Splits on hand are practised how to do the splits standing on the hands or the elbows.
  9. Lying splits or layout. It is a kind of stretching exercises. The gymnast lies on the back. The legs form the side split. Doing a front lying splits one leg remains on the floor and the other one is in one line of the upper body.
  10. Semi splits are popular like the stretching exercises. Both front and side half split arrange the muscles how to do the splits in full range.

How to Do the Splits Easier in Front or Sides?

They say that it is easier to learn how to do the splits in front than side ones. The other people confirm that more muscles are involved when you know how to do the splits in front. Accordingly, you need to spend more time to stretch required things. In fact are both types are equal. Everything is individual for everybody. It depends on the pelvis structure a lot. In most cases, it is more convenient to do the left o than right leg split and vice a verse. The front split is more difficult for men than for the women. The matter is that it is more difficult to stretch male hip muscles.

Woman doing the splits warming up in a park

Benefits if You Study How to Do the Splits

Doing the splits is very useful and effective. Performing any kind of this exercise the athlete involves almost all inactive muscles. You can quickly bring your body into perfect shape. It normalizes your global state of living being. The success in how to do the splits aids the people to work actively and much better.

You doubt how to do the splits being older. There is practically no age limit for it. You need a true and strong desire including regularly training.  It is real enough 30, 40, and 50 years. How to do the splits at any age? How to achieve amazing body flexibility being not so young? It is worth to try and start at soonest. The main benefits are visible.

  • Increasing muscles elasticity.

The ability how to do the splits is an indicator of high elasticity of muscles and ligaments. Stretch the muscles regularly and correctly.  You will reduce the risk of injury during sports or a simple fall. Good elasticity helps faster recovery after workouts. Flexibility allows easier to cope with pain.

  • Improvement of posture.

Perfect flexibility guarantees the grace of the body. It shows the smoothness of movements. Stretching exercises perform the spine strengthen. The person will avoid a back hurt.  Everybody can obtain an elegant gait.

  • Development of endurance.

The only desire is not enough to know how to do the splits. You need to make a lot of efforts. Never stop on the halfway. Try to overcome the pain to defeat your body. The development of flexibility brings you the ability of self-control and endurance. This great feature makes easier to reach high results.

  • Prevention of vein varicose.

Steady stretching exercises affect positively blood circulation.  The vascular system becomes more elastic. It means that the risk of varicose veins is reduced.  You are already familiar with this problem.  The coach will advise how to do the splits in the right way.

  • Strengthening of joints mobility.

Healthy joints are very important for everybody. Perfect stretching and flexibility lessen the risk of many joints diseases. Strong joints help to be a master in yoga, dancing, gymnastics, ballet, Pilates, and so on.  You feel free in many other activities.  If you know how to do the splits correctly you will definitely improve your hip joints.  This is particularly important for women. It is especially beneficial for the future mums.  It can make easier the process of delivery.
The level of plasticity directly depends on age and gender. They say that women easier learn how to do the splits due to natural flexibility. Children will do it much more quickly than adults.

  • Normalization of the digestive system.

You are sure how to do the splits in the right way.  It can optimize the function of the digestive system. A proper tone of pelvic muscles prevents the problem of urologic diseases.  You will forget about the problems with the guts.  Definitely, it’s a nice bonus to a new achievement.

  • Increasing self-rating.

Many people consider the ability how to do the splits as one of the most exciting fitness goals.  With a good elasticity, they are free and more relaxed. This victory brings good mood and gives a confidence.
We understand that to know and be able how to do the splits is beneficial. The preparation program is even more useful. We should keep in our minds the basic principles of splits training.  They are warming up, running, rope jumping and stretching. People who practice them regularly can lose weight easier. Extra fat is burned on the hips and belly. The legs got a beautiful and relief form. The back becomes stronger.

How to Do the Splits and Lose the Weight?

Stretching develops the ability how to do the splits. Moving to this goal you not only improve the flexibility but boost the weight loss.

How the flexibility aids in modelling the body and be in fit for a long time. It’s a good question. The reply is not complicated. Being more expandable you are free to do any sports activity. Automatically you train harmless and avoid serious injuries. You make the workouts effectual. It means that you fight more calories and maintain your weight balance. The optimal weight brings you to new habits and skills.

Stretching reduces appetite A very strange statement. But it is worth to consider from this point of view.  Morning stretching, as well as its evening version, helps to control the appetite. Everybody remember food attacks after a hard working day.  It is known that when we eat fast, we eat more food. The lack of physical activity leads to weight gain. American coaches believe that after 15-20 minute stretching people eat slowly, chewing food more carefully. Accordingly, they will be full shortly. This way prevents overeating and stomach discomfort.

Lose weight

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Professional Advice How to Do the Splits Safe

You made a concrete decision as for the split. The target is to perform any type of this high stretching exercise. Before you start the training follow the tips on how to do the splits in a safe way. Make everything correctly.

Follow the professional recommendations.

  • It is better to spend more time on preparatory training how to do the splits. Especially, if you are a newcomer.  Rush can lead to dangerous injuries. Enough patience will help you for sure.
  • Limit the meat in your diet during your special hard working out. Ligaments lose their elasticity because of it.
  • Take a hot shower before stretching. Hot water will relax the muscles.
  • Well-considered workouts pass you how to do the splits gradually. Start slowly and increase the time. Try to perform the stretching in the morning and evening. Better less but more often. The key factor is a regularity.
  • Your classes should take place at least 4 times a week. You will win how to do the splits doing daily training. The duration of each home workout should be approximately 30 minutes.
  • Remember that professional advice is always useful. Only with proper exercise and a balanced diet, you will see the targeting results. It will be a pleasant surprise. It is easy for you how to do the splits.

Is it Harmful to be Keening of How to Do the Splits?

As usual, each thing has two sides. The split is not an easy thing. It needs special training. The exercise is using a lot.  It is sensible to do it. Note that you must obtain a special technique how to do the splits secure. In spite of benefits, it can be rather harmful.

Certain diseases can be a ban on how to do the splits.  The splits do not have direct prohibitions. People who have the troubles with the musculoskeletal system have to be especially careful. They should follow the rules how to do the splits harmless. Those who meet difficulties with joints and spine must take care of it too.

It’s better to avoid the attempt how to do the splits for those who have hypertension.  Recently suffered a bruise or broken legs or pelvic bones are the barriers to perform this exercise.

Warning how to do the splits protected

  • Prevent doing over-splits. Do not put your front leg on any higher place, First of all, you should perform how to do the spits in a regular way. Do all of them on the ground.
  • Be patient. Do everything step by step.
  • Avoid any jumping when you are stretching.

These points are important.  The main motivation is how to do the splits and avoid any injury.  The breach of these pieces of advice can create the lock. The situation when the muscles stop going on stretching. Muscles try to protect the problems. They refuse to develop the flexibility. Do not be so fast. Move further when you do not feel the pain. Only a comfortable stretch is a signal to continue.

A useful tip in case you are injured. You still need to return to the splits. So-called a pillow technique could help. Try to do the splits over the pillows.  Go down without any pain.  Remove the pillow when its height stays easy and painless.  You can use the pillows for some few weeks. It will help you to recover. At the same time, you will keep your exercises. Then it will be possible to go on your splits in full.

In case of serious injury, consult with a physician or physical therapist. They specialized in different activities like gymnastics, cheer, dance, baseball, hockey, etc.  Find a specialist who solves your particular needs and helps you safely be back to your sports routine. He also advises how to do the splits healthy.

10 The Basic Rules How to Do the Splits for the Beginners

  • Regular workout to prepare the body.
  • Begin with 10-15 minutes daily.
  • Continue to train at least four times a week.
  • Then training should be at least 30 minutes.
  • Start with a small set of exercises for flexibility.
  • You will need to re-adapt the body after long breaks.
  • Make a break if you feel a sharp pain when stretching.
  • Have a rest for muscles and ligaments to recover.
  • Always start your workouts with a warm-up.
  • Running and/or rope jumping is a part of the warm-up.

Top 23 Exercises to Focus on How to Do the Splits

There are different techniques to develop flexibility. They offer a variety of exercises. All of them are useful. They teach the body how to do the splits. To conquer the challenge we select the clearest and helpful sets of exercises.

Practical Workout How to Do the Splits in Front.  

A reminder of how to do the splits in front.

  • Before you start stretching exercises warm up well. Missing proper warming can cause dangerous injuries and sprains. This can postpone your dream how to do the splits for a long time.
  • Hold in each pose for at least 30 seconds. Gradually keep static posture up to 2-3 minutes.
  • You can perform these exercises how to do the splits into some sets. It depends on your time and endurance.  First, do the reps on one leg. Then load the other one.
  • Always stretch equally both legs.  Even in the case, you plan how to do the splits for right or left leg only. It will help to score the result quickly.

10 Exercises how to do the splits in front for both legs.

Exercise 1

Breathe and go down in the runner’s pose. Put the hands on the floor or on the blocks. Bend the front leg in 90 degrees angle. The knee of the back leg is stretched and straight. Try to keep the pelvis as low as possible. Do not flex the knee of the back leg. Stay in the pose at least 30 seconds.

A next step how to do the splits Do the breath. The back is straight. Raise your arms. Feel increasing tension in the leg muscles. Keep in a lunge. Spread the weight of the body equally on both legs.

Exercise 2

Continue to stay in the pose of the runner. You can start with an easier alternative. Put the hands on one side of the front leg. Then you can put the elbows on the block. And finally, rest on your elbows. Try to avoid the back rounding.  This exercise assists a lot how to do the splits stretching the hip joints and groin.


Exercise 3

Put the knee of the back leg on the floor.  Place the hands on both sides of the front foot. Hold in this position. Try to low the pelvis as much as possible. You can perform some movements up and down. The target is to stay static as long as you can.


It is useful to do a similar exercise. It is more complicated to perform. Put the back leg on the chair. You can use the other support too. This way will strengthen the stretch in the back leg. Direct the head top up. It increases the tension. Usually, hip flexors are very firm. Many people spend time sitting for a long.  The key target of this stretch is how to do the splits and make the hips flexible and open.



Exercise 4

Return to the lunge. Keep the spine along the hip of the back leg.  Then straighten your legs.  Try to pull the coccyx up. Direct the forehead lower to the leg. Try to keep the belly low and close to the front leg.  Do not round the back.  Put the arms down your front leg. Finally, you have to reach the floor.


Exercise 5

You can vary the details of this stretching to be close how to do the splits. Start from the lunge. Then lead a straight leg forward.  Kneel on your back leg. Low the body toward the front leg. Keep the back straight. Extend your arms forward or put your elbows on the floor. Hold the position and breathe deeply.


You also can start with a bent knee of the front leg. Then bit by bit straightens it.

A deep breath will help to decrease the tension. The bent knee still provides the stretching.  This passive stretch is less effective. to activate the muscles.
This exercise assists your hamstrings to become longer and more flexible.  As a rule, one side is more flexible than the other one. This stretching brings balance. Just spend more time on the required side.

You can increase the stretching of the back leg. Just put it higher. It can be a chair or the other similar support. The wall can be helpful too.


Exercise 6

This pose is called the Dove. Cover the right heel by the left pelvis bone. Try to seat deeper. Gradually move the right calf slightly forward. Rest on your hands. Twist the right thigh inward. Get the tailbone down.


Bend the knee of the back left leg. Take this foot by the left hand. Then pull the heel to the butt. Feel the stretch in the front of the hip. Change the pose. Take this foot by opposite right hand. Do an exhale and put down your forehead on your free forearm. This position is not a difficult one in the set how to do the splits. At the same time, it is very valuable exercise for front splits flexibility.


Exercise 7

Lie down on the floor. Bend the knees and rest the foot to the floor. Lift your leg vertically up. Then take the foot by the hand or by a band. Pull the straight leg towards you. Keep the sacrum on the floor. The front part of the hip is intense. You can feel that your leg muscles become longer. A friendly pose access, how to do the splits harmless.


Exercise 8

In yoga, this pose is called the Dog with face down. The back of the head, the back itself and the arms form one straight line. Stretch the spine. Move a tailbone back and up. In turn, bend your knees and try to put the heel to the floor. The thigh tends to the stomach. The back and arms are on the same line. Finally, put both heels to the floor and stay in that position.  This exercise stretches the back muscles of the legs. It is useful not only how to do the splits faster but prevent back problems too.


Exercise 9

Start with the dog face down position. Do the breath and pull the leg up. Turn the thigh inside. Hold in the stance and breathe deeply. This exercise is functional for front and vertical splits.


Exercise 10

Take the right foot by your right hand. Pull it upwards. Fix the maximum possible position and keep it. Ensure that the supporting leg does not turn out. The goal is to stretch the leg up to vertical split.


The Technique How to Do the Splits in Front

You have already managed with the preparatory stretching. Now you can check your achievements. Try how to do splits in front. Maybe at the beginning, you will need some additional supports. Two blocks would help. If you are flexible enough there is no need for extra supporting.

3 Steps How to Do the Splits n Front at the First Stage

  • 1st Step

Kneel on your front leg forward. The band angle is 90 degrees. The back foot toes rest the floor. Straighten your back and shoulders. Tighten the belly. The pelvic bones should be aligned and placed straight ahead. Slowly move your legs in different directions. Low the pelvis down.

  • 2nd Step

Go on up to uncomfortable feelings. Stop immediately. Then put the hands on the supporting blocks or directly on the ground. They will help to low up to full splits. Slide the legs opposite directions carefully.

  • 3rd Step

Breathe deeply and concentrate on the muscles. They should ease and lengthening. Step by step you will manage how to do the splits putting one or the other leg in front.

Carefully leave the splits pose. Stretch your legs in front of you. Shake them a little to remove the tension. Repeat the same exercises on the other leg.

Note, that probably it would take some series of practising. Be patient. Include the stretching into your training routine and continue to do it. Do everything regularly on your best.

Functional Workout How to Do the Splits with Sided Legs

A Note how to do the splits toward the sides

Perform exercises till the body is enough to warm. As a warm-up, do a short cardio workout for 15-20 minutes. Stretching without warming up is not only ineffective, but also dangerous.

Training how to do the side splits do not round your back. Always pull the head top up. Perform the exercises with comfortable feelings only. Follow the right technique.

13 Exercises how to do the splits in front for both legs.

  • Exercise 1

Put your legs wide. Turn the feet, hips and knees out much as possible. Make a deep squat. Fix and stay in this position. The target is to open the hips. Spread the weight on both legs and knees equally. Try to keep your back straight. For the next step put the elbows on the inner hips near the knees. Low the pelvis to the floor. You can add light wiggles. This exercise stretches the hips muscles.

  • Exercise 2

Raise your bend leg. Turn to the side the knee and the hip as far as possible.  Do a deep breathe and straighten your leg. Then bend your knee again. The foot is always stretched to the maximum. Perform 10 reps. After that stretch the leg and stay in the raised position for 30 seconds. Repeat the same with the other leg. Use the support if you do not have enough balance.

  • Exercise 3

Stand with legs wide.  Take a deep breath. Exhale and bend to your right leg. Keep your hips and knees tight. Hold this position. Tilt to the other leg and stay in this position. Then bend over the press. Keep your hands on as low as possible down your legs.  Avoid rounding back.   Try the reach the thighs by belly. Finally, you can bend forward and put the elbows on the floor.

  • Exercise 4

Take a side lunge. If possible, put the heel of the supporting leg on the floor. Turn out the other leg. Straight the knee and pull the foot. Put the hands on the floor. Do the next step when you improve your stretching and balance. Clasp your knee by the arm. Lock your hands behind the back. Stretch the spine. This exercise stretches well the inner thigh muscles. It helps how to do the splits faster.

  • Exercise 5

Sit down on the heels. Open the hips as widely as you can. Try to sit on the glutes. The heels fit them. The back should be straight. In the beginning, you can use a blanket or a yoga block to support.  Pull the spine up.  On the exhale, turn the upper body to the right. Then turn the other side.  Stay static.

  • Exercise 6

In other words, this is a pose of a frog. It strategically assists how to do the splits in the shortest time.  You can start from the previous position sitting on the heels. First put your palms, then the forearms on the floor.  Move the upper body down the floor. Try to keep the seat in line with your hips and knees. Connect the feet together. Tight the belly and pull up the head top. Stay in a static pose. The frog is one of the most effective exercises for the side splits. It deeply opens the hips’ muscles.

You also can start by coming into all fours. Change resting on your hands to resting on the forearms. After that move the knees aside allowing your hips and pelvis go down to the ground. Do everything gently, low and controlling. Breathe deeply. Never overcome your current open level.

  • Exercise 7

Start with kneeling. Push the right knee on the floor. Put far aside from the left leg. Then slowly move the legs apart in different directions. Bend the right leg. Being uncomfortable, relax and breathe deeply. Then change your legs. The score is when the left leg is straight and the right one is 90 degrees bent. Both legs are in one line.

  • Exercise 8

This exercise is also called butterfly. Athletes consider it one of the favourites in preparation how to do the splits. Start with sitting tall. Connect the feet together and bring them closest to the pelvis. Keep the back straight. A pillow or yoga block under the seat can help at the first stages. It will be easier for your knees. You will avoid the tension in your hip flexors. You can stay static or slightly move down the legs to the floor. Hold this pose. The butterfly perfectly develops the hip joints. It is one of the main exercises to do the side splits.

The exercise is as easier as far the feet are from the seat. If you feel no pain slowly move the chest toward your feet. Simultaneously pull forward a straight spine.

  • Exercise 9

Lie down near the wall. Tightly press the seat and legs to it. Stretch your legs up vertically. Bend your legs and pull the knees towards you. Then open your hips to the sides. Breathe deeply and relax.

  • Exercise 10

This exercise is super for how to do the splits of both types. People also call this exercise pancake. Sit tall for the starting point. The back and spine are straight. Spread your legs wide apart. Bend over and put your palms on the floor. The tailbone stretches backwards. The heads top pulls forward. The feet look upwards. Within heavier step gently put your forearm to the floor. Hold this pose.

Pull the spine upwards the hands. Then slowly tilt along the leg. Keep his position tilt. Then do the same to the other leg.

  • Exercise 11

Lie down on the floor and bend your knees. Lift your right leg up. Take your shin or foot by the hand. Move to opposite side the left thigh. Try to lower the right foot aline the ear. The back and sacrum rest on the floor.  Hold this position and breathe deeply. Repeat the exercise with the other leg.  At the first stages, you can bend the knee of the stretched leg. If flexibility does not allow, the knee of an extended leg can be slightly bent.

  • Exercise 12

Continue lying on the floor. Keep both legs upwards vertically. The desired angle is 90 degree. Extend your legs to the sides. Stay in the pose for some time. Pull the foot down. Do not bend the knees.

  • Exercise 13

Are you still feel difficulties how to do the splits? It is hard to cope with the previous stretching. Be patient and try its easier version. Lie down near the wall. Raise the legs vertically. Press tightly the legs and glutes to the wall. The sacrum is on the floor. Bend your knees and start to slide your feet down the wall. Unbend the knees, pull the foot toward you. You can help to lower the legs by hands. Relax when you feel inconvenience.

Each of the above exercises is useful how to do the splits. Besides, they are beneficial to be in shape, burn the calories and lose weight. This is one of the best workout routines for weight loss at home and gym. It improves the flexibility of the total body. Stretch every day and you will succeed.

The Technique How to Do the Splits at the Wall

This method will teach you how to do the splits as a trial. With no doubt use the wall as a support. This training will offer amazing benefits. Sit comfortably facing a wall. Rest our hands to the floor behind the back. Then open your legs widest close to side split. Elevate your seat and move your bottom towards the wall. The feet are moving to the wall too.

Continuing like this, your legs are wider and wider apart. You bring your pelvis closer and closer to the wall. Stop when your upper body began to back up a little. Take deep breathes and relax. Go away from the wall.

Caucasian dancer stretching in gym

Common Mistakes When You Learn to Do the Splits

Main Inaccuracies of the front splits.

A front split is the torso position when one leg is directed forward and the other backward.

  • Improper warming up

It is crucial to warm up the muscles before doing the front slip. The muscles should become soft and elastic. Spend enough time for this procedure.

  • Sharp movements

It is necessary to perform the exercises slowly and smoothly.  Avoid sudden pushes and jerks. Do not be in hurry.  Any muscle tension creates the micro-breaks.  Competent training process guarantees how to do the splits correctly. After quick muscles recover they become more and more elastic.

  • Wrong technique

Breach of the technique how to do the splits increases the risk of injury.  You should feel the stretching of the involved muscles. Accurate body position and equal load distribution are extremely important.

  • Stretching misbalance

Never forget to work with both legs stretching. Only left or right splits cause the problem.

  • Ligament load

You must stretch the muscles, not ligaments. The ligaments do not have the ability to stretch It needs the time to recover them after the damage.

Focal errors of the side split.

A side split is the body position when the legs are spread apart.  This type requires the perfect stretching of the leg and hip muscles.  Any mistakes can be very dangerous.

  • Training with injured muscles

The continuous muscles pain is a sign to consult the physician. Never keep on working out. There is a risk of more serious injury.

  • Extreme load

Do not overload yourself.  It is a wrong way to how to do the splits faster. Stretch the muscles gradually only.

  • Irregular training

To achieve the real result, try to build a system of training. Follow it without long pauses.

  • Misbalance

Keep the balance while exercising.  Stretching the muscles required how to do the splits. Pay same attention to the others. You will achieve harmony.

  • Impatience

Manage your challenges how to do the splits with a fun. A pleasure is the shortest way to success.  Do not concentrate on results only. Enjoy the process.

Tips on How to Do the Splits with the Devices

It is clear now that stretching exercises are the fundamentals that advance how to do the splits. To score your flexibility target you need to practice regularly. The matter is that even elastic muscles lose their property without constant training. You can use some special stretchers to support and develop these skills of your body.

Some of them are very simple, however, they are perfect for stretching feet, hamstrings, calves, total leg muscles.

  • Tennis Ball

The usual tennis ball is able to make elastic the feet and calves rather fast. Take the ball and put it under the foot. Direct the weight on the ball. Move the ball under your foot.

  • Foam Roller

You can use this device to stretch your legs. It means that it prepares you how to do the splits. It has the tense which influences your hamstrings, quadriceps and some other legs’ parts. Place your body on the floor with face down. The roller should be under the target area. Roll forward and backwards till you feel the warm and tension in your muscles.

  • Resistance Band

The resistance band is one of the most universal gear in sport and fitness. We use it in many kinds of workouts. This cheap and simple thing allows improving flexibility for many kinds of activity. Different bands guide how to do the splits in the short term too. At present, there are different types of this equipment. They have graduated tension from light to super strong. It means that the beginners and professional athletes can improve or support their strength and elasticity. Practising the legs you apply the band to stretch your legs slowly but surely.

Here are more details about resistance bands features and benefits.

  • Slanted Board

One more available device to stretch the legs is slanted board. is a simple way to stretch leg The muscles will work in the right direction. This is a kind of a so-called passive stretch. Just stand on the slanted board. This simple standing works out your calves and hamstrings. To make the To multiply the load you can lean, turn your toes. Practising close to the wall will be more efficient. Even this static exercises move you forward to how to do the splits.

Use Special Machines to Practice How to do the Splits

  • Steel construction leg stretcher

It is a great leg stretcher. Very often the martial arts followers are fond of it.
This unchangeable coach instructs you how to do the splits fast and without injuring. The equipment is well-built and easy to assemble. It is compact to store. The device is effortless to adjust. Accordingly, it is perfect for anyone. The soft foam on the rests makes its feet and hands comfortable. You can maintain correct form during a short period.

It works when you just put the feet on the padded rests and pull down the centre until you feel the stretch. The angle and tension depend on your fitness and flexibility level. Normally you can do the splits after correct using tool.

The users share their impressions here:

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  • Advanced Stimulators How to Do the Splits.

You also can develop your flexibility by using special training machines. This advanced method increases the efficiency of how to do the splits.  Training will be more comfortable, safe and easy.

This kind of machine assists the beginners, or athlete masters to stretch their legs.  The special effect gets the hamstrings by gradually growing degrees. Leg or splits devices, as usual, have a wheel to control the level. It makes possible to increase the stage of your stretching. CCosypadding panels support the legs. Its soft-back is regulated.

It is very simple to perform the working out on the leg stretching simulator.  Just set the supporters in a comfortable position and you can start training.

Very soon you will understand the advantages of this method. The load is smooth and equally. The soft seat and supporting panels allow you to stay longer in the stretched position. An accurate scale of progress helps you to track the results. The other benefit is the possibility of relaxation on the simulator. It is very important to reach quick positive results. There less risk to injury and overstretching.   These stretchers are well suitable for home workouts too.

One in the top of splits training equipment is Pro Leg Stretcher by TMAS. It’s reliable and has good feedback from the users.

The main features of this machine boost you how to do the splits harmless.

  • Possibility to do over-splits. More than180 degrees.
  • Provides trouble-free stretching
  • Durable construction
  • Assembled by routing wheel
  • Adjustable back support
  • Padded seat and footrests, seat,
  • Price friendly

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Clothing that Inspires You to Do the Splits Fast and Comfortable

This tip how to do the splits is not so significant but advisable. Your success to reach the goal depends on your mood and comfort. With cosy and nice clothing you will enjoy the training even more. Put on only the things which do not limit your movements. There are so many attractive ideas of fitness apparel for your choice. You can easily find right for your clothes.

Dealing with stretching gives your preference to the following types of dressing. The clothing has to be free, loose and slack. The other option is elastic or stretchable fabric. They repeat the movements of your body. Martial arts ammunition could be a good alternative as well. Put on the socks when you do the exercises. They will keep your feet warm. They guarantee easier sliding the on the floor.

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Last but not Least How to Do the Splits

At last, you are sure how to do the splits and their assorted kinds. Choose the preferable way of training to perform this exercise. How to do the splits in the shortest time? Human muscles can stretch up to 3-4 centimetres per month. It is the average result. You easy can calculate your personal term how to do the splits in full. You know your physical possibilities. Take into consideration native flexibility too. Best workout routine at home or gym enables somebody to reach the goal in a week or month. The others need a longer period. Do not stop. Keep in mind the advantages you will get.

You can boast with your flexibility and stretched muscles. It helps you reach a better level in fitness. The cascade of preparatory exercises will burn the fat. Each will find their special benefits learning how to do the splits. Wish you to be healthy and successful.

How to Do the Splits and Lose Weight? Best Exercises
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