Does the trainer help you during strength training at the gym?

Hello! I’ve been involved in sports already for 3 years. Usually, I follow the workout routine and increase the load regularly. The tips from fitness experts on how to organize workout routine properly help me a lot.

As to the kinds of workout, I prefer doing circular strength training for men, burning 30% more fat than usual. Besides, effective dumbbell exercises for beginners to strengthen the muscle. The exercises of this type help me to gain muscle mass, make my body fit and toned. I notice that my endurance is also growing. I feel the strength and more energy.

But only recently I started doing my workouts with a personal trainer. My friends advised me to try a good coach. So now I perform all the exercises with the help of the trainer. He chooses the training program for me. And of course, monitors the progress and results. It is interesting for me to know your experience of workouts in the gym with a trainer. Especially I’m interested in strength training. My question is the following:

  • Does the trainer help you during strength training at the gym?

Share your experience, if you have such. Will be very grateful for your answers! Thanks in advance.

Does the trainer help you during strength training at the gym?

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Hi there!
The personal coach can really help you. There are beneficial in everything. Let me tell you some of advantages of training with a personal trainer:

Full safety during class.
No simulator can monitor the correctness of the implementation of approaches, even the most advanced. The coach will not take his eyes off you and warn you of potentially dangerous movements. No injuries, sprains, dislocations.

The effectiveness of the exercises.
You can be sure that all efforts will be beneficial. A competent trainer will calculate the number of approaches, time for them and for rest almost up to a second. He takes into account your exact weight and physical fitness. He will follow the accuracy and correctness of the exercises for the best effect – this is true.

Coach motivates best.
Not only the coach himself, but how much his services cost. Subscriptions with personal workouts cost the most. You just don’t want to lose that much money and miss a class.
The coach really motivates the best.
This time we are not talking about its value. Skillful selection of incentives continues classes and overcome “crises”. The personal trainer will be able to understand in time why you suddenly stopped wanting to go to the gym. He prevents the appearance of negative factors. Coach also help to avoid stresses.
Different motivations may act on the same person on different days of the week. At the beginning of the week, a visitor will get an idea to challenge himself. At the end of the week he will come to the club more willingly, knowing that there will be a workout “on relaxation.” Literally next Monday, the client will happily start with light-weight workouts. He will want to “accelerate” and squeeze out all the juice from himself. No manual of these mood swings can take into account. So yes, the personal trainer is able to motivate.

Hello dear! I have been going to the gym for a long time. At the beginning of my sports career, I use to do workouts without a personal trainer. But some year ago I decided to try to do my exercise with the personal trainer, and I am pleased about it. Now, I can not even imagine how to training without a trainer. To begin with, I want you to know that I firmly believe that the personal trainer gives you a unique opportunity to perform better. So, that’s why your results are more attractive in comparison if you do workouts without the trainer.

In general, my trainer often prepares for me new strength exercises. Every day she looks for something new for me. All of the activities are very effective and interesting for me.  Moreover, it gives me excellent and outstanding results. So, as you can understand, it brings me a lot of happiness. And, of course, I am always motivated to do all of the tasks as well as I only can! 

Also, it is important to say that if I can not to perform some strength exercises, she will always help and demonstrate me how to do one or another activity correctly. Furthermore, if I have some question I can at all times ask her something. My trainer is knowledgeable. Sometimes I think that she knows everything and even more. She always gives me handy tips and pieces of advice. Besides, my trainer also helps me to follow my diet. She looks after me and controls all my results. 

Finally, it is important to say that my trainer takes my measurements at the end of each month. I think that my trainer is very cool! I have a big desire to go to the gym because she motivated me a lot. She has outstanding shame. I want to have the same body. It is wonderful.

It is the right decision to start doing your workouts with a personal trainer. I also have such experience. I have been involved in training with the personal trainer for 3 years and do not regret it.
The personal trainer is the person who helps in the short time to achieve amazing results and have a perfect body. Only a professional knows how to do exercises right so they can be effective. I have experience and can claim that a personal trainer is not only the person who tells you what to do in the gym but also your friend, mentor, psychologist and nutritionist. He is the one who controls you and forces you to do all exercises even when it is so hard, especially at the end of the training.

During the whole training, the trainer monitors the technique of doing the exercises: corrects you, show how to do them right so that to have the maximum effect, and the most important – to not cause injuries! Actually, often those who only begin to attend in the gym, rush to start working with as big weight as possible and can get serious spinal injuries, bruises, dislocations of joints, stretching muscles, ligaments and so on. Therefore, the first task of a trainer is to make your workouts safe.

Also, a personal trainer makes your training program varied. There is nothing more demotivating than boring and monotonous workouts! Our brain likes to switch between different interesting things, we like to always change the place where we are and the work we do – therefore, training should be fun and fit your mood today: one day your workout can be intense to let off steam or recharge your batteries before the work week, another day – more relaxed and smooth training, for example stretching.

Moreover, a personal trainer motivates you to practice more. Therefore, the toned body of your trainer is a great reminder of what results you can achieve. He managed to achieve great results, so he can teach you to do the same. Besides, the coach is always friendly with the client, he knows his mood, can make you laugh, cheer up, share his positive energy with you. Emotional support during training is very important!

It is important that a personal trainer helps to make a healthy diet that is appropriate for you and improves your results. My personal trainer found me a diet depending on the goals I have (to lose weight, “dry out”, build muscle or make them more prominent). To achieve this result, it is important to know what to eat before, during and after training. The right food and enough liquid is half of your success!

So, performing all the exercises with the help of the trainer or not is, of course, only your decision. However, if you truly value your health, precious time and desired result, you should start doing workouts with a professional.

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