What is Eva Andressa fitness motivation?

Hello. Recently I have started doing sports and began to think about my appearance, so now I’m a beginner in fitness. Surfing the internet, I realized that many amazing women have an incredibly beautiful body shape. One of them is a tanned girl with dark hair and a superb body! So, my favorite Brazilian fitness model is Eva Andressa. My name is Eva too.

And I want to be fit like just like her. And now I find any training that to be like her. It is interesting to me how does she got so toned muscles.

  • What is Eva Andressa fitness motivation?
  • How long does the girl is encouraged in training?
  • What prompted her to do sport seriously?
  • What was she before starting workouts in the gym?
  • Which motivation is this woman guided by when training?
  • What is Eva Andressa Vieira body fitness?

Now, I want to lose some weight and pump up my muscles like the titular athlete. Did she have the same aims? How many time did it take for her to gain such an ideal muscle mass? What is her way to success? Does the girl take part in any kind of fitness competitions?

Does she have a husband? I am asking because many people of male point say that girls like she, are very pumped, more than it is necessary for a woman, that this body shape looks very masculine like men have to be. I have read a post where is the information about Eva Andressa training, but it is not enough for me, I want to know more.

Waiting for an answer! Thanks!

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Hey! That’s a good question.

From Monday to Friday, Eva Andressa does exercises for the buttocks. Usually, she performs four sets with about 12 repetitions in each. These exercises include squats and leg presses.

Also, every Tuesday and Thursday she works with the abdomen, calves and does aerobic exercises for 30 minutes on the treadmill. Eva said that she performs four sets focused on the stomach and calves. She doesn’t count the number of repetitions, often trains to muscle failure.

Eva Andressa is now one of the most famous fitness models in Brasil. She has been going in for sport since childhood, but when she was 17, she decided to improve her fit because she looks too scrawny. She has been training for two years; then she took a break until meeting her instructor who now is her husband.

Now about her workout program. For butts, she does three sets of 4 exercises with 4 minutes break between games and the 1-minute break between exercises. Then she does four sets of 4 exercises for abdominals.

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