A charming girl with an athletic figure is Brazil’s most popular fitness model! In this article, we Eva Andressa workout routine, meal plan and supplements she uses to maintain muscle mass. However, the muscles and chiseled relief do not prevent her from looking feminine and sweet.

Her posts on the official Instagram account inspire thousands of women to play sports. Recently she wrote that the acceptance of herself and her appearance influences fate and self-esteem. Moreover, it was the main factor in achieving the goal. Perseverance and desire allowed the typical skinny teenager to become a fashion model with luxurious forms.

Look at Eva Andressa measurements:

Weight58-63 kg
Height163 cm
Arms32.5 cm
Parameters97 x 66 x 103 cm

Eva Andressa butt & leg workout

Eva leads an active social life. And she is happy to share with fans the tips on adhering to a healthy lifestyle. Many women dream of such body as Eve Andressa. Then find out what she advises by reading her recommendations below.

Eva Andressa training program for the Brazilian butt

Just do five repetitions with an interval of 90 seconds between them. And this will be a full-speed training for your buttocks. Also, pay attention to Eva Andressa leg workout. And, between the exercises, take a break of no more than 45 seconds. Because the main thing in intensity.

Further, you should not hurry while when performing the first exercise. Because the spine is involved in the process. On the contrary, perform it smoothly.

  1. Raise and tighten the knees to the stomach. In this case, you form a dog pose. Then perform 30 repetitions (15 each foot).
  2. Lunges in a jump, raising your knees. Do 20 times with each leg.
  3. Squat, “striking” with your foot. Do 20 times with each leg.
  4. Squat in the “sumo” position, lifting your knees. 20 times with each leg.
  5. Stand in the “plank” pose and lift the legs alternately. 20 times each.
  6. Rest on your hands and squat on the “socks”. Only 30 repetitions.
  7. Burpy – 20 repetitions.
  8. Stretch one leg forward and squat on the second. 17 repetitions.

The woman willingly shares the principles of training on the pages of social networks. To begin with, the fit girl offers to warm up. Then she advises proceeding to the basic complex. Before training, Eve makes a warm-up for 7 minutes. Usually, she walks at a fast pace on the treadmill.

And after finishing the warm-up, she also walks for 7-minute on the simulator, such as Concept2 model D indoor rowing machine with PM5. We can suggest two variants of Eva Andressa leg and buttocks workout.

Buttocks training for beginners

The secret of the Brazilian buttocks is simple. Do four exercises in a row. And rest between exercises is 60 seconds. After you finish doing all the exercises rest for 4 minutes. Then repeat the cycle two more times. Keep your endurance under control with the help of fitness trackers with blood pressure monitor.

  1. Back attacks: 15-20 reps per leg
  2. Romanian thrust: 12 reps, for 4 seconds slowly lower the bar, stretch the glutes.
  3. Bicep hip in the simulator: 15 reps for 4 seconds slowly extend the legs, stretch the hamstrings.
  4. Sumo squats: 20 reps.

The second set of exercises is designed for athletes. Perform five repetitions at intervals per minute between sets and four pauses for 40 seconds between sets.

  1.  In this exercise, the main thing is not to rush. Stand in the dog’s pose and in turn pull your knees up (30 times).
  2.  Perform a series of classic forward lunges, then step forward paces by jumping (12 times for both sides).
  3.  Squat by hitting your foot on the floor.
  4.  Run the sumo with the knee lifts.
  5.  Stand in the “bar” and complicate the static exercise of lifting the straight legs.
  6.  Resist on your fingers and squat on your fingers.
  7.  Perform 20 repetitions of the Burpee.
  8.  Make a “pistol” 13 times for each leg.

Eva’s tips for toned body

To be in shape, pumping only the buttocks is useless. The musculature of the whole body should receive the same load. Fitness model warns that even slender girls need to take care of pumping the press and review the food. The norm of carbohydrates should not exceed 120 g per day. What will it be for the products – chocolate or apple, everyone decides for himself. The main thing is that the body gets carbohydrates and a lot of protein.

As for training, Viera recommends doing not only cardiovascular fitness and twists. Also, you must pay proper attention to basic power techniques.

It is important to know how to do squatting or pulling shells in front of you right. So, know that you are simultaneously training the press, strength and endurance. Bonus you get a relief and a chic six-pack “, – wrote a girl in Facebook

For endurance, she proposes to bring the number of repetitions of techniques with weighing up to 20 times. Moreover, for supernormal strength do up to 30 times.

  • Beginners should confine themselves to one set;
  • Perform three professional tasks.

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Do exercises on the press after the main workout.

  1. Raise your legs (or knees) on the crossbar: 4 sets of 10 reps
  2. Exercise “lath”: 4 sets of 30 to 40 seconds
  3. Twisting with the upper block on the knees (prayer): 4 sets of 15 repetitions
  4. A classic twist on the press: 4 sets of 10 reps, the last approach to failure

Abs workout routine

Achieving the “six dice” is one of the most difficult tasks in the world of fitness. But do not worry if you cannot visually gain weight. Because it depends on the constitution of your body. Although, many people think that being “skinny fat” is not bad in clothes.

But when you on the beach the imperfections of the figure will be noticeable anyway. On the contrary, Eva Andressa in any moment, including in the offseason, is ready to demonstrate a gorgeous flat belly. Also, she can show not only a flat stomach but more, her whole toned body. So, what is the secret? A woman shares a secret on her Facebook page. There is no way if you want to achieve the goals you have to be faithful to them.

  • The most important thing about the “six dice” is exactly proper nutrition and diet plans, not training

For example, you pump the press five hundred times a day. But at the same time, you consume a lot of fatty foods. Therefore, your stomach will feel concrete. But no cubes will be visible due to the fat layer. So, it is better to train the muscles of the abdominals moderately. And at the same time be moderate in the absorption of carbohydrates. Also, you choose what to eat on your own.

And it does not matter what it will be – one chocolate or a kilogram of apples. Because the body pays no attention in what form carbohydrates enter the body. Also, a lot of people ask about Eva Andressa diet. But, Eva does not stick to any diets. Also, she allows herself something sweet time from time. But Eva Andressa always remembers the normal amount of carbohydrates. And she does not allow herself to eat more than it is needed.

  • Training should be uniform throughout the body

Maybe you are a fan of daily cardio followed by pumping the press. Then this is not the best way to achieve a beautiful body and abdomen as well. Exercise evenly, do not refuse the body to strength exercises. Also, doing traction or squatting, you actively use your abdominal muscles. And as a result, you get not only embossed forms. But also you get a perfect “six-dice”.

  • Remember about proper breathing

For some reason, many people confuse abdominal exercises with anaerobic exercises. And they hold their breath while performing. It is fraught with the fact that in this case there is a lack of oxygen. Therefore, the blood does not nourish the muscles in full. And you do not get the desired result with maximum effort. So, breathe!

  • The quality of the exercises is more important than quantity

You can see people practicing in the gym who frantically do hundreds of exercises. Then it would be honest to tell them that they are wrong. It is necessary to do any exercises correctly. And the meaning of them in the quality, not in quantity. Fifty repetitions, done slowly, with proper breathing. In this case, you will do more good for your muscles than a hundred and fifty fast and chaotic movements.

  • Visualize your six dice

Despite the fact that this advice is odd a little bit, Eva confidently admits that it brings a huge “profit”. One interesting fact was proven a long time ago. It is that there is a strong connection between our brain (and therefore, thoughts) with muscles. Thus, pumping the press, Eve thinks about the abdominal muscles. And she directs all mental activity in this area.

Further, it does not matter whether it works or not. You see that the belly of Andressa looks perfect. Why not waste time thinking about whether do it or not and follow this simple advice?

Eva Andressa training tips

Famous Latin American fitness model and trainer offer a unique set of exercises. This program was compiled for her once by an instructor. Thanks to such a program, her body acquired mouth-watering forms. Before that, the girl was no different from standard slim models.

Today the girth of her waist is almost 70 cm, and the weight is 72 kg. But she looks attractive and knows for sure one thing. There is nothing superfluous in her. And she knows that everyone wants ass as she does.

Eva Andressa claims that the success of the training is guaranteed if you follow a few principles.

  • Adhere to an intense pace (45–60 seconds rest between exercises). Only five repetitions. Between them, a break is no more than 1.5 minutes.
  • 15 times you need to push the leg and press it to the knee. The starting position – “dog pose”.
  • It is necessary to jump 20 times on each leg to “land” in a lunge.
  • Squat without taking your hands off the floor! (20-30 times).
  • And always remember about the plank. But you need to take off from the floor in turn and lift only the legs (20 times).
  • Squat 20 times, standing on the toes. And the same – in the pose of a sumo wrestler. In this case, you need to have time to feel every muscle. But do not lose pace.
  • Fitness trainer assures that the beautiful buttocks look perfect with six dice press. And to have it you have to limit the goodies. Although do not exclude them from the diet. Gluteal muscles are easiest to correct by training.

TIP! If you want to eat after a workout, it is better to drink a glass of kefir with a teaspoon of fiber. Or drink plain yogurt. Hunger is the enemy of a beautiful figure. It causes fat to be deposited in the “depot”. There are thighs, stomach, subcutaneous fat in the buttock area.

Elastic fluffy breasts, slim waist, gorgeous hair. And this is not the whole list of beautiful parts of the female body. Whatever the men say to girls, but 87% always pay attention to their buttock. Unlike other zones, it is the easiest zone to turn into the perfect one. Now you only have to choose a way. Have you already checked Jen Selter workout routine for gaining the perfect shapes?

You know that Eva Andressa is also famous for the celebrity tv show and Miami swim week 2018. Do you also want to be the same?

Features of Brazilian forms

  • Initially, the most common thing to follow to have a perfect body are toned, beautiful girls. The main thing – do not overdo it. Otherwise, the female buttocks of the Brazilian form are easily confused with the booty of a male bodybuilder.
  • It is oddly enough for girls, but especially men are not so definite in the requirements for women. The ideal booty in their understanding should be elastic. Moreover, it should not be too firm. Additionally, women with an average physique are the most attractive for men. Of course, too thin women do not arouse the desire of the majority of respondents. It is a fact according to the versions of men’s magazines.
  • Also, special diets are not necessary in some cases. For example, it is not required when the girl does not pass the “drying” stage for upcoming muscle relief competitions. Or in the case of a bikini competition.

TIP! Even with extra centimeters of subcutaneous fat, do not be upset. On the contrary, if it is not cellulite, the extra grams will only emphasize outstanding forms.

Massage movements for perfect buttocks

If you want to have a decent result, it is not enough to do exercises to pump the buttocks from the inside. Brazilian ass as Eva Andressa has is also a professional and intense massage. Therefore, it includes the heating of the skin, the impact of message sticks.

Moreover, it provides hand massagers with a relief surface and a subcutaneous layer. But you will need a cream with the addition of essential oil or ginger juice, citrus fruits for such segments. Also, the obligatory stage is the completion by stroking soothing movements of the massaged area. So, it means the outer side of the thigh – buttocks – loins.

A visit to a massage therapist will take 2–3 months (3 sessions per week). So, independently make a massage while taking a shower or bath. And you can use scrubs or hard washcloths.

Activate the muscles

There are a lot of sports instructors of a favorite TV project dedicated to dropping excess weight and gaining beautiful forms. And they admit that one-time workout three times a week for 10-12 minutes a day is enough. Also, you can refuse to use painful diets. How to pump up the Brazilian ass in just a month or two? The main thing is to use the right muscle groups. Additionally, you should feel heat and tension in them during classes (they should work).

Lunges (possible with weighting in the form of half-liter plastic bottles with sand, water, and grits). The exercise looks like this. You need to become straight. Then step forward as widely as possible with your right foot. After that, lower your left knee, relying solely on your thigh muscles. In the end, lift yourself. Repeat – 10-20 times.

TIP! Weighting is necessary when the approaches of the usual exercises do not cause difficulties. Because in this case, such exercises do not give any load. The main sign of correct exercise is mild muscle pain for the next day or two.

Raising the pelvis lying. It is one of the easiest but effective exercises to perform. Hoe to do it? Lay on the mat on your back. The legs are bent as much as possible at the knee. And the heels are pulled up to the pelvis. Then the pelvis is thrown up (sometimes fixed for a couple of seconds). After that the pelvis is lowered down, not touching the floor. And then throw it up again.

  • For the first time, do the exercise 10 times in two approaches, gradually adjusted to one hundred. Sometimes you can put a bottle or a kettlebell on the stomach while raising the pelvis. In this case, you enhance the effect.
  • Also, do not forget to hold the inventory with your hands. On Instagram, she offers 4.6 million subscribers to see new motivating photos.
  • Further, in the pictures, she always shows her perfect beach body. At Youtube, Andressa shares her experience with her fans. Social media of Eva Andressa are full of the posts about her way to that perfect beach body.

Motion legs, lying on the side. To begin, slightly bend the leg, which was at the bottom, and the top. It is diverted not parallel to the floor, but somewhat obliquely (slowly but strongly). If it comes easy, straighten the upper leg at the knee.

Swallow. Stand straight with the hands down. And in hand, you must hold the bottles. Then drop your hands with the bottles on the floor, shoulder-width apart. And at this time pull back the left leg. But the back is straight. After that return to the starting position.

Exercise on the elbows. Take the position leaning on the elbows palms, and the knees. Then pull off the floor the right leg. And then slowly leads back, raising the thigh and heel higher. After that, return the leg to its original position (on the knee) or pressed to the chest. Repeat with the other leg.

Important! It is much easier for puffy girls to make a toned shape than for women with low weight. Because building up muscles is more difficult than shaping them from the existing fat deposits. Because this is an excellent energy material.

Express training program

  • Regular exercise (gluteus muscles quickly lose their tone).
  • Exclusion from the diet sweets and fast carbohydrates (before the beach season, shooting). It is the period of the so-called drying.
  • Full night rest (muscles after exercises need rest).

Everything else we do following a particular program. Squats, kicks, legs – the most effective load. Before the exercises, knead the knees. In this case, you can rotate them several times clockwise and against. Also, you can rub them with the hands. After that knead the back (in a circular rotation, bending).

Coaches sometimes advise objectively looking at the health and capabilities of the body. You need at least 2-3 weeks to see the dynamics. So, you must have training three days a week. And every other day – muscle building exercises. On other days – cardiovascular exercise, burning fats and removing unnecessary decomposition products of amino acids from the muscles. Before any intensive training, take about 10 minutes to warm up.

TIP! Before each workout warm up. In this case, you will save muscles from injuries. Hitch (after a workout) may consist of your favorite dances, easy descent of the stairs or walking.

Appreciate every minute

Before pumping the Brazilian ass at home, you need to understand one thing. You can do it quickly only if you are systematic. Are you a woman tired of sitting behind a report or working with a computer? So, it is time to get up. Put your hands on the back of the chair and pull back the straightened leg, make 5-10 moves back. Do you also want to be famous for swim fashion show ss 2019 and 2019 Miami swim week? So, work!

If you watch TV, you can sit on the floor and try to get on the buttocks to the opposite side of the room. And remember how young children fidget.

Also, squeezing-unclenching the buttocks (50, 100, 200 times) is valid and alternate. Then compress them for a few seconds (fixed) and relax.

TIP! You can not abandon the usual food. Only remove from the diet carbonated drinks. Therefore, you can replace them with mineral water without gas, juice. It will be your full meal or snack. But it is necessary to change the sequence. Before lunch consume carbohydrates. And for dinner eat protein foods (meat, poultry, fish). Before bedtime drink a glass of kefir or eat cottage cheese.

Vieira meal plan & diet

During the competition period, the fitness model follows a very strict diet to have a slim body. Despite the fact that she stopped taking part in competitions, she still keeps to a diet. Eva Andressa has a fitness goal – to maintain the body fat level around 12 %. Eva only takes part in cheat-period 2 times a year at Christmas period.

What does Eva Andressa eat?

  • The model consumes protein, fresh fruit, and vegetables on a regular basis
  • Till 18:00 she eats carbs, then she switches to protein and vegetables
  • She regularly consumes supplements – her favorite is glutamine and whey protein
  • She believes in a diet plan that is based on relieving the best out of your body

Also, the woman gives recommendations in the field of nutrition, for drying and drawing the ideal press. Besides nutrition trends 2019, Eve recommends consuming only 50 grams of carbohydrates per day for girls. And 100 grams for men. Of course, you cannot maintain this regime constantly. But just for the drying period, as well as add more protein to your diet, vegetables, and vegetable fats.


Eva Andressa advertises a whey protein. Proteins are not the same in their composition. So, some proteins are better, others are worse. The serum protein contains amino acids that have no analogs. Also, our body absorbs them very quickly. When using proteins, muscle mass increases, fat burns, power increase.

Whey proteins have a powerful biological effect. They help to overcome depressive states, reduce the amount of sugar in the blood. Furthermore, they normalize arterial pressure. According to reviews, Whey Protein is the most common biological supplement to food today.

It is sometimes difficult to assess the quality of a protein supplement. Receipt of serum protein occurs through a series of chemical reactions. And it depends on how quickly the protein digestes, as well as its tolerance to the body. Therefore, before you decide on the choice of protein, you should look for ratings of different brands. When they are drawn up, many different factors are taken into account.

This product affects the muscles

  • Due to the proteins and amino acids contained in it, muscle buildup increases.
  • Protein provides insulin release, which increases metabolism.
  • Leucine promotes the synthesis of protein at the genetic, molecular level.
  • Whey protein is faster absorbed by the body when compared with other types of proteins.

You can achieve the maximum effect on the use of Whey Protein if you drink it before or immediately after workout. Always remember that if you eat a lot of protein foods, then the effect of taking protein supplements will be minimal. In many ways, the use of protein depends on the individual characteristics of the body. Protein also helps in the fight against overweight, due to the activation of metabolism.

Eva Andessa path to success

Full name: Eva Andressa Vieira Nascimento. She was born in Brazil on 19.12.1984 in the state of Paraná, the city of Curitiba. She was not a keen sportswoman until the age of 17. Observations of the models on the runway, covers of magazines, dissatisfaction with her body pushed her to physical transformation.

First, she planned to give the skinny buttocks a roundness. Also, she wanted to gain a couple of kilograms of muscle mass. She worked in the gym for two years and dropped her training because of lack of motivation. Burpees everyday for fat loss is an optimal alternative if you want to train at home. During this time, the figure has changed and became chiseled.

But fate had other plans for her. Soon she became acquainted with the bodybuilder Dzhardela Barrosa. And he brought her back to the sport. He became the athlete’s trainer and soon her husband. Good genetic potential and the right system of training allowed the girl to achieve success quickly. In 2005 she won for the first time in the Figure NABBA competition in the category “Body Fitness”.

A year later, she became the country champion. After this, Eva began to participate in various competitions actively. From a rocky start at the age of 17 to an IFBB athlete to 29 – Eve has a gift to overcome chances. With over a million Instagram followers and even more fans, she many fitness magazines published her photos. Eva is inspiring fans around the world to achieve their goals. And do not forget about her on 2005 Brasil Achievements, NABBA Lobo Bravo Cup Champion.

For instance, here are women’s fitness competitions:

  • 2005 – Champion of Paranaense Figure – NABBA
  • 2006 – Brazilian Champion Figure – NABBA
  • 2006 – Champion of Paranaense Figure – NABBA
  • 2008 – Champion of Brazilian Body Fitness – IFBB
  • 2009 – Overall Champion Brazilian Body Fitness – IFBB
  • 2009 – South American Body Fitness – 3rd Place – IFBB

Widespread fame was brought to the talk show in Programa do Jo. After this transmission showered model with offers about the shooting on the first pages of the famous sports publications.

In December 2012, the model took part in the shooting of a clip about bodybuilding “Bonde da Maromba” of the band “Bonde da Stronda”. Also, she posed nude in February 2013 for the Sexy erotic magazine of Brazil. After that, she became the star and the most popular model of the country.

The sportswomen finished her competitive career in 2010. Right after she left, she signed an advertising contract with the Maximum Human Performance brand. That brand occurs for the production of food additives for athletes. Today, the highly paid fitness model continues to work on herself. Furthermore, she works on popularises bodybuilding, participates in social events, and is shot in clips.

On Instagram, she offers 4.6 million subscribers to see new motivating photos. Further, in the pictures, she always shows her perfect beach body. At Youtube, Andressa shares her experience with her fans. Social media of Eva Andressa are full of the posts about her way to that perfect beach body.

Eva Andressa motivation

Model Eva Andressa Vieira is one of the most charming sports girls in Brazil. This cute girl with strong muscles inspired thousands of women for fitness. Eva Andressa motivates to do sport a lot on her Facebook. She sculpts the perfect beach body that everyone desires. In one of her posts, she said:

The way we perceive ourselves can influence our lives. Self-assessment is crucial to achieving goals.

And we should listen to Eva’s words. Because long-term persistent training, good nutrition, and unshakable persistence allowed her to change her figure drastically.

Moreover, it allowed her to turn from an ordinary skinny teenager into a luxurious sportswoman. So, the first thing to do before you decide to pump up the Brazilian ass is to decide on motivation. It is an interesting thing that women often decide to correct a figure in the name of increasing self-esteem. Or they do it for a partner. Also, you know that music is a good motivator. There are few best motivational workout songs to do sport in 2019. You can listen to them.

Also, do not forget that Eva Andressa took part in show ss 2019 Miami swim and swim fashion show. By this, she motivates more and more people to do sport. Pay attention to Bella Hadid weight loss diet to achieve a better result.

Eva Andressa training & meal plan
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