Looking for economical easy-to-use equipment with simple features? Tunturi r30 rowing machine isn’t actually complicated for the beginning or casual users. It is a compact simulator for using at home and gym.

Check the main features:

R30 Cardio Fit Series Rower

BearingTwo-way Bearing
Vertical AdjustYes - Quick Release
Horizontal AdjustYes
Tension Knob8-level tension knob
ControllerManual Tension
CertificationCE, ROHS
Resistance Levels8 levels
Transmission SystemBelt

Directly from Finland, this rowing machine is absolutely unique, easy to operate, with individual design. The peculiar Tunturi design takes its beginning in Scandinavia. This country possesses its characteristic culture for outlook.

For most people, becoming a highly effective, smooth and quiet device are the characteristics of paramount importance. The manufacturer understands that a fitness machine is your everyday companion. So they provided with all the necessary features to make it the best partner for the home and gym workouts.

TUNTURI rowing machine review

Tunturi brand has more than 90 years of successful practice in manufacturing rowing simulators. Actually, Tunturi is known to be an innovative brand in the fitness and health industry. Starting from the spreading of cardio exercise and the brand-new training app.

Following the 1970s, Tunturi constantly operates on the development of training results, effectiveness, and safety. The brand is constantly moving forward and developing new models of exercise machines. They introduce highly effective up-to-day technology every year.

What about the benefits of this simulator?

  1. The possibility of training all major muscle groups.
  2. Imitating rowing, the simulator includes hands, shoulders, back, stomach, buttocks, legs.
  3. The load on the muscles is distributed evenly.
  4. In a short period of time, the user pumps all the problem areas at the same time.
  5. Another plus is the possibility of muscle stretching, that is especially important for maintaining muscle elasticity.
  6. Improving the flexibility of the spine, preventing osteochondrosis and restraining the aging process.
  7. The rower provides a moderate load on the joints, which reduces the risk of injury and is very valuable for overweight people.
  8. Doing workouts at least three times a week and gradually increasing the load, you burn excess calories, reduce body fat and achieve muscle relief.
  9. From the first workouts, you notice a general increase in endurance and energy, an improvement in the coordination of movements.
  10. Regular exercises on the rowing machine increase muscle tone, train the circulatory and respiratory systems.

In fact, rowing on the Tunturi exercise machine is the most intense form of training. No wonder, as it perfectly combines power and flexibility. It is made for everyday workouts. Very useful in developing muscle strength and burning calories.

Customers’ feedback

When I was looking for a home simulator, I immediately noticed that rowing workouts help to develop many muscle groups. Moreover, they are suitable for me and my husband at the same time. We bought a Tunturi simulator, as it was convenient for the price, and had a set of advanced functions.

There is a little uncomfortable seat, but get used to it. The device heats up quickly, so perhaps it will last not so long. In the meantime, training makes me enthusiastic. It is interesting and pleasant to row, you can feel the work of all muscles, even legs to some extent. I practice rowing for about a year, the body looks just fine!

Advantages: inexpensive, functional.

Disadvantages: heats up quickly during exercise.

I have a rowing machine Tunturi already for 4 months. But I have been working on it for only 2 months. Bought it for a reasonable price. The simplest and most budget. The load can be changed, it works smoothly, makes little noise. I liked that the simulator can be stored under the bed. As well as the fact that it is comfortable to row: it fits perfectly to my height, the location of the pedals is just great.

During exercise, I dropped 4 kilos without diets. It seems to me, I lost weight in sizes everywhere. Hands became very strong, the back was strengthened. In general, the advantages and disadvantages of the device are based on my own experience.

Advantages: simple, but reliable, does not creak.

Disadvantages: defective bolts (were changed).

For 6 months I have been training hard on a rowing machine. And have not yet noted any excessive muscle building in my arms. At the same time, not only the shoulders and back were tightened, but also the buttocks, the waist became thinner.

I like very much that the simulator can be put in a corner and also stored in an upright position. The scoreboard shows the calories burned, pulse, you can install a variety of programs. Even my father comes to work out, and he has not had any special problems with his joints. Highly recommend!

Advantages: convenient, compact, efficient.

Disadvantages: not found.

I decided to buy a Tunturi rowing machine as I was tired of working out with a barbell and dumbbells. I almost got an ellipsoid but did not like the small load on the arms and shoulders. So I chose the Tunturi rowing machine. I used to do rowing, and I can say that training with this rower is its most genuine imitation!

The simulator has many load levels, convenient monitor counting calories and the number of strokes done, pulse measure and many other useful functions. Rowing workouts are not worse than strength ones. The body is in excellent shape. My friends tell that I look much better now. They notice even my mood improves after workouts with the rower.

Advantages: good load, perfectly simulates rowing.

Disadvantages: too heavy.

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Great simulator! Working out with Tunturi rower for about a year, appreciated its convenience, ergonomics, and efficiency. I tightened the muscles of the hips, buttocks, got thinner waist. The simulator is compact – you can put it vertically, somewhere in the corner, it will not take too much space.

When exercising, you can keep track of how much food is done and how many calories are spent. As there is an electronic monitor that shows the accurate info. So force yourself to sit on the rowing machine and practice! I highly recommend to everyone, if you want to lose weight and tighten the muscles. That is a great opportunity!

Advantages: compact, easy to store.

Disadvantages: not found.

R30 TUNTURI rowing machine
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