One of the model-sisters of the Hadid-Bella clan gave an interview and told about her secrets of beauty. She, like her sister-supermodel Gigi, is a representative of a new generation of models. Without hiding anything, 19-year-old Bella Hadid revealed the whole truth about diet, self-care and sports mode.

Bella Hadid  – a successful model, which by the age of 20 has already appeared on the covers of prestigious glossy publications. In the Instagram, it has been signed by more than 13 million people. And one of its main advantages is a smart figure with sexy curves. We find out how she keeps herself fit and what she wears at the gym to remain attractive even during training.

On the eve of the show in Shanghai, the top model called the price of perfect body bends.

Let’s remind you:
November 20, the angelic assault – the divinely beautiful girls from around the world – once again took to the podium of the traditional show Victoria’s Secret, which this year took place in Shanghai. Among other things, the last year’s debutante of the “underwear ball” Bella Hadid was able to try on magic wings.

Recall that exactly one year ago the super successful model for today did not spare her belly to pass the star path – selection on Victoria’s Secret show in Paris was held through general casting. A debut of the younger Hadid then did not do without criticism, to which the indignant podium star reacted very emotionally. “I really did not want to lose so much weight, and now I want to return the chest and buttocks to the place. It’s not my fault that the requirements for modern models are so tough! Yes, the weight fluctuations are very strong, and I do not want to talk about it anymore. In the end, we are all very different, “Bella said in an interview with People magazine.

For the sake of the defile-2017 model changed the strategy, making a special bet on sports, so that on the appointed day and hour it will be in the form necessary for the show. Fortunately, she does not strive to make a great secret out of this and willingly shares with her journalists the secrets of her own HLS. What are they?

Bella Hadid nutrition tips

  1. Beagle or wholemeal bun for breakfast – must have
    “I eat breakfast well if I have a free morning,” says Bella. – Ideally – it’s boiled eggs and sausages, but when the time is not enough, a sandwich with an egg on a whole-grain toast will come off. Only not bread without gluten: I tried it once – it sucks. ” In egg love, she is not alone: Jasmine Jablonski also does not think the beginning of the morning without an omelette: in her opinion, it is fast and tasty, and nutritious (add all the vegetables that you find in the fridge to the omelette or scrambled eggs).
  2. Eating protein for lunch
    For example, a salmon steak or chicken breast with a vegetable garnish. “I like protein food, and it’s good that I can eat a lot of protein – you need strength to stay on your feet for 20 hours.” In general, Bella eats a little, but often. She does this because she has low blood sugar.
  3. Not afraid of fast food
    Younger Hadid loves pizza (which confirms a large number of posts in her Instagram), and sometimes does not refuse a cheeseburger. The main thing is that she does not hesitate to admit this. “I like to feel healthy, I like a beautiful body,” says Bella. – But even in the hard periods of physics and dietary restrictions for a couple of days, I allow myself to eat what I want. Remember this rule that everything is good in moderation? “.
  4. Drinks green juices, ginger tea and black coffee
    “I order a lot of green drinks on the set or behind the scenes, and usually make several approaches to the cooler or thermos. But in general, I am a coffee lover, and let it not super-useful, without three cups of espresso before dinner just do not feel like a human being, “Hadid admits. However, she prefers to start the day not with a cup of strong coffee, but with a glass of water with lemon juice – he says, it tones well and invigorates. In her enthusiasm for herbal teas, she is supported by Kendall Jenner, who admits that in the days of preparation for the show, she increases the daily norm of “liquid detox” (herbal teas with cleansing effect) to 12 cups a day. One of the secrets of the “angelic” drink is a special mixture of ingredients, including white tea, rooibos, fennel and dandelion.
  5. Has a supper (and not salad leaves)
    While many angels confess their love of “room service,” Bella suffers from a lack of home cooking. “Previously, before I became a popular model with a constant shortage of time, I always cooked my own dinner for myself. Now there is less time, but I try to order ready meals by the time I’m at home. Yes, yes, at home. I am normal to hotels, but I prefer my bed, “she comments, adding that she is going crazy with stewed spinach.

Картинки по запросу Bella Hadid тренировки

– Right now my diet is pizza. That’s all I’ve eaten lately. I’m not a fan of training. But I can say for sure that I love cardio. Sometimes I run, I also drink green juices once a week.


What is the main secret of such a beautiful body?

So, how does Bella Hadid keep her body toned?

The answer is simple – she spends at least three hours in the gym daily!
In the training plan, she is also quite conservative. Bella trains at the New York fitness club Gotham Gym (@gothamgym) and prefers to do it alone. “I can not see anyone next to me, except the coach. Forgive me, I can not stand group lessons “, ─ the model is clearly not afraid to be known as a snob. “Her coach” is Rob Piela. He also exercises with her sister: Gigi Hadid has long understood that some food restrictions will not help. The elder sister promotes fitness classes and prefers boxing ─ ideal, in her opinion, the balance of cardio and strength training, from which fat is literally pumped out of the body. By training, she was addicted to Bella, so well that when she became the face of the watch brand TAG Heuer, in the first advertising campaign she starred with a boxing glove.

As for the results, their Bella proudly demonstrated on the 20th of November. Unlike the previous year, the model looks more muscular, and, it seems, this time she did not lose her buttocks.

The lineup: How Victoria’s Secret Angels lose weight

Models Victoria’s Secret Karlie Kloss, Alessandra Ambrosio and Candice Swanepoel told how they manage to maintain the ideal shape.

(Karlie Kloss)

Proper nutrition and exercise are necessary even for world-known models. The podium stars do not hide that beauty is due not only to good heredity but to daily work. Practical advice from the angels of Victoria’s Secret is especially valuable now when we still have time to prepare for the beach exit.

“So, everyone wants to have beautiful buttocks, right? This zone needs to be dealt with separately, – advises 23-year-old Carlie Kloss (Karlie Kloss). – One of the best exercises – it’s the legs lifts. On YouTube, you can find many good tutorial videos. “

(Alessandra Ambrosio)

Alessandra Ambrosio already has two children, but motherhood did not affect her figure at all. The secret of model success is an active lifestyle. Alessandra prefers cycling (spin cycling) and regularly turns pedals in gyms in Los Angeles. But for an ideal figure of one kind of sport, the 35-year-old model is not enough. “I love Pilates,” she says. – I feel the whole body pulling up, and my stomach becomes like a stone! And also yoga. If I can not go to do these exercises in the fitness centre, I go to the beach and surf or play volleyball with friends. I like being active every day. ”

“If there is time, it’s good to do sports three or four times a week,” Ambrosio advises. – And if I have a big event ahead of me, for example, Victoria’s Secret show or photo session, I try to do it every day. “

(Candice Swanepoel)

Candice Swanepoel prefers to combine business with pleasure. “Even dancing at a party can be a training,” says the 24-year-old model. “I just adore it!”

“I think it’s important to change cardio training,” added Carly Kloss. – Strengthen the load and train all muscle groups is very important, so different types of exercises, such as a bicycle in one day and swimming in another, perfectly help to tighten the figure. Probably, now, when the summer is ahead, I will just do it.”

Of course, do not forget about proper nutrition. To this question, each model has its own approach. “Two days ago I ate pasta,” confessed Alessandra Ambrosio. – I just really wanted! The main thing is not to eat too much. I do not want strict restrictions, but within a week I try to eat healthy food. I love salads, tea, fresh juices. I eat a lot of organic food. Everything fresh is mine. ”

“It’s important to be sure that there are enough vegetables, fruits and proteins in your diet,” said Carly Kloss. “We need a balance of all elements.”

“I’m betting on vitamins,” said Candice Swanepoel, who shows excellent data in photoshoots for Victoria’s Secret. – Living in New York, you start to wonder if you get enough nutrients. I try to eat organic food, on my menu, there are all the “good” fats. It’s not about striking anything out of the diet. The main thing for me is to know that I get vitamin D or C. Better than shining skin nothing happens. ”

“In general, to feel self-confidence and stop worrying about appearance is the key to success. Otherwise, any guy from you will escape! “- sums up Candice Swainpole.


Lose weight with Bella Hadid: nutrition and body care. Victoria’s Secret Angels diet secrets
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