Home fitness equipment has developed lately, so there is a wide choice of simulators on the market. In this article, we will consider the top-rated stationary exercise bikes of various brands. Peloton bike is a perfect combination of advanced technology with attractive and thoroughly created design.

Nowadays, there appeared competitors for this bike, such as Echelon, NordicTrack, Zwift, Schwinn, Keiser M3i. In fact, with introducing Peloton bike, a new concept in fitness was created. It is for people who cannot live without cycling but find it hard to fit their schedules.

So, the manufacturer managed to bring a first-class indoor cycling experience to the comfort of your own apartment. Here you will find best Peloton alternatives to choose the most suitable variant for yourself.

Peloton exercise bike

Peloton Bike is an exercise bike created by fitness specialists. This fitness equipment has unique advantages that will bring your workout to a new level. It allows not only to perform exercises but also follow various programs, as well as record your progress.

Peloton exercise bike features

  • 21.5-inch Full HD display
  • TI OMAP 4470 1.5 GHz processor
  • 1 gigabyte of RAM
  • 16 gigabytes of internal memory
  • WiFi, ANT +, Ethernet, Android 4.1
  • a microphone and a webcam.

The ability to receive video exercises from the manufacturer by subscription is included. At the end of the subscription period, you need to pay $ 40 per month to receive the video.

Technical features

  • belt drive
  • magnetic resistance system to the flywheel

The developers guarantee that the simulator lasts as long as possible. They claim to love fitness and technology, so developed an exercise bike with various multimedia features. When you look at it, a 21.5-inch multi-touch monitor is immediately visible. You can not only check the info of sensors but also control the device.

In addition to sports-related features, the Peloton Bike has a WiFi module that allows you connecting to your home network. This way, you will get the possibility to control music and video playback, as well as make video calls.

If your friends have the same simulator, you can arrange races without leaving your home. As the software can compare the results from several devices. Among other features, there are online training with instructors.

In order to ride this exercise bike, you need to fasten your legs in the Look Delta pedals. But this does not affect anything: the Peloton bike do not rush. This is a home, or rather a studio exercise bike. The Velo Studio Peloton NYC does not aim to make money by selling expensive exercise bikes. Their main source of income is training practices carried by professional instructors.

A simulator with a 21.5-inch screen, an Internet connection, and a front camera is a good competitor to its alternatives installed in Flywheel and SoulCycle studios, which also distribute season tickets to workouts (however, they pay more attention to video live training sessions).

Wattbike simulators are known for their better driving performance and software, the target audience of Zwift simulators covers more professional athletes. While Peleton is considered the leader of a new generation, very limited in time. Many modern people want to enjoy joint cycling, but without the usual stress that is caused by a trip through the city streets.

Netflix for fitness company was founded in 2012. By the end of this year, the number of its subscribers should reach 200,000. The company daily broadcasts training on exercise bikes online on its channel for 12 hours. The users can choose any of 4 000 training sessions through simple manipulations with a large simulator touchscreen.

In addition, there is a specially developed iOS application. Many of those who regularly attend training call them and the instructors who conduct them exciting and attractive.

The subscription distribution system is in demand among investors. Peloton was able to interest such large investment companies as Wellington Management, Fidelity Investments, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, True Ventures, etc., which have already invested in its development.

Echelon vs Peloton

Echelon smart connect bike possesses all the innovative features of the initial Connect bike including latest up-to-day technologies. What are its advantages?

  • Handle and seat post improvements
  • 2.4-volt advanced device charging USB
  • Precision resistance motor

The Echelon Fit APP provides totally great workouts in the comfort of your own home. A big advantage is the possibility to watch live, on-demand lessons, scenic rides, yoga, stretching, and many additional classes using your instructor. It’s like having your own home studio.

Echelon Connect Bike EX1 features 32 resistance levels. So this smart sports bike stays in one place while working out. It is produced for anyone and every home. With an up-to-day design and a footprint of just 3ft 5in x 1ft 10in, the bike provides a high-intensity exercise without taking too much space.

  • Small size: At 59” L x 53” H x 23” W, it’s comparatively small enough to fit into most spaces.
  • Frame: A steel frame advances it durable and long-lasting.
  • Flywheel (magnetic): At 33 lbs. it is a heavy flywheel, that offers a quiet and strong ride.
  • Seats: Padded seats are more extensive, yet convenient and flexible in four regulations: back and forth, up and down.
  • Handlebars: The multi-position handlebars deliver a more convenient way to stand up, lean forward and ride.
  • Pedals: Great firm aluminum pedals created for both daily shoes and clip-in cycling shoe usage.

High power live exercises with certified cycle instructors, keep you motivated from their studio in Chattanooga, Tennessee. You can easily have a trip without leaving the comfort of your own home. The Echelon Fit App works for any device with Google Play or Apple Store.

Let’s compare Echelon vs Peloton exercise bikes:

Peloton Pros
Echelon Pros
Large built-in display

Significantly better bang-for-buck
Elite trainers with great musicLightweight and easy to move
Extremely smooth flywheel

SPD clip and cage pedal options
Cycling shoe clip-in optionUser friendly app and beginner rides

Exercise bike of both brands offer excellent workout possibilities. Choosing one of these bikes, we would advise considering how much value you’re placing on the live training. Secondly, how much you will use that equipment every day.

If you are involved in working out your butt in studio-similar training and intense rides, the Peloton will be suitable. In case you are a beginner rider, or you plan following your own routine and music, the Echelon is a perfect choice for you.

Consider also the disadvantages of both simulators:

Peloton Cons
Echelon Cons
Double the price of EchelonOlder ergonomic setup
No fan in display or tray for itemsLess extensive live training programs
Dumbbells not included

The bike setup is also essential, as you need to be protected and feel convenient when riding daily. The setup of the Peloton is more similar to that of a road bike. In its turn, the Echelon displays more exactly what you would see in a local gym spin class.

For comparison, watch this video:

What about the additional payments? The Peloton needs paying for a monthly club. In its turn, the Echelon does offer a year’s free subscription to their program. The Echelon does require you to own a tablet or phone to display the app.

Lastly, the price point is the thing worth considering for your own budget. Everything depends on what you want to achieve from your new investment. Both bikes offer individual positive features so it may come down to the best price point. Before making the purchase, compare the pros and cons and decide which factors are most essential to you and your own fitness level.

Echelon bike reviews

I am overweight and constantly keep to different diets. But it was winter, so as everyone knows, it’s more difficult to lose weight while sitting at home, so I decided to go in for sports. I thought for a long time what simulator to buy, and decided on Echelon Connect Bike EX1 exercise bike. The package arrived very quickly and I immediately decided to try it.

I decided to pump up legs and press, losing some kilos. Actually, I don’t have time for the gym as I have a small child. But I always wanted to look slim and beautiful, so I ordered the simulator for home usage.

After some months of regular training, the result was visible. Legs got more relief and more accurate shape. The very convenient display shown the calories burned, heart rate and the speed of training. Moreover, it is compact and doesn’t take much space.

I was very pleasantly surprised and at first sight, I was in love with him. The exercise bike is compact, the monitor is multifunctional, comfortable handles. In general, after a week of training, the result was already noticeable.

I’ve been doing it for more than a month, I lost weight and improved the body, so it became more toned. The respiratory system became well trained. I’m happy.

I was looking for my perfect exercise bike for a long time and I didn’t regret that I took this one. Not expensive, the quality is good. Takes up little space. I do the exercises when the children sleep. Easy to understand display. For a month of usage, together with proper nutrition, lost 7 kg. Very happy with the purchase!

Peloton vs NordicTrack

With a NordicTrack exercise bike, you will never be bored with a diversity of workout experiences. Current high-power studio workouts with professional personal trainers who manage your machine’s decline, incline, and speed in real-time online.

In case you have a NordicTrack treadmill, see NordicTrack Commercial 1750 problems.

When compare Peloton and NordicTrack exercise bikes, both are well equipped, so will help bring your workouts to the next level. Everything with the help and supervision of a virtual coach! 2 prime examples of these modern bikes are the NordicTrack S22i and the Peloton.

The Peloton is comparatively gaining demand popularity fast, so it faces real competition in the S22i. Both have their pros and cons. We’ve gathered a deep overview of each bike’s advantages and weaknesses below. See the comparison chart:

Footprint55 inches long by 21.9 inches wide48 inches long by 24 inches wide
Resistance24-step digitally-controlled magnetic resistance system.(SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance)Manually controlled magnetic resistance system. Knob-style, fluid control rather than stepped.
Incline FeaturesYesNo
Console Features
22″ HD Touchscreen

22″ HD Touchscreen

Rotating ConsoleYesNo
Toe Cage PedalsYesNo


In spite of the fact that a first look at the NordicTrack and Peloton sites would persuade the opposition frameworks of these two bicycles are totally not the same, they’re entirely comparable.

The two frameworks utilize a lot of solid magnets that are moved towards and away from a metal flywheel, making it either harder or simpler to pedal. The contrast between the two bicycles is in how this modification happens.

  • On account of the NordicTrack S22i, a 24-advance computerized controller makes the change as you press buttons on the handlebars or by means of the 22-inch touchscreen show.

Being a computerized control, this considers another fascinating capacity that we will cover in a matter of seconds. It’s additionally significant here that the S22i highlights change that is besides carefully controlled. Enabling the bicycle to reenact 20% grade and 10% decrease slopes.

  • The Peloton, then again, utilizes a physical handle on the bicycle’s edge that is associated with its magnets by means of a mechanical linkage.

By turning the handle, the magnets are moved in connection to the flywheel a similar way the advanced controller moves the magnets on the S22i. This kind of framework takes into account better control of the bicycle’s obstruction. However, it additionally implies the rider needs to remove their eyes from the screen and a hand off the handlebars to make the required change.


When taking a footprint of both of these machines, they aren’t especially far separated. That being the situation, there isn’t any genuine bit of pros/cons here with regards to fitting either bicycle in your home.


The frames of both of these bicycles are made of amazing steel. So by and by you can breathe easy in light of realizing that strength and sturdiness is a non-issue. All things considered, the normal rate is not bad, but at the same time not enough to blow anyone’s mind with any activity gear.

So neither one of the bikes will keep going for time everlasting. Yet, in any event, you can accept that either choice will be the right one.

Console Features

The consoles of these two bicycles and their implied usefulness is the thing that sets both of these separate from any of the bicycles available at the present time. Rich top-notch showcases and quality inherent speakers are only a hint of something larger.

With the two bicycles, riders can tune into live instructional courses with a genuine educator as though they were in their nearby exercise centers taking a turn class in a jam-packed room – all from their own home. You’d think this implies these two bicycles are contending at an even level. However, there are some principal contrasts between the two arrangements to consider.

Well, as you participate in NordicTrack’s iFit live classes, your instructor can (and will) remotely control your bike’s resistance and incline settings. Ensuring that you aren’t slacking during your workout. This is a great feature for beginners as well as veteran riders. As it allows you to stay focused on your routine rather than fussing with settings.

Despite the fact that the Peloton‘s modifications are manual, the brand has built up a HUGE chasing after its classes. Being touted as the absolute best preparing regiments for this sort of activity. Live classes are being communicated every minute of every day, 365 days per year. So regardless of when you need to prepare there is a class prepared and hanging tight for you.

The poor catch here is that this preparation doesn’t come free. Much cost the sticker for the Peloton bicycle, a $39/month participation expense is required to participate in any of the classes. Per Peloton’s client administration, the bicycle comes pre-stacked with 3 classes upon conveyance. By examination the main year of NordicTrack’s iFit classes are free, and rates are $33/month after your first year has terminated.

The last tricky element that NordicTrack snuck into the condition is the coordination of cycling courses through Google Maps. Not exclusively would you be able to push through a portion of your preferred goals around the world? However, on account of height information, the S22i will modify rise. And protection from reenacting the course as you watch the view pass on its HD show. Entirely cool, right?

Rotating Console

The NordicTrack features a rotating screen design, allowing users to hop off the bike and get some strength training in during a workout. This makes it possible to stay in tune with your programmed workout from start to finish.

The Peloton’s console is unfortunately fixed in place. Though if your workout area is behind the bike you’ll still be able to view its 22″ screen.

NordicTrack bike reviews

I say this simulator on Amazon. It looks very beautiful, especially the scoreboard with an LCD screen. An IFit module for individual training is additionally purchased for this simulator. I think this is not necessary since there are 23 programs available.

As you know, an exercise bike does not overload the heart and joints and is considered the best weight loss simulator. Also, I’ll add that without the IFit module (sd card), the screen is blue with white text. Besides, I really liked that you can listen to music by connecting an mp3 player to it, but I have not tried it yet.

The warranty was given for 2 years. During this time, you can contact the service center more than once. But some sounds during the work made me address the service center to tighten the bolts. In general, I am very satisfied. And finally, before choosing a simulator, pay attention to the stride length, otherwise, it can be absolutely inconvenient for a man to practice it.

This bike was perfect for my husband 182 cm tall. And many recommend paying attention to the weight of the flywheel. I highly recommend this model!

The NordicTrack bike strengthens the muscles of the back, neck. Develops correct posture. When exercising, you should always keep your back straight without bending in the shoulder girdle. You should feel your body during any exercise and try to do it correctly for achieving a result.

Zwift vs Peloton

What is Zwift? It is a platform for training on a cycle station and a multiplayer game. The difference is that you play not with the help of a joystick, but with your legs’ power and an exercise bike.

Cycling enthusiasts from all over the world can simultaneously train on specially created three-dimensional virtual tracks. The load is transmitted very realistically. Your speed depends on the developed capacity and your weight.

You can do independent structured interval work on the tracks, surrounded by other fans from around the world. You can also join the group and ride with it. You have the opportunity to compete in segments with your best time or with segment leaders.

Sometimes the trainers compete with their students, who are many thousands of kilometers from them. And this is a fantastic feeling.

What is needed for Zwift to work?

For the extensive use of Zwift, you will need an Internet-connected computer, a bicycle, and electronically controlled bicycle machines. Such simulators allow you to control the level of resistance to applications of external developers (in this case Zwift) and thus simulate a gradient change.

Zwift can also be used with simpler exercise bikes (even with roller machines and a speed sensor), but the effect of using Zwift, in this case, will be significantly weaker. According to an individual algorithm for each machine Zwift calculates the power indicator zPower.

The software is downloaded from the Zwift website and supports both Windows MS and Apple Mac. Data transmission between the computer and the exercise bike is carried out according to the ANT + protocol. To ensure this interaction, you will need to purchase an ANT + sensor with a USB input. Here it is. The sticks that used to be bundled with Garmin do not work.

This sensor also allows you to connect your computer and Zwift to other sensors. Such as a bicycle machine, heart rate sensor, speed sensors, cadence sensors, etc.


If all of the above equipment is available, do the following steps:

  • You will need to create a Zwift account and then download the software.
  • The next step is to customize your avatar. Initially, only one shirt and one bike are available, but as you train, new opportunities will open up for changing the avatar.
  • After that, you will need to find all the necessary sensors and associate them with Zwift. Now you are ready to start.

Training with Zwift

There are 2 possible Zwift modes of work – regular or structured training.

Regular workout

Today, Zwift does not allow you to choose a track for training. You can train on the virtual Watopia track and an exact copy of the world championship’ track cycling in Richmond. You cannot choose the tracks, they alternate according to your schedule, which is known in advance. There is also a group race schedule.

Watopia is a 9-kilometer circle with many turns, several descents, and ascents. Including a 900-meter rise with a 5% slope. When you start the program, your avatar appears on the sidelines. As soon as you start pedaling on your machine, the avatar starts moving along the highway.

Relief changes will change the resistance level of your exercise bike. During the ride, you will see other cyclists:

  1. Real – a colored avatar with the name of the cyclist.
  2. Virtual – blue shapes of cyclists without a name.

You can integrate into a group. In this case, the resistance level of the exercise bike will decrease, simulating the effect of drafting. If you want to drive faster, you need to increase power.

On the tracks, there are several control segments (sprinting – 300 m. and a climb of 1 km.) Each of them can be covered in two directions. As soon as you start one of these segments, the screen displays your place in relation to the segment leader. There are also leaders in the time of the full circle of each track.

The screen also displays the following data:

  • current speed
  • current power
  • training time
  • distance traveled

To reinforce the competitive element in Zwift, a point accumulation system is used.

  1. Points are given for the distance traveled (20 points for each kilometer traveled).
  2. Points are given for other achievements (for example, for achieving a certain speed, power, training duration, etc.).

The accumulation of points allows you to increase the level of your avatar. In its turn, that increases the possibility of customization (selection of equipment and supplies).

After the workout, you will see a screen with totals. It displays your power (the highest power in 5 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes and 20 minutes and comparing them with your best rates). As well as statistics on heart rate and strength.

The training result can be uploaded to Strava. In Strava, such a workout will be displayed as a Virtual Segment, which allows you to view such workouts separately.

Structured workouts and plans

Structured workouts begin in the same way as with regular ones. You need to choose your training type and indicate your FTP score. By default, Zwift will calculate your FTP on its own.

But if you do not agree with the result of this calculation, the data can be changed. It is also possible to take a 20-minute test for determining FTP – this is one of the types of training.

After that, the training itself begins. On the screen, it will be displayed a sequence of tasks that you need to complete. For example, 5 intervals of 5 minutes per 100% of your FTP. The accuracy of each task will be evaluated by asterisks.

You can choose both individual training sessions for different filters (duration, intensity), and plans. For example, a winter training plan for 12 weeks, by choosing which, you will consistently perform training tasks.

Recently, it became possible to create power training on your own and save it in your library.

Phone app

There is also a Zwift phone app. Its main task is to strengthen the gaming component. Using the application, you can send messages to other participants, change the viewing option, address those traveling towards them, etc.

Very engaging component. So, from the phone, you can take a picture of your avatar.

How to understand that you have enough equipment to operate Zwift?

We’ll simplify it. You need a power measure and a machine. There are a huge number of options for machines and measures, but the principle is the same – you need to transfer power data to a computer or iPad. Either the machine will record this data (usually for prices of about 800+ dollars), or a meter with a conventional machine (for about the same money).

The most budget option is any machine + speed and cadence sensors + receiving their signal on a computer (ANT + USB- “whistle” or Bluetooth smart). Here a bunch of variables – dock the bike with the machine, configure the sensors, put Zwift, successfully receive data from the sensors in the program.

But everything is real and problems will arise only when connected. In general, you will understand. More importantly, another thing: without a measure, you will definitely not like this equipment. Yes, you will ride in the virtual world against other real people, training on the machine will become more interesting, but this is not what is needed. A measure is needed.

What is the cheapest way to get the right equipment?

Now many users are trying to reset the price of measures, but the classic of the mass measure for beginners is still the same. Stages on the left connecting rod + base machine for the rear wheel.

About the pros and cons of Stages, after a while, we will tell you separately since we have their measures of both generations. The second generation was great progress, a little cheaper and, in general, everything is ok. That is, the logic is simple: choose the left connecting rod suitable for your system, buy a simple (for example, control unit) machine and go.

What is the most expensive equipment option?

While in the middle segment with a dozen firms are trying to enter the market “I will try to repeat Stages”, the top one is also getting hot. For a couple of years, Wahoo Kickr was the single standard on the top of the machine. It is beautiful in that it has a drive to a cassette placed directly on the machine.

Thanks to this, you are not afraid of slippage during interval training or sprints. Many managed to buy this machine and it really was a jackpot – here Zwift came and the right machine for it. Many people tried to raise the bar on top machines, there were very unusual solutions, but now the closest to breaking Wahoo is Tacx NEO.

Actually, the world’s leading observer of such electronics, the DC RAINMAKER project, recognized him as the best machine of 2016.

In short, the NEO chip is a direct drive of force to the electric motor. For you to understand, even in Wahoo Kickr, where the cassette is part of the machine, there is a belt that serves to transfer force to the flywheel. NEO has neither a belt nor a flywheel, which is why the machine is much quieter and can provide record resistance.

What is the profit of power measurement in general?

The most popular belief is the idea that you will significantly improve the quality of your workouts. What follows is usually a story about the inaccuracy of the pulse data. With the power, it will be possible to perform the correct intervals at a given power.

Life from this probably will become brighter, the results will go up. We do not really agree with all this, because, in our opinion, the reasons are a little confused. The fact is that, if you dig around, it is very difficult to find confirmation of the effectiveness of smooth operation at a given power. This is a completely non-obvious point.

Many trainers use power as a guideline for training, ask different zones, etc., but there are no fewer questions about power than about heart rate. Starving – zones have shifted. We drove the hour of the country race – the zones moved. Not warmed up – the zones have moved.

But the power data has two points that are very difficult to challenge. We propose to pay attention, those who have not used this information before.

  • Motivation

While there is nothing more clearly demonstrating your progress in training than an increase in power. With your measure, you can conduct small tests of your form at least every workout and constantly understand what form you are in. Without a measure, you can find out either in the laboratory, or at the race, or at the test site along the grass.

But all three methods are very problematic, since the laboratory is very expensive for each visit, neither health nor wallet will allow you to attend races every week (and every day it is simply impossible). Well, strava will tell you about successes only if you try to set a record, and even only on rolled segments.

It’s also fun and not for every day (not to mention the fact that the weather during training can greatly affect the result of the segment). In general, the measure will inform you about the progress in the form before everyone else. That means that it will support the motivation to continue training earlier than everyone else.

In addition, the measure helps with motivation right during training. It instantly shows when you are a freebie and this can significantly throw up the quality of your workouts. Which we needed.

  • Tactics

If you are racing with an emphasis on pedaling, you will most likely have to lay out your strength. And the power measure is indispensable here. For example, after training, you will know what ultimate power can be developed in the first 2/5 minutes of the race. As a result, rivals will almost certainly surprise you twice per race.

  1. First, when the racers of your level will gracefully go into the sunset at the start
  2. Then when you will catch up with them at a similar pace.

Few things in a marathon give such pleasure as overtaking riders used at the beginning. Why is it difficult to save money at the beginning without a measure? Yes, because in the beginning, it is insanely easy. You still have a low heart rate and power one and a half times higher than the normal remote.

It is likely that you will learn to feel it well without a measure after you learn it by train with it. Such an experience, of course, can be gained simply by an incredible amount of races completed. But we’re not sure that you have the opportunity to spend so many years of speaking to gain this knowledge “for free”.

Peloton vs Zwift

Zwift managed to make training on a stationary bike much more interesting. This is achieved by highly detailed track graphics and the social component. You train with dozens of people from all over the world. This training is very similar to real racing, which increases motivation.

The advantage of Zwift is the cheaper cost, even including various set-ups. Let’s compare the difference between both Peloton and Zwift:

Intended forPeople who already own a bike, have a strong interest in cycling and basic fitnessPeople who want to lose weight, keep fit, love spin classes
Ride modesFour ways you can ride in the gameMore focused on streaming of live classes
Community-based appCan be set up and used with bikes or smart trainersCan be used with different bikes to do the exercises
A trial period12 km ride distanceA trial period of 14 days
Monthly subscription fee14.99 per month19.99 per month

Why should you choose Zwift?

We wrote a couple of news about Zwift when it first appeared. We all reacted to this as a fun game without any significant effect on our habits. But now it has become obvious that the world is changing rapidly. It changes our laziness making us work.

Too lazy to ride together, dress and suffer from the cold. Too lazy to go to a far point to ride with friends. We were all virtualized on social networks, and the same movement began in cycling. With familiar riders there you can communicate in voice and for this, you do not need to go anywhere. There is carcass training, competition, communication.

You can look at it from different angles. Have these people become less lively? Maybe. Did they begin to communicate more remotely? Yes. Ride less often on the street? Probably. Do you pedal more often? Yes.

If it were not for the price threshold of entry, history would have been very popular in many countries. But so far only a few have been in Zwift. The situation is changing rapidly. A triathlon party quickly ran there, the highway crosses and the country begins to cross.

At the same time, Zwift has its drawbacks:

  1. First of all, there is no choice of tracks. This drawback can be dropped if the Zwift user base grows. According to the developers’ logic, one track with the current user base allows for higher user interaction between themselves (group training, etc.), and this is one of the important aspects of using Zwift.
  2. It is impossible to change the target power during a structured training, as it can be done in Trainer Road.
  3. There is no automatic synchronization with Training Peaks, only with Strava.
  4. Each time you have to enter the password manually. No function of remembering or entering through social networks.

Zwift reviews

On the one hand, an interesting game. On the other hand, it all depends on how much a person wants to race and how he stands winter. In January and February, I didn’t refuse a bicycle as transport and rolled 1020 kilometers. Including on roads with a decent amount of wet snow.

I don’t think that I would ride a lot on the simulator, even such a wonderful one. At home, I have a simple stationary exercise bike. But I almost do not use it at all this year.

Here, as always, arises the question of how necessary it is. While this is an advanced simulator for professionals. But as soon as this becomes an alternative option for cycling, instead of traveling in real life, reality will be replaced.

Instead of preparing for a real bike ride to the same Barcelona, experiencing real adventures – people will begin to live in the virtual world. Of course, unlike ordinary gamers, the expense of muscle energy will be real, but everything else is not natural. People choose Zwift as travel is not available to everyone.

Well, when the weather is regularly changing. For example, now -10 on the street, ice, snow, sand, etc. Personally, I do not want to go out on my precious carbon fiber. Plus high requirements for equipment. It costs a lot and if you suddenly lost some part, you will then with a cold or with overheating. Well, there will be no effective training at this temperature in the snow.

Peloton vs Schwinn

Considering Schwinn 230 recumbent bike, we can compare the top features of both bikes. Schwinn is an innovative brand creating the equipment with a high-speed drive system for easy start-up and smooth, quiet workouts.

Schwinn 230 recumbent bike features

  • Goal Track capacity is a great helper for users to set personal fitness goals and successfully accomplish them.
  • MP3 input for listening to the music wearing the console speakers.
  • DualTrack 2 LCD screen displays allow enhanced ability to goal monitoring.
  • 22 exercise modes: 9 profile, 8 heart rate check, 2 fitness test, 1 quick start
  • The USB port to hold phones, tablets or music players at complete battery life
  • Seat adjusting system with simple change lever for different users
  • Maximum user weight 136 kg

Actually, if you are looking for a new exercise bike, the most popular choices are Peloton and Schwinn. Spin bikes have become extremely inquired after working with it and realizing how fantastic the exercise is. While Schwinn and Peloton aren’t equal opponents, we considered the pros and cons of each simulator.

See the Peloton vs Schwinn comparison chart:

Footprint4′ long by 2′ wide3’9″ long by 1’11” wide
Weight135 lbs.100 lbs.
FrameWelded SteelWelded Steel
ResistanceMagnetic flywheel resistance systemMechanical drag resistance system
Console Features21.5 Full HD multitouch
WiFi connection
LCD multifunction display
Heartrate monitoring
Multimedia device holder

Now let’s compare the exercise bikes of two brands more detailed. Consider the similarities and difference to make the right choice.


The Schwinn and Peloton bike have a 35-pound difference in weight. Do not think that the difference is insignificant. Frame weight plays an important role in performing balance. When you start working harder, the bike continues to more with you. And the harder the bike, the more naturally firm it will be.

In case your weight is less than 200 pounds, you won’t actually feel a distinction. But if you’re a bit heavier you are likely to notice the difference. According to the feedback, if you are planning to move your simulator, the Schwinn will be more accessible to manage.


Both exercise bikes have the frame made of high-durable steel. So it is hard to choose the more strong and high-quality one. Both simulators should serve for a long time and support you with an excellent workout in many years to come.


In this category, there are enough differences to consider. Both simulators have pretty distinct resistance systems to deliver more comfortable or more complex rinding workout.

  • Considering Schwinn, a pad produces substantial resistance on the heavy flywheel to add resistance to your exercise.
  • The Peloton uses magnetic resistance that pushes more restricted to or further from the flywheel for additional resistance. The felt pad wears down over time, but from a practical point of view, the outcome is very similar.

Both simulators have a control knob that allows for accurate regulation of resistance while doing workouts. Producing noise is the point that differs in two bikes.

While it’s surely not important, there will be a little more noise from Schwinn as the mechanical connection of parts create friction. The magnets and flywheel of the Peloton are not reaching one another. So it will be much calmer while working out.


Actually, the footprint is the space a bike will take in your apartment. In most cases, the appearance and form of the indoor stationary bike are much compatible among the brands. Two models appear in normal around the 4 feet by 2 feet mark.


Being comparatively similar, both exercise bikes have a belt drive system attaching the pedals to the flywheel. This way, it produces a quiet and smooth moving with restricting noise. The difference is especially felt when contrasted to the chain drive on original present bicycles.

Console features

The console keeps both bikes apart as it is absolutely different.

  • Buying the Schwinn, you get the reasonably standard LCD console that occurs with the usual data such as heart rate, distance, time, calories, RPM’s.
  • In the case with Peloton bike, you receive full workouts right in front of you. This simulator comes with complete WiFi, so you have an opportunity to be a member of live spin classes 24/7. They are registered and transmitted from Peloton studios in New York.

This is definitely the most distinct feature that makes Peloton more notable in the market. The brand has developed in this direction, becoming distinct among other brands. Of course, there is a fee for this assistance. It needs a $39 per month membership fee to fully use the service.

Schwinn exercise bike reviews

The Schwinn exercise bike is a convenient model for me. A real discovery for people who want to lose weight and improve shapes. The simulator is suitable for both men and women. It is very convenient and smart, easy to assemble. Takes up little space in the apartment.

The display turns on and off automatically, makes a scan showing the workout time, the speed of the workout, the number of calories burned and the heart rate. It trains muscles well. Highly recommend!

I use this stationary bike for about a year and a half. Convenient, practical device: many load levels, heart rate sensors on the handles. Counts time, speed, pulse, distance, and calories burned. Easy to support: just wipe off the dust and change the batteries on the remote control approximately every six months – a year.

I advise the simulator for those who want to lose weight, as well as get good cardio. Besides, half an hour on it will replace a workout in the gym. It’s convenient, unlike other exercise machines, and takes up little space in the appartment.

I always do the riding on workout days. For me, it’s very good way to warm up, cardio is very effective. I very carefully approached the choice of an exercise bike and made the right choice. Will recommend it to my familly and friends!

The Schwinn exercise bike has been in my family for over a year. We pedal every day, not getting bored. It has an electronic display on which all the modes are shown, such as time, speed, distance, pulse and so on. The seat is comfortable, which is important. It is assembled accurately, doesn’t make noise during the work.

Keiser M3i vs Peloton

The up-to-day approach into indoor cycling sports Keiser M3i is the first to highlight a Bluetooth wireless device. The exercise bike blends the endurance of high quality with improved connectivity for successful riding at home and gym.

The current data from the M3i network can be shown on a display during group training sessions. With the help of an app, riders can transfer data from the computer to their smartphone or tablet.

See the technical features:

Item weight85 lbs
Item weight85 lbs
Max user weight300 lbs
Adjustable seatFour-way
Resistance systemMagnetic

This equipment will be a suitable variant if you are looking for a bike similar to Peloton. In fact, you can accelerate all the training time and do not worry about maxing out its capacities. If you like such an approach, the Keiser M3 is worth paying attention.

Consider the pros and cons:

High quality
Requires a torque wrench to assemble
Extremely quiet
No water bottle cage
ReliableThe upfront cost is high
Will last a lifetime
Limited adjustment settings on handlebars make some people uncozy
Good customer service

The M3i digital display is easy-to-read, smart and beautiful. It assures certifiably correct data. While usage, you will find no buttons to sweat on, no hard-to-decipher or too complicated read-out. It is simple and effective in practice.

Among a great variety of stationary bikes available on the market, the Keiser M3i and Peloton simulators are the most popular bikes people prefer to purchase as both are durable and powerful.

Why choose Keiser M3i bike?

The model of this brand is among high-quality spin bikes suitable for professional use. Keiser has an adjustable seat for total support while riding. Lots of positive reviews prove the effectiveness of the simulator. It has 24 levels of magnetic resistance and a warranty of about a year.

This exercise bike is the most excellent for traditional home training, as well as commercial or professional use. A great advantage is a magnetic resistance. Trying to ride on it, you will experience all the advantages on your own experience.

With magnetic resistance, this bike keeps does not produce much noise. It is quiet during the whole training, comparatively with other simulators. Moreover, the heavier the weight on the Keiser M3i, the more stable it will be. This bike perfectly suits overweighted people.

The simulator has a 45-pound rear-mounted flywheel. With its help, your ride will be smooth and pleasant. Besides, it has Bluetooth connectivity which can connect your smartphone or tablet with the simulator. Another advantage is the big frame that enhances the balance while riding.

The Peloton advantages

People who have a great spirit character should consider the Peloton bike. When you are looking for a possible alternative, notice that Peloton bikes have the most desirable quality. Being among top leaders, simulators of this brand come with a sweatproof touchscreen.

Well-equipped, bikes even help you to find the live stream audio for your perfect training. It enables you to have a quiet smooth ride and set the resistance level simply and fast, without any problems.

Comparing to Keiser M3i, this bike actually has a lot of characteristics over most of the other spin simulators. It even lets you take the streaming live classes. On top of that, the extensive on-demand library of preceding classes is available for you.

It is even compatible with Strava and Fitbit, coming with a great compact design. Nevertheless, it is more expensive. Another disadvantage is the monthly subscription required. Besides, you can’t choose your personal music.

See the Keiser M3i vs Peloton comparison chart to make your choice:

Keiser M3i prosPeloton pros
Comes with a two-sided pedal for cycling shoesComes with 22 HD touchscreen display
Comes with a heart-rate monitorHas a multigrip handlebar
Compatible to most cycling appsOffer the best indoor studio cycle app
Comes with a better warrantyAssembled and delivered to any place
Provides a more realistic road bike feelUses premium quality materials
User weight limit of 350 lbsThe resistance knob is easier to adjust

The great difference between the two models of the bike is compatibility with cycling apps. Keiser M3i provides all the basics you need. It is compatible with most apps for cycling if you buy the M series converter.

Consider also the disadvantages of both simulators:

Keiser M3i consPeloton cons
Costs moreCosts a lot for the basic package
Need to buy the M series converter to be copatible with some appsWorks only with the Peloton Digita app
V-shaped bikes takes time to get usedUser weight limit only of 305 pounds
The resistance gear isn't moved in a circular motionDoes not have a caget pedal

After comparing both simulators, we regard the Keiser M3i a good alternative competitor to Peloton bike. However, Peloton is known to have the best cycling app among other bikes. The considerable difference is the price.

Peloton costs much higher plus the additional monthly pay for cycling app. Besides, for the best use of Peloton, you will need to buy special shoes, earbuds, dumbbells, and a heart rate monitor. So it is your choice which simulator to choose. Consider your budget first.

Keiser M3i reviews

When I have got more free time, I decided to start my fitness routine. After buying the exercise bike, I couldn’t sit still anymore. Feeling much more active while pedaling I can watch my favorite TV shows, listen to music and even read a book!

I couldn’t even imagine Keiser M3i will be my number one simulator now. The display shows all the necessary data, such as heart rate, amount of burning calories and so on. What I like is that the load is easily regulated. My health state improved considerably.

I noticed the weight loss and my muscles became stronger. This exercise bike allows moving more, not leaving home, especially in winter.

I bought the exercise bike as want to lose weight gradually, keeping my body in tonus. Everybody goes in for sports but it’s cold outside for me. My husband bought a Keiser M3i for me. I’m very satisfied with a great variety of programs!

Besides, the simulator is easy to use, takes little space in the room, and perfectly suites the interior. I couldn’t even imagine that it will be so simple and effective while usage. Highly recommend!

I bought this simulator online on Amazon. I started to consider this exercise bike because of the reasonable price. Well, I decided to purchase it. What I liked is the easy control and the fact that you don’t need to connect to the network.

For me, it is just an excellent choice for home cardio workouts. Though a small disadvantage I found is the following. I didn’t really like his seat, as it’s not very comfortable to sit while riding.

I had excess weight, so permanently used to keep to strict diets. But when the winter has come, I thought about sports and bought an exercise bike. I ordered it on Amazon and was pleasantly surprised by its design. The simulator is compact, suitable for my interior.

After a week of training, the result was noticeable. The body became more fit and toned, the handles are convenient. Except for it, the respiratory system is well-trained. Happy with my purchase, planning to order one more simulator of Keiser brand.

Peloton exercise bike: expert opinion

More than once I watched a picture when someone buys a stationary bike and promises: “Of course, I will pedal two hours every day!”. But in the end, the enthusiasm is enough for some weeks. After that, the sports equipment stands covered with dust until it moves to the new owner.

After that, with a high degree of probability, the story repeats itself again. The problem is human laziness and the lack of character that allows overcoming this laziness. When you come to the gym, in addition to useful devices, you also get a special atmosphere – everyone around you works, trains sweats, and this involves you.

At home, next to the exercise bike, there is a sofa, a dozen meters away – a kitchen with a refrigerator, a TV and a computer nearby. Well, what kind of training can we talk about? So, to imitate the atmosphere of the gym at home, Peloton was created. The great advantage of this exercise bike in the built-in computer, made in the form of a 21.5-inch touchscreen candy bar.

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It works on the basis of the Android OS with the original features. And connects you with a crowd of the same fans of exercise bikes, as well as with the trainer. In addition to the computer in the accessory, I have a number of other cool tricks.

  1. For example, instead of a chain, it uses an original belt.
  2. The brake pads are replaced with magnets.
  3. The size of the exercise bike differs much from its counterparts.

Riding a bike is much more fun than pedaling a stationary exercise bike in the gym or at home. However, it is the latter type of sports exercises that allows using all your strength, gaining high speeds on your exercise bike. You can exercise despite the weather conditions, daytime, location and other limiting factors.

However, knowing the dullness of physical exercises at home, Peloton, a New York-based company, tried to improve things. They spent 1.5 years developing a stationary bike that was free of these faults.

Peloton Bike has a multi-touch 21.5 “screen with a resolution of 1080p with two speakers. The platform runs on Android 4.1 and is built on a dual-core TI OMAP 4470 @ 1.5 GHz processor with 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB of read-only memory. Ethernet and Wi-Fi 802.11n for connecting the Internet. Bluetooth 4.0 for headphones and ANT + technology, which provides reading from sports equipment sensors.

The computer allows you to turn on the broadcast of exercises from the Peloton gym, play archive recordings. Besides, thanks to the 1.3-megapixel webcam and microphone, make video calls to your friends or instructor, share achievements. The system stores statistics about all workouts, analyzing the success of the user, is also able to perceive data on the heartbeat with the appropriate accessory.

Designers replaced the transmission chain with a Poly V belt, which significantly reduced the noise generated during training. Besides, introduced a magnetic protection system that does not touch the flywheel and eliminates the need to wear pads. The cast-iron supporting structure is strong and durable.

Advice for successful training

  • The main condition is regularity. You should practice every other day for two months to get the visible result. It is advisable to do this at the same time. At first, it’s difficult, but after a couple of weeks, a habit is developed.
  • During the exercise, monitor the pulse – it should be within 120-140 beats per minute. At such a pulse, you get a fat-burning effect that will lead to fat loss.
  • The duration of training is not less than half an hour. Otherwise, there will be no sense of losing weight and muscle tone. Start with half an hour, and increase the training time to 50 minutes.
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