Looking for the best women’s spinning shoes of high quality? Here is the guide to help you make the right choice. Actually, this sports outfit is created to make the workouts on recumbent exercise bike comfortable and pleasant.

Best indoor cycling shoes for spinning are divided into groups for an easy choice. Fitness experts give professional reviews on various models. Go ahead and find out more in this article!

Best women’s spinning shoes & reviews

Let’s introduce you the best selling women cycle shoes for spinning. Lots of positive customers’ comments prove that sports outfit is durable, long-lasting and highly comfortable.


Now we consider the best of the following models separately. See a more detailed description, read customers’ feedback to decide on the most suitable model for yourself.

Louis Garneau Women’s Ruby 2 Road Bike Clip-in Cycling Shoes for All-Road and SPD Pedals

Women’s Ruby Cycling Shoes are an excellent combination of unique style and high quality. The shoes clasp with reliable Boa L4 fastening method. The footwear is made for daily comfortable riding. The breathability is provided by mesh upper and synthetic leather.

The composition is perfect for any weather conditions. The trademarked Ergo Air insole provides safe riding during any circumstances. The good-ventilated injected nylon and fiberglass outsole is made for a high level of comfort during the training.

The heel retention system makes the workouts more powerful and effective. The Ruby 2 Cycling Shoes have reflective heels for distinctness. The footwear suits all primary road and SPD pedals.

Customer’s review

I like how my spin shoes look – nice design and colors, quite comfortable and soft while working out, even for a long distance. This model of footwear is very small, but it fits me perfectly. I’m completely satisfied with my purchase, as the quality is the number one option for me while choosing the sports footwear.

Louis Garneau Women’s Tri X-Speed III Triathlon Cycling Shoes for Racing and Indoor Biking, Compatible with Major Road and SPD Pedals

The Tri X-Speed III cycling shoes are intended to improve speed during workouts with unique technology. Puller and simple to use reversed hook and loop strap are made to help speed transition. The special equipment produces the technology you need for successful training.

The spinning shoes are created with ergonomic and stylish design. The protection and preventing of the toe harm is provided by long-lasting synthetic leather upper. The widely used Ergo Air outsole made from strengthened nylon for stiffness and a good way to stop boost airflow.

The heel is supported and stays securely in position thanks to the HRS-80 retention. Another essential advantage is Power Zone technology that improves the main comfort and energy shift.

Customer’s review

In general, the spin shoes perfectly fit me and supports the foot. Size is as specified. The quality of high so I feel comfortable while riding on my exercise bike. The husband says it’s convenient to walk in them, they are very lightweight. He wears up the shoes quite easily.

Louis Garneau Women’s Sapphire MTB Bike Shoes

If you decided to start exercising on an exercise bike, then the Sapphire MTB Shoes are for you. Very comfortable footwear that provides effective daily workouts at an affordable price.

The upper is created with minimal pressure points, while the hook and loop fastening straps are balanced for greater heel support. A great combination of comfort, safety, and ventilation is provided by engineered leather and cycling mesh.

A reflective segment on the heel enhances low-light distinctness. In its turn, a Hot Stuff insole promotes breathability and adds main support. The Ergo Grip 2 outsole has detachable studs. They provide an excellent grip when you get off the exercise bike. The shoes are equipped with SPD support arrangements.

Customer’s review

The new shoes are always relevant when you start riding the exercise bike. I liked the bottom of the Ergo Grip 2 shoes. Here we see good protectors. Now, when appears to be slippery, they protect from slipping quite good. After a week of walking in them, I completely feel the benefits. Just a plus to this manufacturer.

Giro Empire Acc Cycling Shoe – Women’s

The Empire W ACC brand produces high-quality fitness outfits, including the spinning shoes for women. 7 levels of regulation and increased comfort are provided by the iconic laced closure proposals. The footwear is made of the breathable Evofiber synthetic upper that perfectly repeats your foot shape like no other spinning shoe.

The stiffness is guaranteed with Easton EC90 ACC full carbon sole. An ultra-low 6.5mm stack height for a straight attachment to the pedals. Moreover, their flexible SuperNatural Fit footbed lets you fine-tune the access and arch assistance for an unmatched combination of high-quality work and style.

I wear spin shoes not only for exercise bike training but also for running. The footwear sits comfortably on feet, do not rub, lightweight and made of high-quality material. What I like is a bright color that suits my sportswear. The shoes protect the feet from hard loads, do not wear out.

Giro Empire E70 Knit Cycling Shoe – Women’s

The unique choice for women – Empire E70 W Knit highlights the up-to-day Xnetic Knit top. It provides exceptional convenience and ability to breathe. The special Xnetic Knit technology was revealed for the particular cyclist’s problems solving.

An interior TPU arrangement gives comfort where you need it. In its turn, the knit allows suppleness for better sock-like support. The top is DWR-treated for simple cleaning and has waterproof features. A TPU-reinforced toe, heel, endurance and abrasion protection. Except this, Empire E70 Knit has really irrefutable style.

What are its main specifications? The top is equipped with Xnetic Knit and connected with a TPU support construction. Besides, breathable construction that repeats the contour of your foot. Standard Empire laces are strong and long-lasting. Molded EVA footbed gives average arch comfort. Steel fittings and replaceable heel pads ensure convenience while workouts.

The spin shoes are just amazing! I order the footwear from amazon services and always leave positive feedback, as I get high-quality products. The shoes are original, provide the necessary comfort while training. It is a pleasure even to walk wearing them. Perfectly suit my wide feed.

SHIMANO SH-XC5 Mountain Bike Shoe

SHIMANO SH-XC5 mountain bike spinning shoes are intended for accomplishing various fitness goals. Mini Power Strap shoe lacing reliably supports the foot. Lightweight and firm carbon fiber strengthened the midsole. The material is the high-quality synthetic leather with perforated venting for an excellent fit.

With rubber anti-slip arch outsole design, safety is the number one accomplished goal. Unique Michelin high-traction and mud-shedding tread are great benefits.

I was pleasantly surprised by the stylish design of the footwear. Besides, cycling shoes are lightweight, so I couldn’t even compare it to those I already have. The rubber base is suitable not only for workouts with an exercise bike but also for walking and even running! Flexibility is another great advantage for me.

On a budget

Here is the footwear for a reasonable price. The quality is excellent. Customers leave high ratings and admit the durability of the sports outfit.

Consider the best of the following budget models separately. See a more detailed description, read customers’ feedback to decide on the most suitable model for yourself.

Tommaso Pista Women’s Road Bike Cycling Spin Shoe Dual Cleat Compatibility

The leader in budget spinning shoes Tommaso Pista Women’s Road Bike Cycling footwear created women’s perfect outfit for exercise bike workouts, road biking or fitness riding. Maximum convenience and energy enhancement is offered to customers.

The manufacturers created special footwear encouraging more riding performance. The Pista 100 is their entry-level dual agreeable (SPD & SPD-SL) shoe, intended to be the excellent outfit to clipless riding. It is a perfect choice for riders who want the best result for each pedals stroke.

The great advantage for a reasonable price is 3-strap support and adjustability. It is made with a stiff fiberglass reinforced polyamide bottom for the incredible energy shift.

Customer’s review

I liked the spin shoes immediately as it is made of high-quality fabric, has a beautiful bright look I’ve bought it for a reasonable price. The fabric surface of the insole is attached to a dense material, so the footwear is soft and the legs do not get tired. With regular wear, the sign on the insole is gradually erased and only a barely visible trace remains from it. But it’s not a problem for me.

SHIMANO EVAIR Marine Fishing Shoes

SHIMANO EVAIR Marine Fishing footwear is an amazing budget outfit for riding the exercise bike. It is made of ultra-lightweight EVA material. After a day of doing high-intensity workouts or any other sports activity, you will feel as if you were wearing nothing on your feet during different seasons.

An EVA midsole is made from high-quality ethylene vinyl acetate. Its benefits are known among manufacturers. For a reasonable price, you get the footwear with a material that helps to separate weight and provide security. This foam-like stuff is durable, soft, and keeps the foot comfortable with each step.

Creating the most up-to-day products using innovative methods is the manufacturer’s number one goal.

Customer’s review

What I liked is the sole – light, dense, and does not wear down. It is divided into zones, highlighted in various colors and forms. Resistant to high pressure and provides good contact with the surface. In general, the spin shoes are lightweight, the toe is narrowed, you can easily work out in such shoes. My husband even used to walk on the street, and they won’t have any wear like running sneakers.

Tommaso Terra 100 Women’s Mountain Biking, Spin, Indoor Cycling, Road Cycling SPD Compatible Shoe

With the fiberglass bottom, which gives great stiffness and extra power transfer, you get the most out of every pedal stroke. This technology for a reasonable price provides you to ride longer and faster using less energy during your exercise bike workout.

The Terra suggests a lugged rubberized sole and recessed cleat attachment point producing a really adaptable walkable shoe that is suitable not only for an exercise bike. But also for indoor cycling, mountain, commuting, and touring. If you look for a cycling shoe that can be walked in, then the Terra is an optimal variant.

Another advantage of budget footwear is that it is designed with enough padding in the tongue and heel area. So your feet will be comfortable in both the downstroke and upstroke. The unique synthetic leather upper mixed with low profile velcro straps allow a precision ergonomic fit that keeps your foot comfortable.

Customer’s review

This is an excellent budget option for cute textile spinning shoes that are worn for any weather conditions. What I liked the most was that they also look good in combination with other clothes and jeans. I was pleasantly surprised with a high quality for such a price!

TriSeven Mountain MTB Shoes

TriSeven Mountain is excellent spinning footwear for indoor and outdoor use. fit with SPD, SPD-R & SPD-SL support. The shoes are intended for convenience, the lightweight TriSeven MTB footwear is an excellent choice for any mountain biking trip. The material is a cool synthetic, microfibre, leather and breathable top.

Shoes are comfortable to wear during various kinds of workout. The sizes are insignificantly small, typically 1 EU size down. The heel is non-slip, ensures foot stability that restricts your foot from slipping off the pedal during a workout. Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) midsole and rubber sole improve pedaling performance and walking support.

I like that the spin shoes are breathable and perfectly fit my wide feet. Having worn them once, I didn’t want to wear off. For me, it’s excellent footwear absolutely no claims concerning the quality. Very comfortable and stylish. I like the rubber sole that enhances pedaling effectiveness and support while walking.

Gavin Road Bike Mesh Cycling Shoes Mens Womens

Thes spinning footwear for women is lightweight, fashionable and intended for an effective workout. The strong nylon fiberglass sole is determined for the highest power shift from your legs to the pedals. 3 hook and loop straps give a very comfortable fit.

At the same time, the breathable top provides air vents on the outsoles, that will keep feet cool. Safety highlights include reflective heel strokes for highly effective riding. They are compatible with 2 and 3 bolt cleats. But remember that you should buy pedals and cleats separately.

Excellent design for such a price is a great advantage for me. The footwear is highly comfortable and keeps the feet safe preventing the slipping. The appearance almost didn’t change after months of usage. For me, the workouts using Gavin Road bike mesh cycling shoes for women became much more convenient. Even using for walking or running, the footwear do not lose its comfort features.

SHIMANO Women’s Sh-cw41

SHIMANO women’s spinning shoes are made from 100% synthetic material. The top fabric is synthetic and mesh, the closure is lace, EVA cushioned – the midsole is EVA, ladder shank plate. You can get all the mentioned features for a reasonable price.

Now I feel very comfortable while riding the exercise bike. As sports has long become a way of life for me, buying special footwear improved my workouts significantly. Previous footwear caused problems with feet, so now I feel recovery while wearing my high-quality Sh-cw41. They feel naturally on my feet while pedaling, without any discomfort.

Why do you need cycling shoes?

Spinning shoes effectively transfer the leg force to the pedals of exercise bike. This sports outfit is intended for reliable contact with the pedals.

Depending on the spinning style, there are different models of such footwear. In general, the majority of modern spinning shoes are intended for use with contact pedals. As contact pedals are practiced in almost all techniques.

Using special footwear will be especially useful for those who exercise intensively. Taking part in competitions is now almost impossible without contact pedals and sports shoes.

  • Is it possible to use such shoes without contact pedals?

Actually, yes. Well-chosen cycling shoes will probably be more convenient than any other shoes. Moreover, most brands create stylish nice-looking footwear to match your fitness look.

Today many forget about the comfort during the workouts. But when you feel even slight discomfort, how can you change speed, increase distances and enjoy riding?

The effectiveness and pleasure during riding depend directly on choosing the right and comfortable footwear. You spend lots of hours exercising, and if you feel numb feet, pain in the fingers, and other discomforts, we advise you to choose the given models of cycling shoes and tips on the right choice.

Tips while buying indoor cycling shoes

  1. Along with the right seat and the correct position, cycling shoes are one of the 3 most important components of comfort and health.
  2. Choose the cycling shoes of exactly your size, a bit smaller or larger will not suit you.
  3. Comfort is the main indicator of successful riding.
  4. Looking at the price of high-quality footwear, do not hesitate to spend money on it, as the cost of cycling shoes always pays for its quality.
  5. Always try on the shoes before buying. The probability of missing is 99% if you buy bicycle shoes, relying only on your shoe size.

Important! Choose the spinning shoes of exactly your size.

Cycling shoes, due to their specificity, have a number of features. These shoes are intended at maximally fixing your foot in a certain position. Consequently, these shoes are quite firm. It is not enough to know only the size to make sure that the shoes will fit you.

So, summing up the mentioned above, footwear should have the following functions:

  • Comfort
  • Reliable and firm fixation on the foot
  • Good pedal contact
  • Quality
  • Appearance

A good pair of spinning shoes can serve 2 years of intensive usage. In any case, you can always exchange it on the latest model. The insole length is not a sufficient factor. It is important to look at the shoe!

Bicycle shoes, like any other hard shoes, are very specific on the block. Each manufacturer has its own that differs radically. Up to the complete failure to ride in shoes of certain manufacturers, despite a suitable size.

Types of indoor cycling shoes

  • For usual pedals

Not very widespread type. Most often there are shoes for contacts, which have not removed a part of the sole covering the holes for the spike, but also with a simple flat sole. They differ from ordinary sneakers with a stiffer sole, often have a device for fixing the laces.

  • Soft, semi-hard tourist shoes

They are soft only in comparison with hard cycling shoes, in fact, they are quite hard. They have holes in the sole for installing a spike under the contacts, which are 2 slots parallel to the shoe axis. The spike of contacts is sunk into the sole, so it hardly touches the ground when walking.

The spikes are fastened with 2 bolts, which are screwed into the plate located under the insole. The plate has 2 pairs of threaded holes and can be moved back and forth for precise installation of the spike. The lateral displacement of the spike is provided by a slot in the tenon itself. Also, the spike can be slightly rotated as the width of the slots is larger than the diameter of the fixing screw.

Since the holes in the sole are opened, water from puddles can get in the shoes. There are several ways to prevent this:

  1. You can attach a waterproof sticker under the insole, which comes with some shoes.
  2. A piece of durable tape. You can fill the holes with silicone before installing the spike.
  3. Ford lovers can do nothing, then the water collected in the ford spills perfectly.

Semi-rigid shoes come with laces, Velcro and various combinations of both.

Spinning shoes allow moving without problems. That is why such kind of footwear is widely used by tourist or simple bicycle riders. They allow combining contact pedals and walking obstacles. They are quite comfortable on mountain dirt roads and on difficult roads.

  • Hard MTB shoes

This kind of shoes is primarily intended for competitions. Only for contacts. The best way to feel connected with the bike. The sole is most often made of hard plastic, on expensive carbon models, does not bend at all.

Shoes have minimum soft additions, but anatomic enough form. Thin insoles are used. By the way, the minimum foam rubber used in shoes has one certain plus – the shoes dry out very quickly. The top is made of stretch material. A variety of fasteners are used, from simple Velcro to systems with cables and a buckle, laces are not used.

All mentioned above features make the feet stable in the shoe. During the training, you need to wear thin socks. For the experienced athlete, the difference in semi-hard and hard shoes is considerable. It is hard to go on foot wearing hard shoes. They are slippery on wet surfaces. Besides, walking wears down the shoes.  When the lug height decreases significantly, the spikes begin to wear down very much.

However, all of the above does not interfere with the use of hard shoes in tourism, just imposes its limitations. You will need to ride more and walk less.

Look at the Tommaso comparison chart to compare the models:

 Tommaso Terra Mountain & Spin, Shoe OnlyTommaso Terra Spin BundleTommaso Pista Spin Bundle Tommaso Pista Road & Spin, Shoe OnlyTommaso Venezia Shoe Only
Cleats Included
Compatible With Peloton Bike
SPD (2-bolt) Compatible
Look Delta & SPD-SL (3-bolt) Compatible
Recessed Cleat Area (Easier Walking)
Intended UseSpin, Mountain, RoadSpin, Mountain, RoadRoad & SpinRoad & SpinSpin, Urban, Road
Color OptionsRed & TealRed & TealPink, Blue, WhitePink, Blue, WhiteBlack/Pink

Difference between cycling shoes

  • Outsole material

All the manufacturers make the outsole for expensive and high-quality models out of carbon. Comparing with plastic, it is harder, better transfers effort to the pedals, lighter in weight, etc. In any case, it is better to buy footwear with carbon outsole.

  • Size chart

It is better than the manufacturer offers many variants of sizes. The majority of budget shoes come with a dimensional grid in the whole size. That is slightly less than 1 cm along with the insole. Of course, it is a lot.

Expensive shoes of common manufacturers come with a denser step, usually in 1/2 size. This is in any case better than the difference of 1 centimeter in the insole length.

  • Shoe clasp

The manufacturers of various models produce footwear with 4 different types of shoe clasp:


The most simple system is used mostly in budget models. Concerning expensive models, it is either not used at all, or it tightens the lower part of the shoe, which is smaller than the upper one and needs to be adjusted. Sometimes is used to save weight.

Models with Velcro shoe clasp have a common disadvantage: they stop sticking. High-quality models are more durable, but budget models can stop sticking in half a year.

Buckle or roll

It is used everywhere to tighten the upper part of the shoe. The convenience of adjustment and good fixation is much better than Velcro. That is why became favorite among different manufacturers.

Fishing line

5 years ago you could see this kind of shoe clasp only on the most expensive footwear. And far not all the manufacturers could allow it. Now, when you walk around the shops you can see every other model with this clasp.

It isn’t even such expensive as it was before. The main advantage is the possibility of regulation during the training. Often in 30-40 minutes after the beginning of the workout, you need to pull up or release the shoe. It is easy with the fishing line. As it has the smallest adjustment step.

  • Shoe color

First of all, the difference is purely cosmetic. But white shoes are more comfortable in the summer. Besides, it looks beautiful. In its turn, black shoes preserve in the good state for a long time.

For all sorts the Olympic Games champions, there are orange, blue, green, and other colors. You decide which color to choose: classic variants in black and white or something in a bright color.

  • Insoles

There are some companies that make high-quality insoles even in budget models. Some manufacturers make 3 insole models. And some put supports that you can stick to the insole depending on the feet size.

There are insoles for flat foot, middle foot, and high arch foot. Using the last in case of flat foot is dangerous and causes discomfort. Besides, do not forget that high-quality insole will serve lots of years. The low-quality one will wear down after some months of usage.

If you are very concerned about the insoles or have problems with all the variants mentioned above. Then you can order the insoles made individually for you. It is suitable for people that appreciate comfort.

  • Metatarsal bones

Metatarsal bones, on which leg rests during the ride on the exercise bike, have the individual incline. But in general, the majority of people have this incline range definite – around 1,5 degrees.

  • Interior area hardness

Perfect shoes are those perfectly fitting your leg without any soft pads. Budget footwear usually has these soft pads inside. At first, it can appear rather comfortable. But during the ride, it can hold leg badly, allowing it to move in different directions.

In order to solve this problem, you will tie them harder. As a result, because of the pressure of soft material, vessels will suffer. So you will be forced to stop training.

If you find the hard shoes that perfectly repeat the form of your leg, then you are lucky. If not, try to choose minimal harm. The less additional material will be, the better footwear you get.

Other advice on choosing the spinning shoes

  • Choose the optimal socks to your shoes

It can be unnoticeable in budget footwear, where the manufacturer inserts the soft pads. But high-quality hard sports shoes need attention to every detail. The model of your shoes can be not suitable for socks.

  • If you choose spinning shoes for the summer when the temperature is high, then we recommend buying the shoes with perforation.
  • A good thing is tightening latch for fixing the foot. If there is no such latch, then 3 Velcro should be. Budget models usually have 2 Velcro, so the shoes can wear down.
  • It is better to buy not the cheapest shoes, as the footwear is bought for 2-3 seasons. Good shoes can serve longer than a pair of pedal complects.

Road cycling shoes

Road cycling shoes have special anatomical pads, hard insole and some drawing on it. But not all such shoes fit the road cycling exercise bike. They should have the insole made out of carbon or plastic. These materials ensure increased hardness and do not bend.

How to choose road cycling shoes?

When buying ordinary shoes, preference is given to convenient and comfortable. For cycling shoes is the same rule. The leg should ideally fit into the footwear. The rigid construction of the sole, heel and toe is never moved.

Therefore, you should not hope for it and buy shoes that you could walk in somewhere. The main advice: first of all, choose a perfectly-fitting cycling shoe. The main features when choosing road shoes:

  • They must absolutely fit in size;
  • Be made on carbon sole;
  • You can not make a purchase without trying first. Even if they fit your size in length, do not forget about the hard back. Because of it, you can simply not get inside;
  • You need to know that an individual manufacturer has different pads that each brand makes special. They will differ in the same size from different manufacturers. You must try on every pair of the same size of different brands and rely on your feelings when choosing;
  • You can not focus only on the length of the insole. The decisive argument is the same block;
  • Manufacturers are constantly developing new models and making adjustments to existing ones. So it’s wrong to count on buying or ordering online the same size of a trusted company.

Road cycling shoe size

The size difference of various manufacturers can reach 1.5-dimensional steps. Remember that these are unusual shoes, and wearing them, you need to not simply walk on the surface, but achieve high-speed cycling without discomfort and injury.

The budget cycling shoes come with a size step of 1 cm along with the insole. Top manufacturing companies produce their products with denser indicators. They have half sizes that can provide a comfortable fit of the foot to the shoe.

Some manufacturers have gone further. To ensure the most comfortable wearing, they make sizes with a step difference of 2/3. The convenience of such a small difference is obvious. Because a whole centimeter can lead to slipping of a foot in shoes or unnecessary rubbing.

It is better to choose proven brands whose work experience and innovations will pleasantly satisfy both beginners and pro users. They are constantly striving to improve their products in order to facilitate the work of riders. More expensive models are naturally convenient and comfortable.

See the women’s footwear size guide:

636-374~8.75 in / 22.5 cm
6.5374.5~9 in / 23 cm
737-385~9.25 in / 23.5 cm
7.5385.5~9.375 in / 23.8 cm
838-396~9.5 in / 24 cm
8.5396.5~9.75 in / 24.6 cm
939-407~9.875 in / 25 cm
9.5407.5~10 in / 25.4 cm
1040-418~10.2 in / 25.9 cm
10.5418.5~10.35 in / 26.2 cm
1141-429~10.5 in / 26.7 cm

Women’s footwear size chart is necessary to accurately determine your shoe size while online shopping. Using the chart, you can easily define your measurements or transfer the already known into the necessary US, UK or UA. This guide is must-have for comfortable shopping.

For example, you need the US size of footwear. For knowing this, you measure your feet length and find what size corresponds to your feet. Making purchases in online shops, this women’s footwear size chart is a great helper. You will be able to easily buy the outfit not trying it on.

The real woman is defined not only by stylish comfortable footwear. But also by carefully chosen the shoe size. Among a great amount of fashionable footwear available on the market, it is hard to find the maximally comfortable for your feet shoe size.

US and UK size charts differ form each other. They can vary even on the centimeter. Making purchases in different shops, it is hard to get lost. So we recommend to always use the size chart.

How to use the size chart?

In order to avoid mistakes while buying spin shoes, you need to use the size chart. If you know your feet length in centimeters, there is no problem to figure out the size.

Measure the feet correctly:

  • Place the feet in a thin sock on a blank sheet. With a simple pencil (do not use thick felt-tip pens) circle the foot perpendicular to the floor
  • Now use a ruler to measure the distance from the fingers’ edge to the heel. The ruler should be parallel to the outer leg edge
  • Check the footwear size chart

If your ruler or measuring tape measures in inches, then the result should be multiplied by 2.54. Do not measure in any case the sole of your most comfortable footwear. As it can differ 5-10 cm from the needed parameter.

Do not rely on the size you currently wear. Better conduct the measurements before each purchase and compare with the chart for the correct size definition.

Advice on buying the footwear online

Actually, the feet volume do not affect the shoe size. That is why you will not see it on the chart. You should define it yourself. What about the situation when there is any suitable shoe size for you in the chart?

If you do not have the possibility to find and try on the necessary sports shoes in the local shop, you will have to make up a decision by yourself. Here you need to define what season you need the footwear for. If you buy the outfit for winter, it is better to buy larger shoes as you wear it with the socks.

In case you need the demi-season or summer shoes, mind that small size can stretch out a bit. But larger – no. We recommend being attentive white trying it on.

Road cycling shoe clasps

Comparing the usual sports footwear, the main ways of clasp are Velcro and laces. Besides, the fishing line is also a popular and comfy variant. These fastening systems have their own characteristics and are selected based on the habits of an individual cyclist.

  • The most widespread type of shoe clasp is Velcro. It helps to fix the leg and do not allow to slip in the foot. This type of shoe clasp fixes the lower shoe part that needs regulating. Mind one drawback: Velcro tends to wear down faster.

But if the shoes are in good condition, and Velcro is the only problem, they can be repaired by contacting shoe repair services. Of course, their look can suffer a bit. But functional qualities stay the same. It is often practiced for budget models.

  • Laces speak for itself. Everyone has shoes with laces. While using, it becomes possible to adjust the contraction of a large area of ​​shoes. The disadvantage is the long lacing process and the inability to quickly adjust.
  • The fishing line or Boa is used by many manufacturers for fixing on their models, considering the high demand for it. The main advantage is the possibility of regulating at any time and position. You can do it even while training.

Road cycling shoes have less soft pads. But it does not affect their anatomical form, that is surrounded by 5 hard pads. Inside, there are thin insoles. If they are of high quality, then with proper care they can last for a long time. More budget and not practical models will wear down after some month of intensive usage.

Some manufacturers, taking care of users, have 3 varieties of insoles:

  • for the middle foot;
  • for flat feet;
  • high rise feet.

Other manufacturers produce the supporters for their road cycling shoes. They are stuck to the insole in the necessary place to ensure comfort while fitting the foot to the sole.

Cycling shoes are dried easily and have excellent air access. This is due to the minimum content of foam. The upper part is made of non-stretch elastic material. The surface has lots of holes, due to which the air circulates, enabling all the necessary conditions for the speed riding.

Remember that you should choose thin socks made of natural material under such footwear. Road cycling shoes are purchased not for walking and running, but for cycling. Therefore, choose it starting from the expected results with circular pedaling. Such shoes should sit on your feet, like a glove without any discomfort.

The soles of cycling shoes

The soles of cycling shoes are particularly strong, as they are made of hard plastic, often reinforced with fiberglass or carbon fiber. Most types of bicycle shoes are equipped with threaded inserts to which studs for contact pedals can be screwed. However, there are also retro-style shoes with a smooth sole, focused on the use of clips and straps.

There are 2 types of soles for contact pedals. Cycling shoes have 3 threaded spike inserts located on the outside of the sole. Mountain bike shoes, on the other hand, have only 2 mounts for the spike fixed in the recess of the sole protector. Which makes walking easier when you have to get off the bike.

Three-stud cycling shoes are suitable for long-time exercising or riding a bike when you practically do not get off the bike. If your way includes going on foot, better choose the two-stud footwear. Near the heel and toe of the shoe with three holes, usually there are several protruding rubber elements that make walking easier, but they only slightly improve the situation.

Upper part

Upperparts of cycling shoes are made of different materials, including genuine leather or suede, synthetic leather or suede, and nylon. Usually, the upper part is made of separate pieces of the material. But the manufacturers of expensive footwear make it a single element, which allows reducing the total weight of the shoe. Look for stitches reinforced with double stitch lines at the edges of individual panels.

The main body of the bicycle’s upper part is equipped with padding. As well as elements that enhance its rigidity in different places. The toughest place is usually the heel. The heel cups have a special shape that presses your heel to the sole. So that it does not accidentally slip out of the foot while pedaling.

Socks are usually protected against abrasion, especially in shoes designed for mountain biking. In addition to this, next to the heel of the boot and in its upper part there is a padding that provides additional convenience.

The upper parts of some expensive cycling shoes for women can be adjusted to fit your legs. The seller heats them in a special oven, and then you put them on. As you cool, the shoes take the shape of your legs.


In order that your footwear do not slip from your legs, you need to fix it. Classic spin shoes were equipped with laces. But nowadays most of the models clasp with Velcro, tape Velcro or some other combination of fasteners.

Shoes with laces usually have Velcro straps that cover the knot, a buckle to hold the laces in place, and a pocket where you can hide the loose ends. In any case, you do not want the laces to get stuck in the chain or wound around the axis of the pedal. So make sure they are firmly fixed and hidden.

All this may not seem too convenient for you. But the laces allow you to evenly distribute the pressure on the foot, which makes shoes with laces very comfortable.

Velcro straps are the cheapest option. Most often, three of these straps are located at the top of the boot. You just tighten them and stick to the clasps. These straps are easy to handle and hold shoes well on their feet. But there are only three of them, and you can easily fix one of them too tightly. As a result of which part of your leg will be caught. Therefore, do it carefully.

On more expensive boots, the upper Velcro is usually replaced with fishing line. This clasp makes it easy to change tension while riding. You can easily tighten it, preparing for a decisive throw, or vice versa, weaken if your legs begin to get tired.

Some high-end boots are equipped with two handles that adjust the tension level of high-quality plastic-coated steel cables. This high-tech lower response to the laces evenly distributes pressure across the entire surface of the foot. This idea was first applied to the BOA system, that allows you to adjust the tension during riding.


Inside your shoe, you will find an insole that serves to distribute the load and increase comfort. The insole can be a regular layer of foam. Or liners of various densities with an adjustable level of support. In addition, there are special insoles that adapt to the shape of your foot. You can always buy new insoles if the old ones are worn out or for some reason do not suit you anymore.

Ventilation, heat and waterproofing

Considering the pressure your legs are experiencing, they can get very hot during warm days. That is why some shoes are equipped with lightweight nets that allow air to cool your feet. In addition, nets can reduce the total weight of shoes.

In addition, the soles of many cycle shoes have air vents. Of course, in winter they can only bother you, but this can be easily fixed with a few pieces of scotch tape. Since we mentioned winter, you can buy special shoes designed to protect your feet from cold and moisture.

Usually, they are equipped with a breathable waterproof Gortex lining and a layer of insulation. This means that such shoes will cost you a lot of money, but it’s really worth it if you want to continue your workouts in winter.

Professional advice: buy them in the spring, when they are usually sold at a big discount. And put them off until the winter.

Pros and cons of using the exercise bike

Let’s talk about the simulator, for which the cycle shoes are chosen – an exercise bike. Actually, this fitness equipment is an excellent way to maintain the shape during the whole year.


  • Time-saving

You have only 60 minutes for training, and you can spend 55 of them with use. The simulator has one of the highest temporary efficiency of all ways to spend time on energy waste. Put on your shoes, take a towel, sit in the saddle and start training!

No more questions about choosing places for comfortable riding the bicycle. No more time spent to prepare for riding. An exercise bike is a great way to save your time and efforts.

  • Safety

Comparing with riding the usual bike, training on an exercise bike is much safer. The worst that you can expect during home training, is the encounter with the wall on a roller skate. Actually, the chances of this are minimal, and the risks are ridiculous compared to an accident on the road.

Besides, with special cycling shoes, your training will be absolutely comfortable and without any risks of slipping.

  • Availability on any weather conditions

If the weather is far not good, there is not a problem to train on the exercise bike. Home is an excellent place for safe pedaling: working with one foot, with very high intensity, etc. All these techniques are more convenient and safer to do using a simulator, not on the road.

  • Stability of load

Everyone who rides the usual bicycle knows about the probable obstacles. The wind can blow too much so that it is not comfortable to maintain the speed. Even pro users find it hard to oppose for a long time. Any gust of wind, a passing car, the relief can easily knock you out of the desired power rate, making you work once again with gears.

Using the exercise bike, it is enough just to pedal with a steady rhythm to get a constant load. By the way, this constant load makes it possible to evaluate the progress in training. Just regularly do a step test with the same load set on the simulator, tire pressure and the same alignment of sprockets. And look at which gear and point the failure occurs.


Are cycling shoes worth it?
Of course. The main purpose of using this footwear is to enhance your pedal efficiency. The stiff soles of spinning shoes will enable you to give power from your feet to the pedals comfortably.

How should indoor cycling shoes fit?
You should feel maximum comfort. It should snug in the heel with equal pressure on the instep. There must be a little space at the end of perfectly-fit cycling footwear. Besides, no pinching or restricting while trying on, as it will be much noticeable during the training. 

Do all cycling shoes fit pedals?
Usually, exercise bikes are made to operate with clipless pedals. So they have the special holes in the soles for fastening support. Spinning footwear intended for use with 2-hole systems cannot be altered to use 3-hole support. The 4-hole pedal system can be adjusted to be suitable for many styles.

Should your toes touch the end of shoes? .
Yes, you should have a fingers width distance between the end of your longest toe and the end of your spin shoe

Do cycling shoes run true to size?
Some models of spinning shoes need trying on when choosing a suitable pair. As the size chart is not corresponding to the usual one. Nevertheless, most brands make shoes that run true to size.


  • Monotonous and boring

Some people can drive along the highway with enthusiasm for up to 3 hours, even for 4-5 hours without much discomfort. Then it just gets boring and it starts to hurt. Training on the exercise bike for 2 hours or more is an activity for the strong in spirit and a little weak in mind.

There are fixed cases when sportsmen spent 4.5 hours training on the simulator. But it is an exception from the rule, as the normal person is bored after 20-30 minutes of riding. A long riding for about 90 minutes can be called a psychological barrier for many.

  • Weakening the technique of riding the bike

Regular training using the exercise bike can weaken the technique of riding a bicycle. If you get accustomed to home training, it is hard to ride a bike without mistakes. You will not probably meet the corners, feel not comfortable in groups and so on.

The mistakes can even lower your self-esteem when you feel confident only riding the exercise bike. Nevertheless, you get a better result in this case.

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Spin cycle shoes for women: stiff and lightweight

Summing up, we should notice the difference between women and men’s spin shoes. In addition, women’s legs are generally smaller. Therefore, women’s cycling shoes have a slightly different shape. Some models are available in lower size, then the limit of men’s shoes.

  • What do you get for your money?

We recommend comparing the offers of different shops, as the footwear is rarely sold at the recommended retail price. You can buy a pair of shoes with three Velcro and plastic soles reinforced with fiberglass, for only 35$. Going up to 70$, you get Boa clasps that make it easy to change tension.

  • Are you looking for something stiffer but lightweight?

The cheapest shoes with carbon fiber soles will cost you 92$. For shoes that adapt to the shape of the foot, you will have to pay about the same amount. All the more expensive shoes are usually focused on riders, with the exception of several models of winter and mountain boots.

As the price increases, the soles become stiffer and the overall shoe weight decreases. Lightweight and durable materials needed to achieve this are quite expensive, which raises the shoe price. Got a jackpot in the lottery? Pay attention to models made of kangaroo leather with carbon fiber soles, BOA buckles, and other nice features. You will not regret!

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