For all subscribers who suffer from stagnation in training or lack of motivation. I present only the most “delicious” musical compositions that just blow your brain and make you train harder and harder! Intrigued? Dare, you can download music for training just by clicking on the appropriate songs below. We made a list of only motivational best workout songs to do sports in 2019!

Music will help make workouts more enjoyable and productive. The main thing – to choose the right playlist.
We studied popular sports collections of streaming services. Selected the best motivational workout songs from them. And arranged them in such a way that the tempo would smoothly change from song to song.

25 Best Workout Songs for the Gym of All Ages

We conducted a survey among former and current professional bodybuilders. Collected hundreds of recommendations, and then made a difficult choice. So now, without hesitation, we can tell you: you have the best workout songs for training. Songs that give impetus to the blood flowing through the veins.

Songs that can make you go out in cold weather. Songs that make you scream like a crazy beast when it is overstressed. Find these motivational workout songs and listen to them. And most importantly – turn them on at full volume. This list includes songs related to rock, rap and everything else you could wish for. So take a look at it.


25. Iron Man, Black Sabbath

For a bodybuilding gym, there is hardly any better song for this one. Moreover, if you are lifting crazy weights, then turn on this tune, which has become a single definition of heavy metal style. Because of her, you may become as abnormal as Ozzy Osbourne, a former member of Black Sabbath, but she helps to sway, allowing you to make additional approaches.

24. “Instant Karma!”, (We All Shine On), John Lennon

Great composition, forcing to raise your ass. The song was produced by Phil Spector. The recording was attended by George Harrison, who played the guitar. It was composed and recorded in the studio on the same day, and ten days later it was already on sale. Under it, you will also move faster.

23. “Piece of My Heart”, Janis Joplin

This is the only female composition on our list (except for “Mom” LL Cool J), but on the other hand, this is not the Lilith Fair festival, right? Janice’s passion is in full swing, and she orders the audience to absorb it. What are you waiting for? Absorb, damn it.

22. “Time 4 Sum Aksion”, Redman 

The aggressive reputation of this motivational workout song was confirmed by Mike Tyson, who chose it as a composition, under which he went into the ring for the first time after serving the conclusion. Redman’s rhythmic drops and songs that are not subject to ordinary laws will pump you up with motivation to defeat something more serious than Peter McNealy.

21. “Black Dog”, Led Zeppelin 

“Hey, beautiful, you are so lit, I will make you sweat, and you will be pleased as never before in my life.” The combination of Page’s immortal riffs, Plant’s monstrous voice, and Bonham’s thundering percussion make you rock iron like a violent Viking.

20. “Rip This Joint”, The Rolling Stones

Despite the fact that Jagger’s face resembles Dorian Gray at the sunset of life, the singer’s body is still like that of an inveterate heartthrob. And motivational workout songs like this prove why this is so. This feverish short song, 2 minutes and 22 seconds long, gives the necessary charge for intensive training both on the treadmill and on the Smith machine.


19. Flight of the Valkyries, Richard Wagner 

This thunderous composition plays a big role in a small film called Apocalypse Today. Download it and turn it on at full volume for pain in the ears. With this, you either secure a heart attack or set a personal record.

18. Droppin ’Plates, Disturbed 

They say that music is a weapon. We agree with this (if this is a mass-raising weapon, of course). The rage in this thing whips over the edge, not to mention the fact that this is perhaps the most suitable song for weightlifting on this list.

17. “Walk,” Pantera 

“Walk” … like a passage through a brick wall. Your favourite dressing room song about a friend beating on your back will surely hit your nerves, so listen to her — listen to the rattle. In those days when you are fighting for results – do not run … just go to the rhythm of “Walk.”

16. “So What’cha Want,” Beastie Boys 

There is a reason for the fact that this song opens the best album of Solid Gold Hits. The repulsive genre mix of the boys’ hip-hop brand and the directions of the old school soul and grooves is penetrating to the core, stimulating enhanced energy release. If you want to have a pumped-up relief press, then put this composition on repeat.

15. “Chest Day,” Frank Zane

There is a reason for the fact that this motivational workout song opens the best album of Solid Gold Hits. The repulsive genre mix of the boys’ hip-hop brand and the directions of the old school soul and grooves is penetrating to the core, stimulating enhanced energy release. If you want to have a pumped-up relief press, then put this composition on repeat.

14. “Another One Bites the Dust”, Queen 

The Queen group has made many hits suitable for training (“We Are the Champions”, “We Will Rock You”, “Under Pressure”). And this motivational workout song stands out among them with a powerful bass line and impudent mood.

13.  “Lose Yourself”, Eminem 

If you hate this guy, then you don’t like the recommendation. Well, okay. Pulsating bass, hypnotising text and message in the spirit of Ali: No one (not even a worm of doubt crept into the soul) do not allow yourself to be dissuaded from achieving what you want.

12. “Right Now”, Korn 

The lyrics of the song relating to the nu-metal classics will properly tune you into punishing yourself for gaining extra weight: “Something is not right for me today / No, this is not detachment or stupor at all / Only irritability and quiet rage”.

11.  “Move B *** h”, Ludacris 

We were all in this position – the position of a joyless type, indecisively languishing in a corner. And when you finally have more free space around you, pour the accumulated rage into a few complementary approaches with an expression of higher impatience, for the time being, pent up.

10. Overture “1812”, P. Tchaikovsky

Even if the embodiment of your ideas about classical music is the early stage of Black Crowes, this thunderous composition is known to you anyway. They say that Tchaikovsky himself declared that it has no artistic value. But who needs art if you have pumped legs?

9. “Gonna Fly Now”, Bill Conti / Bill Conti 

Some songs become indispensable for training. Others are just made for them. The song from “Rocky” belongs to the second category. Hearing these pipes, you start burning with the desire to swallow six raw eggs, pull on a grey T-shirt and run through several hundred steps – and all this at once.

8.  “Mama Said Knock You Out”, LL Cool J 

LL’s reputation has never been high. But one day he rehabilitated, shocking the world of hip-hop with this uncompromising motivational workout song. Gorgeous bass and deadly bars will give you back your aggressive energy.

7. “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, Nirvana 

Your training partner is gasping like some overweight marathon runner, and you still, as if nothing has happened, do dumbbell approaches, building up muscle mass. And all because your ears torment inspirational aggressive sounds of the disturbing hymn created by Kurt Cobain.

6. “Hit‘ Em Up “, 2Pac 

In a caustic and equally straightforward text, 2Pac verbally criticises Notorious rapper B.I.G. and boasts that he slept with someone’s wife (hmm … and with someone else, interesting?). When you train, you want to listen to something evil or cheeky. So, here there is both.

5. “Eye of the Tiger”, Survivor

The song belongs to the hard rock of the 80s. The text is simple, but, damn it, if it fit Rocky Balboa, it will do for you.

4. “Fight the Power”, Public Enemy 

Explosive, implacable, aggressive, incendiary – just what you need for the gym. Deafening bass, staccato bars, text in the spirit of “Take No Prisoners” – all this will lead you into a state of assault when you start to perform the first set.

3. “Back in Black”, AC / DC 

No other song shouts about real masculinity except this one. “Back in Black” will twist at all times, as long as there are speakers.

2. “Enter Sandman”, Metallica 

Heavy riffs, heavy rhythms – the perfect song for training with large weights. Listen to Lars Ulrich pounding the drums and not wanting to touch the iron? No, It is Impossible.

1. “Welcome to the Jungle”, Guns N ’Roses

What can be said here? The gym is a jungle. Axl’s growling vocals and Slash’s infectious powerful chords will make you repeat the approaches like some kind of crazy monkey-man. Do you need irrefutable evidence that this is the best song passed down from generation to generation? When Dorian Yeats was preparing for the “Mr Olympia” contest (which he won six times), he included it every day in training for legs. If it produced the desired effect for the Shadow, it would produce it for you.

The best motivational workout songs for sports – top by AskMeFitnessQuestion

If the rhythmic track of Eminem Till I Collapse inspires you to workout in the gym, you are far, far from alone. To see this for yourself, look at the top sports track, compiled by AskMeFitnessQuestion.

Of course, many of these tracks are popular not only among athletes – they just currently lead the music charts. However, according to data collected from millions of AskMeFitnessQuestion users, it is this music that is most often included in playlists with the #workout tag.

Here are two top lists by AskMeFitnessQuestion.

The best workout songs performers to do sports in 2019

  • Drake
  • Eminem
  • Kanye West
  • Rihanna
  • Calvin Harris
  • The Weeknd
  • The Chainsmokers
  • Beyoncé
  • Sia
  • David Guetta

Best workout playlist for 2019 by AskMeFitnessQuestion

  1. Eminem — Till I Collapse
  2. Kanye West — POWER
  3. Drake — Jumpman
  4. The Chainsmokers — Closer
  5. Calvin Harris — This is What You Came For
  6. Rihanna — Work
  7. Sia — Cheap Thrills
  8. The Weeknd — Starboy
  9. Beyoncé — 7/11
  10. David Guetta — Hey Mama

How music affects sports

Like music influenced Probably, everyone who plays sports felt the beneficial effect of music during training: it raises the spirits, sets the pace for exercises and helps to take new records of strength, speed and endurance.

Those who do not have enough personal experience can be convinced by science. Besides, Canadian study: Music enhancing exercise and perceived sprint interval exercise. 2015 confirms the thesis of the positive impact of music on the productivity and mood of a person during a series of short, intense exercises. And Japanese experts at the Center for the Humanities proved the effects of music during exercise on RPE, the heart rate and the autonomic nervous system. , that music helps to reduce stress caused by fatigue, and increase the level of comfort during cardio.

The psychological factor plays a decisive role in this, but it is an experiment. Iranian researchers, conducted in 2015, confirms the influence of music and on physiological indicators: pressure and pulse.

More music helps to set records in the power exercises. Experimental Results Listening to music affects diurnal variation in muscle power output. Specialists from the National Center for Medicine and Sports Research show that music helps to improve the average and peak power during training.

Best workout songs to do sports in 2019

How to make the right playlist?

To create the perfect playlist, we advise you to follow certain rules.

Include your favourite songs
We did not recommend listening to your favourite music at work or on the road, but now you can finally. Health and a beautiful body are, of course, important, but do not forget about pleasure. Include motivational workout songs in the selection that invariably raise your spirits, but distract other things.
Use music of different genres
Even in professional athletes’ playlists, dance music can coexist with alternative rock, pop or country music. There is nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, it will help make your workout more interesting and diverse.

Pay attention to tempo
But the pace is really important. It is abbreviated bpm and is measured in beats per minute. You can learn the tempo of the song on request in a search engine by adding bpm to the title of the song. In addition to this, it is important to consider several nuances at once:

  • Try to choose motivational workout songs in the range of 120–145 bpm. This pace is suitable for most exercises.
  • Increase the pace gradually. Do you start your workout with a warm-up? Let the playlist match: it would be great to start with a motivating song at a slow pace.
  • Do not use shuffle. In an ideal playlist, the location of the tracks corresponds to a specific scenario, so random order here only hurts.
  • Pick music for specific exercises. Ideally, each of the repetitions will synchronously hit the beat. For example, many athletes choose music at 180 bpm, under the cadence run. You can use another principle: to include powerful and motivating songs during strength exercises, and soft and relaxing to listen during cardio.
Do not neglect pop music
We already talked about the optimal pace – 120–145 bpm. Pop songs, as a rule, corresponding to it. Moreover, they are often energetic and easy – what you need for training.
Choose songs with motivating and life-affirming lyrics.
Sometimes motivating text can be an additional psychological help. For example, the motivational workout song Don’t Stop Me Now of the band Queen. Its pace can hardly be called optimal for training, but with one of its promises, it can charge with energy for new achievements and several approaches that are beyond the norm.

On what to listen to music?

Even a perfect playlist will not be useful if you listen to it on anything.  Further, we will tell you what you should pay attention to and offer options for different conditions: in the hall and at home.

In the gym

Background music is always playing in gyms; visitors are talking, simulators are noisy. Therefore, you should pay attention to the good headphones that will not carry the sound from the outside. You can read our equipment category, and there are many tips on how to choose sports tools.

The next requirement for sports headphones are waterproof and the ability to quickly and effectively sweat them after intense exercise. Special attention should be paid to the ergonomic properties and durability of the cable – headphones should not fall out when you move, and the cord should be protected from wear. Of course, the sound must be rich and of high quality.

Philips ActionFit NoLimits SHQ3405 headphones fully meet these requirements.

Headphones | best workout songs to do sports in 2019

Headphones have customizable ear hooks, and included are ear cups of various sizes so that SHQ3405 will suit anyone. The cable is strengthened by Kevlar, and the weight of such headphones is only 7.1 g.

To control the music, you do not need to get the smartphone – the necessary buttons are on the special switch. There is also a microphone for answering calls.

The degree of protection switch with microphone – IPX2, the headphones themselves – IPX4. This means that sweat drops won’t hurt them, and after an intense workout, they can be rinsed with water.

At home

At home, wires and ear pads can be abandoned, and instead of headphones use a column. For example, an excellent option would be the Philips BT7900 waterproof Bluetooth speaker with a proud 14 watts of power on board.

music column | best workout songs to do sports in 2019

It is suitable for training both at home and in the open air. The battery lasts for 10 hours of music, and the dimensions of 201 × 71 × 72 mm will allow you to carry the column not only in the backpack but even in a small purse. There are three colour variations.

And a little about the most important thing: sound and cost. The column plays powerfully, deeply and in detail, and costs less than many branded counterparts with similar functions.


Hip-hop for Serena Williams, eighties for Ole Einer Bjørndalen, vigorous rap for LeBron James and fiery Kasabian for Andres Iniesta – Masha Makarova looked into the playlist of world athletes and found there a lot of interesting things. Perhaps these songs are the best choice for Sunday morning.

It happens like: you walk along the street, you put on the headphones, it’s boring, sad, you don’t have a hand. But then suddenly, once – and hoarse rock-and-pollster yells to you that we must urgently stop whining, get up and move on. Your hand is already reaching for the player to switch this arrogant guy to someone more gentle but freezes halfway. “And the truth is, and why am I depressed?”, – You ask yourself the most important question, and you cannot find an answer to it. I want to immediately accomplish some feat. And its all is music.

  1. Michael Phelps
    (18 times Olympic champion) Best motivational workout songs

– I ALWAYS listen to DMX. Here is the song called Party Up.

According to legend, before setting his first world record, American swimmer Michael Phelps listened carefully to one fabulous rap song. And since then, gone-gone. Records began to fall one after another, gold (Olympic) flowed into the hands, and the following lines invariably sounded in the headphones:

«All your men up in the jail before, suck my d**k.
And all the other cats you run with, get done with, dumb quick,
How the f**k are you gonna cross the dog with some bum shit?»

2. Serena Williams Best motivational workout songs
34 times Grand Slam Tournament Winner

– I listen to songs that motivate me, make me gather. Green Day has these. Sometimes I include something from Beyonce, she seems very keen on her work. Hip-hop, too, listen, and a lot.

Serena Williams loves music. So much so that she once played the harmonica and the guitar. She has as many as five of the legendary Stratocaster guitars in her collection. With her sister Venus, she even made a rock band. “It was the case; I arranged real jam sessions. In our group, we could not find a drummer, but the jams were conducted regularly. Venus was on the bass; I’m on the guitar. Sometimes the opposite. We played rock music, punk … Venus loves something more alternative. It was a lot of fun! ” Before the matches, Serena is not always able to listen to something. Sometimes she needs silence to tune in to the game, but she still has her playlist.

3. Lleyton Hewitt Best motivational workout songs
triple winner of Grand Slam tournaments

– I like Rocky’s fighting spirit, his attitude to work,
his motto is “never give up.” The film Stallone influenced me very much on how I play. I always fight to the end.

Australian tennis player Lleyton Hewitt is a big fan of Rocky. Before important matches, he always listened to the main musical theme of the tape, Eye Of The Tiger. According to Hewitt, this song raises the level of adrenaline in the blood, and the film teaches what it means to be an athlete. It does not matter if you fight in the ring or go to court.


4. Lebron James Best motivational workout songs
two-time NBA champion, one of the coolest sportsmen on the planet

– I love Jay-Z. His lyrics, presentation, music and inspiration always prepare me to go out and do my best to win.

In March 2012, the Miami Heat hit the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA regular season. It was a remake of 2011 final when Dallas defeated Miami. But this time the victory was won by basketball players from Miami. And many say that it was just that LeBron James turned on his playlist in the locker room “Hit”. It consisted of the following songs:

Wu-Tang Clan — Bring The Pain
Jay-Z — Reservoir Dogs
DMX compilation


5. Ole Einar BjoerndalenBest motivational workout songs
eight-time Olympic champion in biathlon 

– If you choose one thing, then choose Dire Straits, they always have good music.

To start with, the rap is sometimes listened to by the great biathlete Ole Einar Bjoerndalen, but he still calls the rock band Dire Straits his favourite. In Norway, not so long ago, an interesting survey was conducted among shooting skiers. They were asked under which song they would like to start in the race. Then these songs really included on one of the races. Ole Einar proudly drove under the Brothers In Arms. Classics do not age (like Bjoerndalen himself).

6. Steven Gerrard Best motivational workout songs
still captain of Liverpool, holder of the Order of the British Empire

– I listen to a lot of music, but Dakota is my favorite!

Before the 2014 World Cup, England football players were asked to compile a music CD with motivating songs that they listen to in training before the match. The collection turned out to be somehow indistinct – in fact, as the English game at that very championship. Glen Johnson, for example, chose the naughty song Naughty Boy – La La La, Jack Wilshere – the track with the iconic name Sam Sam Smith’s Money On My Mind. And even Steve Gerrard, who not without reason considers himself a good musical taste, for some reason The disc chose a pop hit from Avicii – Wake Me Up. Although all Liverpool fans have long known that Gerrard’s favourite song is the Dakota of the Stereophonics group. He listens to it before the matches (apart from, of course, You’ll Never Walk Alone).

Well, that would include Stereophonics – you see, better, England would perform in Brazil!

7. Andres Iniesta Best motivational workout songs
world champion in football

– I would like to say a big thank you to the Kasabian group. I want to invite them to visit me, as well as to call for a game between Barça and Real Madrid at Camp Nou. And we could walk all night in Barcelona and celebrate the victory at the World Cup as it should!

In 2010, the Spanish national football team turned out much better than the British in 2014. It is said that Fernando Torres, a well-known fan of the Kasabian group, was in charge of the team’s dressing room at the team – before each match, the loud and angry motivational workout song of the Lesters of the Club Foot played. After winning the World Cup, the Spaniards even called Kasabian to play at their holiday, because … well, they were in some sense involved in it, didn’t they?

8. Ian Thorpe Best motivational workout songs
five-time Olympic champion in swimming 

– My grandfather made me a waterproof iPhone case. When I swim, I usually listen to Kanye West, the album Watch The Throne – it’s cool, this is not some bang-bang techno. His rhythm is about the same as the one in which I swim.

Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe loves different music but prefers to swim … of course, with hip-hop in his headphones.


9. Evander Holyfield Best motivational workout songs
the only one in the history of professional boxing four-time world heavyweight champion (as well as the man whom Mike Tyson bit off a piece of an ear)

– It’s all about the thoughts that come to mind. Whatever you do, your brain speaks to you. It often happens that you run, and the brain points out to you: “Stop!”. But I still continue to run, because if you stop once, you will always stop. Music helps drown out these thoughts.

The famous heavyweight boxer, who ended his career in 2011, drew inspiration from eighties music. It was she who helped him to accumulate adrenaline before the fights and fight with other thoughts in training. Eye Of The Tiger? – Certainly, but not only. Maybe the hit Maniac from the Flashdance musical doesn’t fit in with the image of a huge boxer, but this motivational workout song is included in the Holyfield playlist. And another mandatory track is War (What Is It Good For?).

10. Svetlana Kuznetsova Best motivational workout songs
two-time winner of the Grand Slam

– Before the matches, I often listen to Deja Vu Beyonce and Jay-Z. Such music motivates me, helps me to concentrate.

In addition to Jay-Z and Beyonce, tennis player prefers Russian rock. It is no secret that Kuznetsova is a real Zemfira fan. She tries to catch her concerts at any opportunity and lights them so that she would never recognise the world-famous athlete. But right before the games, Kuznetsova chooses which is simpler, namely R’n’B.

Workout playlist for 2019 by famous athletes

During your next workout, imagine yourself being transported directly to the stadium, where thousands of fans shout out your name, motivating you more and more with each step. This dream can become a reality thanks to the music with which world-class athletes go to their gold awards. If during swims in the pool you need inspiration, like swimmer Missy Franklin. Or you are looking for dance music that energises you on the way to the finish line, like fencer Dagmara Wozniak. Rate these training motivational workout songs chosen by the best athletes to help you reach your goal.

Training Music playlist by Dagmara Wozniak

Titled swordsman Dagmar Wozniak listens to heavy bass and dance music to lift the spirits before fights. According to W Magazine, her training playlist includes “something with bass” and motivational workout songs by artists such as Ellie Goulding, Major Lazer and Drake. Practising about 16–19 hours a week, Wozniak uses the dynamics and richness of heavy bass music to invigorate herself before going on the track. While there is a countdown to the beginning of the summer Olympic Games in Rio, there is one composition Goulding, which must necessarily be included in the Wozniak playlist – Black and Gold.

Workout songs to do sports by Missy Franklin

Missy franklin | best workout songs to do sports in 2019

Melissa “Missy” Franklin surpasses competitors, winning international awards and recognition for her outstanding skill. Along with the collection of medals, she is the owner of world records in the combined relay 4 by 100 meters and 200 meters at the back. Franklin began her career in swimming at the age of 5 years, and for the first time competed with the world champions when she turned 17.

She will continue her journey to excellence when she returns to the pool during the Rio Summer Olympics. Franklin relies on pre-swim prayers, faith, and a variety of workout music. In her playlist, compiled for ESPN, the songs that she listens to before the competition. Her favourites include Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) of the Christian music band Hillsong United, Leave The Night On Sam Hunt and some of the work of the Zac Brown Band.








Harrison Barnes training motivational music

Harrison Barnes | best workout songs to do sports in 2019As a light forward, the Golden State Warriors and future Dallas Mavericks star Harrison Barnes should be ready to enter the field with a beep. After a dynamic season in the NBA, Barnes will strive to score as many balls as possible during the Rio Summer Olympics. According to UPROXX, Barnes has a separate playlist for workouts, which includes compositions of hip-hop artists such as Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Bruno Mars, along with songs from the pop star Justin Timberlake’s soft soprano. The composition of Mirrors Justin Timberlake is one of the most favourites for the athlete.










Training playlist by Sanya Richards-Ross

Sanya Richards-Ross | best workout songs to do sports in 2019From the age of 7, Sanya Richards-Ross began to conquer the racetracks, collecting medals and moving towards international competitions. Unfortunately, during the selection for her fourth Olympics, Richards-Ross suffered a serious injury that led to the end of her career. Accelerating at the last turn of the 400-meter qualifying race, she felt a sharp pain in the back of the thigh. Soon she learned that Rio would have to forget. In spite of everything, Richards-Ross does not give up, remaining an example of strength, speed and grace. Do you wonder what Richards-Ross is listening to when she needs extra motivation? Check out her playlist she shared with ESPN. Along with the inspiring African-American music of We Must Praise from J. Moss, the athlete is also motivated by the powerful sound of Love Yourz performed by J. Cole, Feeling Myself Nicki Minaj and Post To Be by Omarion.




Start your training

Now that you know which motivational workout songs inspire some of your favourite world-class athletes, it’s time to sweat. When packing the necessary supplies in your gym bag, do not forget to bring along a music device.

If your workouts are outdoors, the Sony NW-WS410 Sports Walkman® will cover any distance with you without fear of water, extreme temperatures, dust or sand. For those who prefer to train at home or in the gym, wireless headphones MDR-XB650BT are ideal. The saturated, energetic bass reproduced by them will help to open the second breath. These musical devices and motivational music will inspire you during training, helping to become the next world-class athlete.


Best motivational workout songs to do sports in 2019
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