How can I choose a right and influential personal Crossfit coach? 

Hello for everyone! First of all, let me say, that your site has a lot of beautiful posts and articles. And what is more, all of them are just fascinating! So, today I have read the post: Crossfit training as one of the newest kinds of workout.

And now, I want you to know that this post was awe-inspiring and useful for me. It has a lot of comprehensive information. That’s why, without any doubts, I will strongly recommend this post for everyone.

Moreover, can you imagine that thanks for your post I decided to start to do Crossfit training? It is fantastic! Now I have a big desire and motivation. I want to make my body healthy, beautiful and attractive. So thank you a lot for such an excellent sports motivation. However, I have some question for you.

In this post, you have noticed that it is essential to have a personal coach. You have mentioned that this person can demonstrate how to do the exercises correctly. If I do wrong, my trainer will tell me about it. Of course, I agree with this point of view. It is understandable that there are no videos, which will track how I perform the task. The coach will correct my mistakes. So, as a result, I will do everything right. All this statement sound perfect and quite incredible.

But my questions are:

  • How can I choose a right and influential personal Crossfit coach? 
  • What should I pay attention to when I choose a personal Crossfit coach?
  • Which extensive experience and human qualities he/she need to have?
  • Where should I look for a persuasive Crossfit coach? Should I choose a gym and that a coach, or maybe it must be the other way around?
  • On what grounds can I understand that he/she is an excellent Crossfit coach?

Also, it is evident that the coach selects the ratio of calories. However, I want to clarify who must plan a personal diet? Who should choose my meals for a day? As far as I know, some individual nutritionists that make the own food menu for every person. Although, in your post, there is information that the personal Crossfit coach makes own diet. Can you tell a little bit more about it?

Finally, I want you to know that without any doubts it is essential for me. I have some extra weight. Thanks for your fantastic post I decided to do Crossfit to lose my weight. I want to change my life and my body right here and right now. So, I have no time to delay. I genuinely want to find a cool trainer that will help me to do all my best. I want to be successful in this new and trendy kind of workout!

I hope, you will understand me and give me your detailed replies to the questions in a short time. I look forward to your responses! I am sure that your pieces of advice will be beneficial for me!

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Hello, Maria!

I am very glad that you now that it is very important to choose the right and influential personal CrossFit coach. Doing sport on your own without knowing what is correct and what is not can lead to bad results. I want to help you to choose a good personal influential coach.

Personal professional trainers work in fitness centers, health clubs or privately visit clients at home. At first glance, finding a coach is not so trivial because of going to the fitness club a couple of times, watching and choosing who is more appropriate for you, but, in fact, finding a good coach is not so simple. Before hiring someone who can help you achieve your goals in sports, you need to know what requirements a professional trainer needs to comply with.

Below I present you some tips to help you to find the right and influential personal coach:

 Certificates and education

If your personal trainer works in a fitness club, it does not mean that he has a certificate. This is one of the most important points in finding a personal coach. Do not hesitate to ask about a certificate of coaching – this document should be issued by the appropriate, legal authority.
Personal fitness coach should have profile education and many certificates that affirm attending various courses of advanced training and seminars.
A personal trainer should know how to provide first medical care and, at least, to know the basics of traumatology. You know that anything can happen in the gym: fractures, stretching, fainting and even heart stopping. A professional coach must be prepared for such situations.

Medical History and Assessment of physical abilities

Before the first lesson, the coach must always ask you about your health and assess your current physical status. He should be aware of your health, should know about chronic diseases, suffered injuries and limitations in the musculoskeletal system – this will enable you to pick up a set of exercises. All this is done by using special questionnaires.
Fitness status includes assessment of such parameters: purpose and type of training, blood pressure, target pulse and anthropometric data (weight, height, body).

Fitness program

After the initial assessment of your physical status, the trainer must develop a training program for you that takes into account your goals. For example, if you are sitting all day in the office, you have a narrow chest and weak rhomboid muscles. As a result of the survey and review, a detailed plan of education should be made. Men often choose workouts for the lower parts of the body and as a result get asymmetry. The coach should see and correct you. Every 6-7 weeks, he must adjust the training plan to avoid the accidents in the training, thereby helping you move faster towards your goal.


If you are hiring a coach who works for a fitness club, then the club will offer you various programs, depending on the length of your subscription. As a rule, it will be more profitable to buy a program instead of several classes. In most clubs, you can count on a free workout with a personal trainer. The price of further visits varies depending on the qualification of the trainer. The cost of a personal home coach is pretty higher than for others.
Before hiring a trainer, look for information about him on the Internet, talk with his current or past clients, ask whether the goal was achieved or not. Pay attention whether a personal coach works with beginners, overweight people, or work just with trained athletes.

External data

Your personal trainer build your own body, he should not look like he needs a personal trainer for himself, he must be in good physical shape. Perhaps some of the exercises in your program are outdoors – it may be jogging, circular workouts. So a coach needs to do all this with you.

It is so important that before you give money to a person who should help you to become healthier and stronger – make sure that he does it, that he is ready for this, that your personal coach has the necessary knowledge and experience.

Did you know that CrossFit training is one of the newest kinds of workout? It means that now it is harder to choose a good  CrossFit trainer. But following my piece of advice about what characteristics the good coach must have , you will definetly choose the right one.


Hi, Maria!
I am glad to hear such interesting questions. The perfect chosen Crossfit coach should have a lot of experience behind his back. Yes, Crossfit is a new branch of training and there are not so much experienced coaches, but there are a lot of people who switch from other sports to Crossfit and now do it as well.
When you choose coach you should definitely take a closer look to his body form. He/she must looks like as you want to be after some time of trainings. Crossfit is such dangerous and your trainer would better to be younger to be capable of demonstrating some exercises. Coach must have certificate to be a coach too. You can’t be sure about the man who don’t have it and maybe it can really hurt your health.
Coach is a human who has a lot more experience than you have. If you are involved in sports for only 1 year, the coach will have, at least, 2 years instead, with no interruption, of course.
The coaches always attached to some gyms, so you have to choose between better gym or better coach. There are some good gyms with great coaches, but it costs too much for some reason. I recommend you to choose coach first, because Crossfit isn’t so demanding to equipment. You would better have a nice coach.
So, you choose a coach and train with him for half a year. Do you see transformation in your body? No? If no, this is the time to think about new coach. Of course, it can be bad genetic or too much overweight, but always some results are visible after half a year trainings.
I wish my advises will help you to choose a coach. Good luck!

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