The difference of training is big. It seems like we can’t find new and creative things. It is real now. Did you hear a lot about fitness? Today we are going to speak about crossfit training. This kind of sport appears only 17 years ago. It contains aerobic exercises, gymnastics, rowling, weightlifting. There are few definitions of crossfit training. It is a philosophy of exercises and as a competitive kind of sport.

Crossfit training is the system of exercises. This exercise is doing with high intensity. It is complex of exercises lasting till one hour. It activates different thews. People start to use crossfit to optimize their physical activity. It is good for strengthening the body, respiratory systems, speed and coordination. It is an intensive sports consist of all kinds of fitness. Today exist many types of crossfit training. For example courses of self-defence, training sets for sports teams. These can be for old people, pregnant women and kids.

What is the crossfit training?

Crossfit – is a round-training. It means that exercises always are repeated every round. It is performing a certain set of exercises. It should be done for the minimum time. Crossfit training has differences from standard training. The loads are aimed at different physical qualities. There are the strength, endurance and agility. For this reason, crossfit divides into three parts. There are weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio. Do not use exercises both on simulators and with free weights in these pieces of training.

Crossfit consist of a variety of exercising. It means that you should do both weightlifting and athletics. The examples are squats, pushes, presses. Using weights, barbells, bars, lunges is the right way to diversify your crossfit training. It also can be bar, rings, jumping. Endurance exercises are running, equipment, swimming. There are no competitive exercises. Athletes can do different exercises for working out. There are endurance, strength and agility. Crossfit training concept is one of the best in the development of general physical fitness.

Exercises for each athlete are selected individually. Halls for crossfit differ from the usual. They have other equipment and sizes. Universal advice for mastering the crossfit system has three parts. There are an experienced trainer, desire, willpower and patience. With the help of these factors, you will have a beautiful figure. You will be able to overcome the difficulty more easily. The training will be much more interesting!

To become with…

In our time, everyone aspires to get the maximum result for a short period of time. Is it possible at all? To achieve visible results you need to work hard. Crossfit training is gaining a lot of popularity. You will quickly get the desired result when you work hard. How to start to use the crossfit?

The system is used in many disciplines. And this is not surprising. Physical preparedness is necessary for all. Scale lets you pick complex training for everyone. When you decide to do round training you should understand it. Crossfit is powerful and intensive loads. There thousands of it. Many exercises require skills of execution technique like jerks, rings. The new athlete needs to oversight by trainer and doctor. The load is the key to effective crossfit training and to good health with no damages.

  • Exercises develop the ability to work with light weights for a long period of time.
  • Every crossfit training contains the complex of gymnastics. It can correct your body in the right way.
  • These exercises include using your own weight. Increased heartbeat, as well as increased heart rate.
  • Also, blood flow in the body is included.

Weightlifting is exercising with free weights, based on training on jerks. There are barbells, weights and other similar shells. This is one of the most difficult training sets that requires upper skills.


What is the crossfit training?

Crossfit training and power aerobic

One of the parts of crossfit training is power aerobic. This complex involves thews of the shoulder girdle, thighs and buttocks. This kind of crossfit training do not contain jumping. There are only strength exercises with some weights. It can be dumbbells of low weight, pampas. During the training squats with different legs positions. You can do various twists and presses, as well as bends. We do different complexes of exercising on every crossfit training. Your thews felt differently and can’t get bored at all!

Power aerobic in crossfit training solves few problems. The excess fat will disappear. Secondly, your thews tone will become tightened up. The thing is that muscle grows is minimal or even stop out. Do not forget that the process of burning fat. It occurs both directly in training. And also occurs after its completion. This kind of crossfit training is recommended for physically fit people. Such loads can’t be used by people with problems with the spine.

Pamp is aerobic leads to body shaping and muscle backing. The complex of these crossfit exercises includes training with a special barbell. It’s weighing from two to twenty kg. It is both gym element and group training. It uses aerobic exercises. Pamp – strength training with the burden, designed for the whole body. Crossfit training dod by sets.

Before every exercise trainer explains features. He can also demonstrate if it is needed. One set occupies four-five minutes. After stretching take place for two minutes. Barbell training is suitable for men and women of all ages. It is an excellent exercise. Do you want to create a beautiful muscular relief? That exercise is for you. Exercise with a barbell is suitable for men and women. As part of crossfit, it is suitable for all ages. This is an excellent exercise for those who want to create a beautiful relief.

Learning gymnastics exercises in crossfit training

It will take you years in crossfit training gymnastics to study and work out the basic fundamental movements. Then, move on to learning more advanced exercises. This process provides optimal learning skills, increased productivity. It can also minimize the risk of injury in the long run. Hollow position for gymnastics in crossfit is very important. It is a thing without which you can not do anything.

Once you gain the skill to keep the position of the hollow on the floor trying to use it in various crossfit training. If you do not get this skill your progress will be stalled. It helps to keep your spine in the neutral position. The priority in mastering the hollow position should be body control. Every step should be learned in a stable position. The early appearance of the impulse will only cause the movement to be wrong.

Jeff Tucker said that the elements of gymnastics are very technic. You must practice them in the correct positions. It will lead to braking in the future. All exercises are based on each other. The average of time given on crossfit training occupies more than 20 seconds. It means you have to do exercise for 20 seconds. After that, you can begin doing the next. You can rest between repetitions.

Types of hollow position exercise. There are hollow with one leg, with hands along the thigh. Raise your hands. The difficulty of crossfit exercises raises. The body must assume a stretched position. The arms are at the top. The lower part of the back should be as close to the floor as possible. The legs should be straight as far as possible. Get to know each stage before moving on!

First static, then dynamics

The athlete can hold the correct static position. After that, you can move on to the dynamics. Movements in the hollow position begin only after the stabilization of the body. The athlete must move the body as one unit. During swings, the spine and pelvis should remain motionless. Further work on the position in crossfit has advantages. For more advanced athletes is always used. You can add complexity. If you have progressed, add external loads. It can be some weight at the ankles. It also can be light weights held right in the hands! There are no easy ways in crossfit, so first learn the basics. I hope you are moving in the right direction!

Weightlifting and crossfit

The development of crossfit training causes attention to stamina. More and more attention was paid to agility and endurance. The lesser role was assigned to physical strength. In the first years of competition were absolute. The exercises in the completion were the maximum weight for one attempt in squats. In recent years, all power elements, have been simplified. It becomes easier in favour of time. Pure strength is less and less important for athletes. They have to learn something else in their crossfit training too. Having enough strength is still an important factor.

Athletes who engage in crossfit training are faced with the problem of lack of strength. They need to develop endurance. It is so-called power endurance. Strength in the crossfit plays an important role. It is necessary to develop endurance in different ways. It will be muscular endurance in the whole body. Some other ways are a good condition of the joints. The presence of skills is important to perform competitive exercises.

Weightlifting and crossfit

Crossifit sets or how to do them

It is important that the athlete does more than 15 reps per set. There is no rest. Muscular endurance develops. It is increasing by the number of repetitions in a short time. Endurance can be developed in different ways. In the context of crossfit, mixed circular training can be used. Here the key role is played by the structure of the exercises.

You can, conditionally, change 15 pull-ups for 15 squats and the result will not keep you waiting. The athlete can move from one exercise to another. Even before one part of the body gets tired and forces the athlete to slow down or stop to rest. You must proceed to the next exercise. It helps to involve other parts of the body. It gives the opportunity to just relax the thews just used.

The load on the system grows. It forces the system to develop. The load must be not too large or not too small. There will be no effect at all or entailing harm to your body. Add to this crossfit training a little cardio. You will increase the load. It would be nice to load yourself long enough. This load will not be limited to your muscular endurance. Running is one of the best ways to develop endurance in crossfit. It can be difficult for even trained guys to complete this task. The strength of joints is increased by training with weightlifting exercises. These exercises are usual. But it is doing with high intensity.

What about the technique of doing the exercise? This is a skill that comes with time. Just train and try to do it better. You will notice if you start doing the exercises in the right way. Do you have good techniques and skills? You can do the exercise quickly even with easier techniques. Of course, if circumstances so require. With a bad technique, you can not afford it. It is absurd to think a good technique can somehow affect your doings. It can, but not in a bad way.

Mistakes during the exercising

Bad habits are annoying. In crossfit they can affect the doing in training and even our results. The pleasure of that sport could be decreased. Probably, we all have bad habits related to the mechanics. It is spread in exercises or other aspects of crossfit. It can be bending your elbows too early when performing a jerk. It also can be careless in repeating.

  • Do you make a lot of breaks during sets? It is the greatest disaster that occurs in any gym. We agree that perhaps you feel tired during your crossfit training. We all feel it. A break will definitely not hurt someone. Are you the one who needs it? To drink water, to tie up the laces on sneakers, you can do it between sets. Don’t do it during them! It’s hard to get rid of this habit. If you remind yourself before starting a workout, it will worth your while.
  • Do you use extra weight in crossfit training? The increasing of weight is an essential part of muscle grows. It became easy for you to pull up. What will you do? You think that now the result will go up? Then you are mistaken. Exactly how you need to increase your working weight. To reach it you should use barbells or sandbag. You must feel hard. You must experience stress and go through difficulties like the big weights.
  • Do you know a certain rhythm of exercise? It is very important to adjust your rhythm to the style of training. If you do not adjust, you will simply finish the training. In that way, you will not reach the results. That will not reflect your real abilities and level of training. You should maintain a steady pace. You will be able to withstand most of the workout. It would be nice to leave a small margin of strength for the final spurt. The training comes to an end. You feel that you have not worked to the full. Then you start to regret. The next time you will know exactly the number of time is needed for you.

Crossifit sets or how to do them

Crossfit Goals

Before starting to engage in crossfit, should clearly define for himself the aims. What wants him to achieve by this? It is important to understand. You can’t move on to something else after crossfit. And the important point here is the definition of goals. The system of training depends on them.

Why do you want to start doing crossfit exercises? The first thing can be as a way to lose weight. Many people start to do crossfit as their first experience in sports. It is not surprising they came to lose weight. Crossfit is really good in this regard. It leads the body to a great shape. It includes the burning of fat. It includes the development of muscle mass and maintains body tone.

The other thing why to do crossfit training because it is an alternative to the gym. Crossfit training is primarily group exercising. It takes place in a very motivating atmosphere. Each training complexes change and alternate. You will never make the same movement from time to time.

Do you want to grow in size, build muscle mass? Then there is some doubt. Athletes that are engaged in crossfit are not too big in sizes. You can watch different videos and decide for yourself what to do. If you want to be like this just do it. Perhaps your choice should be bodybuilding. On the other hand, it is not greatly changing your appearance. If you are at a good level of training you should realize something. You can not grows a lot with crossfit. Crossfit is an excellent tool to pump endurance. Coordination and strength indicators of the body will be increased as well. It is not so good for the growth of muscle mass.

Why you need to deal with a coach

In any sport, a beginner suffers from fear. He doesn’t know how to choose the right approach to training. He wants to get and see the result. He wants results in the shortest lines. Crossfit, in this case, is no exception. But how can you achieve the desired results? They will contribute an experienced coach.

The coach will demonstrate the correct execution of the exercise. No video will track how you perform the task. The coach will always help and track. He will correct your mistakes. You will do everything right. You will get results faster with him. Remember we talked about the importance of weight selection? The coach has already seen many newcomers. He knows better what weight is suitable for one or another set of exercises. Instead of injury, you can get a result. That is impressive, isn’t it?

The coach will make for you your own diet. He chooses for your meals for a day. Trainer selects the ratio of calories. This is all individually for you! The diet can change in a bit almost every day. The crossfit training is always different. It is the reason why. It is a rare case when a normal trainer did not give his advice to the direct question.

Why you need to deal with a coach

Before crossfit training

You should not be afraid of being weaker than others. Crossfit is the case when everyone is in equal conditions. It is not easy here. Everyone is trying to work for the result. That perhaps you will try even more than experienced athletes. You will achieve the best.

Before starting a crossfit workout, you should consult with your doctor. You also should consult with a trainer to avoid injury. There are quite a few problems to do crossfit due to illness and in some cases. It can be your wrist hurt or something. The trainer will select individual tasks for you. They will be an alternative to the current complex.

Equipment is an important part of crossfit training. You do not need professional clothes. It is necessary for experienced athletes. Every their movement can affect their results. All that a newbie need is comfortable shoes. You should do crossfit exercises in comfortable shoes. If you do not, you risk simply will not learn how to do it correctly. You will not get to do it. Do you have some forms of your body? Do not try to wear a tight T-shirt or shorts. Everything should be free, but there should be no hanging edges so that nothing is hooked. If you need a special outfit, then use it.

The structure of crossfit training

Athlete training consists of 4-5 parts. Warm up is the first part of the crossfit training. It is no matter what thews you will work out. It may be running 400-600 meters. It may also be warming up the joints. It prepares for the execution of the complex. It can consist of just a few sets for 10-15 minutes. It is necessary to stretch all muscle groups. The reason is that crossfit training involves all muscle groups. It is especially important to prepare thews for exercises. Crossfit training often combines weightlifting elements and gymnastic tricks. The temperature of the body should increase. The body will be prepared for loads after warming up.

It is very important to practice some difficult exercises. It is a weightlifting jerk. Just warmed up the organism well remembers the technique of repetitions. It entails their successful execution in the future.

The basis of the training and the goal of the crossfit itself is the development. You can develop one of the sports skills. There are strength, endurance, and agility. This may be deadlift or running for 10-12 kilometres. During one workout, you need to focus on one skill. Do not forget about the others. We are engaged in crossfit training. Pay due attention to the coordination of movements. Crossfit training requires complex jerks and actions.

The next step is the actual execution of sets of crossfit exercises. There is one big rule. You should do as much as you can to reach heights! Combine jerks, pull-ups, squats, carrying. Do it to become stronger, faster. You will be more durable.

Most popular sets of crossfit training

The basic complexes in crossfit training are complexes without hard exercises and with some of them.

  • Cindy – complete as many circles as you can in 20 minutes. One circle consists of 5 pull-ups, 10 pressed, 15 squats.
  • Mary is an advanced version of “Cindy”. It is increased the complexity of movements. If the past complex seemed too easy for you, try this one.
  • Tabata Something Else. In this complex, you do each exercise for 20 seconds. Then rest for 10 seconds. In 20 seconds, you need to complete as many repetitions as you can.
  • Annie must be carried out on time. Alternate double jumps on a rope. It also includes lift ups of the body in such quantity.
  • Angie complex must be completed as soon as possible. It consists of 100 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 liftings of the case, 100 squats. If you can do all this in 30 minutes – fine. You have a really good preparation. If you managed to finish in 15 minutes or less, you’re just a car.

To the more complex ones belong:

  • Helen is 400 meters of run or 12 pull-ups. Just 3 circles, good luck! In Grace complex, there is no particular variety of movements. It does not make complex easier. You need to do 30 punch shocks for a while. Men do an exercise with a barbell weighing 60 kilograms, women – 42.5 kilograms.

Practising the technique of crossfit exercising

For example, pulling up in crossfit training requires hard jerks on the bar. Such pull-ups are rarely appreciated among athletes. This is completely different. Each athlete, solving his own problems, has the rights to choose how to pull himself up. Pull-ups require the good technique of repetition. They can cause damage.

The other example is carrying. To perform it you need to have great strength and well-developed coordination. The number of approaches must be calculated. You must take into account physical numbers. Before starting training, check whether the pancakes are securely fixed on barbells. Doing crossfit training with weights requires a well-coordinated work of the whole body.

To do barbell deadlift you need all the rules that you know. Take the starting position: legs should be shoulder-width apart, the back should be flat. Bend over and squat down, while immediately take the barbell from the floor with your hands. Next step is one-sided grip or a variety of grabs. Take it from both sides so that on both sides you seize it apart. Then flex your back. Slowly get out of the seat. Straighten your body. Take a straight body position. Lock the bar. After that, you can gradually return to its original position.

Practising the technique of crossfit exercising

Advantages of crossfit training

Crossfit has a lot of advantages in this state we will explain each of them.

  • Intensive training can make your heart to be stronger.
  • It contributes to muscle backing.
  • It also improves metabolic processes.
  • As for the gymnastic side, you can improve body ductility and coordination. Thews will grow. It takes a bit longer than in weightlifting. You will be stronger in every sense of this word.
  • Crossfit training never makes you get bored. It has many different exercises.
  • Group training allows you to see people. They can look better than you, so it is the reason to grow up.
  • Crossfit also has a large selection of workouts. These not only can but also need to change! The body gets used to certain loads. In order to prevent it from relaxing, it is necessary to alternate crossfit programs. If you are not chasing the fastest possible goal, you will stick to a workout program.
  • You will also use average loads. So you will keep yourself in shape and tone all the time. It is beneficial to health.

Do you have no money for expensive training equipment? Does a gym fee cost a lot of money? Crossfit training does not require expensive fitness rooms with a bunch of simulators. All you need are just barbell, weights, jump rope. You also need a place where you can run is enough.

Crossit training: develop in all kinds

Crossfit has an impact on all group of thews. You will work in every group every other day, no separations. It also increases your skills of adaptation to load changes. Crossfit training develops your willpower. You can’t leave beginnings. It is out of rules. Every next exercise will be done or overdone. For single training, your body can burn off up to 1000 calories. You must be sure it isn’t the ceiling of effort. The competitive component is present for each training. Then it becomes a rivalry with himself. It is necessary to improve their doing in time, weights on the projectile. The number of repetitions in the allotted time should be done.

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Crossfit has no branch. It has exercises with your weight, the components of training. All of this can combine strength and cardio. Athletes are developed in all directions. It is easier for them to adapt to stressful situations. They always lose to athletes of the same kind. When you do crossfit training your main goal is the development of the body. You want to build your own body. You should have endurance. Athletes in this area do not use chemistry. Why do they need muscle growth, if they already achieve the desired result?

Disadvantages of crossfit training

Crossfit has bad sides too. It is clear that crossfit affect the cardiovascular system, but what effect it will be? If you do not comply with the regime of training the result won’t wait. The problems will appear as soon as possible. Crossfit training could cause injurance as all things connected with sport. It is important to carefully observe the technique of exercise. You do not need to set unnecessary records. The careless attitude towards exercises is unimportant. You should better use lower weight with more iterations. This is an extreme workout. It provides increased traumatism. The risk of complications grows. Athletes are oriented not on technique, but on speed and weight. This will increase the rate of some damages many times.

Crossfit also could hurt your selfish. The fact that the crossfit is not aimed at improving any lack of branch isn’t good. You will be press worse than a lifter. Also be not so flexible as a gymnast. You won’t be able to run more distances than a marathon runner. But you will be good in all of this. Crossfit training is more suitable for those who have some sports experience. It can be experienced with high loads or intensive exercising.

There are technically challenging exercises in the crossfit. The execution of it requires the presence of a qualified trainer. It is not so much currently. It is practically impossible to perform correctly weightlifting jerks. Even on the Internet or via videos it is too hard. This is fraught with dangerous spinal injuries and not only. Maybe in a few years, coaches with crossfit will be in each gym. So far it is not.

Advantages and disadvantages of crossfit training

The universal of crossfit on the other hand

Everything comes down to universal. A count of exercises and workouts will help you keep your body in shape. It also helps to draw a relief on your body. Do not try to pump thews to large sizes. It is simply impossible. When practising crossfit, there is a danger. Your entire dinner will be turned out. At high loads, muscle fibre can be damaged. It enters the bloodstream and damages the kidneys.

There is definitely no set of exercises that you will constantly use. This means that you can’t track down exercises. You must reach the final point previously. There were thousands of them, trust me. You cannot offer your crossfit training system to anyone. You have created it only for yourself. The lack of skill in one way can be both a blessing. It can cause a harm. There is no evidence of it. Within one training cycle, you can develop several sports skills. It can be speed, endurance, strength and so on. Such a spraying can adversely affect the end results of an athlete.

What crossfit give us in return?

Crossfit training allows you to reach higher heights. It provides heights every day. Such heights can be time records, high score records for one set or new skills. You feel the taste of one of them now. It will be difficult to stop.
People begin to engage in crossfit because of overweight. The reason can be the desire. The desire to become more enduring. If you have a goal, be sure to do everything to achieve it. It is interesting. You constantly find new goals. These goals are more complex than previous ones. It all starts with a few repetitions. In the end, you are setting world records.

To take a crossfit effectively, you need to master a huge amount of skills. Each of it skill differs from the previous one. It’s all about a long time. Only stable people are ready to learn more and more for the result.
Crossfit requires every breath. Bad movement can cause injury. Using every minute of your life is the goal. No one says that it will be easy. Feeling how you start to make it absolutely everything. You will no longer spend any second in vain. All things are stacked. There aren’t forgotten thing. Your timetable is clear, 8 hours of sleep, meals, crossifit training. All is done just in time.

Crossfit training must be systematic. It is simply not possible to get the desired result without it. Later it will be difficult to abandon the workout. Instead of going away with friends at the party you will go to the gym. It is also unsystematic. The emotions that everyone receives from crossfit can not be compared to the usual rest. You will not be interested in abandoning them. You will become more enduring, stronger and happier in the end!


The main crossfit designs are the opportunity. The man who is serious enough can reach highs. It depends on his experience. It depends on the level of training. There are the same training for all. No matter you have illnesses. The essence of the program remains to stand back. It is real. The traditional idea of training isn’t useful. Crossfit can be hard training. The purpose of the technique is clear. It is called the physical development of a person. Crossfit has a lot of followers. Crossfit develops strength and body. Different sets every day. Different feelings. New goals and it’s reaching.

Types of crossfit training are also different. There are training only with their own weight. There are pieces of training that include exercises with bars. There are also training that include different elements of different sports. Crossfit gives you the opportunity. It can tighten the parameters of the body. Crossfit training gives both good burning and light relief. These results are obvious.

Crossfit training as one of the newest kinds of workout
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