How does fitness tracker measure blood pressure and the burned calories?

Hello, my name is Cher, and I am 24 years old. I often do exercises on the rowing machine (Top 5 rowers 350 lbs Capacity), go for a run in the morning and in the evening, do Crossfit. Like many other people who do sports, I use a fitness tracker. I think it is the very useful tool and every athlete should have it. But sometimes I have some doubts because I don’t understand how it works.
For example, how does fitness tracker measure blood pressure? How it meter the burned calories? Are these measurements really accurate? Does it have any motion sensors? What advantages and disadvantages have arm fitness bands? Is it ok if exactly the bracelet is made of silicone and rubber?
How is the fitness tracker charged? Do the fitness bands mostly work on batteries or accumulators?

What is your opinion about it? Hope you will explain to me. I’m looking forward to your answers. Thanks a lot!

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Hello, Cher! Let`s see how it works, indeed. What kind of fitness tracker to you use? What makes you doubt its data accuracy? The magical band on your wrist has various sensors inside depending on the model and brand. Most of them are common, though. Every modern fitness device definitely has an accelerometer. It counts your steps. It’s quality very though from simple to highly advanced. The heart-rate monitor in your device is optical. it means that your heart beating is measured with the help of LED light fluctuations. It shines through your skin and rebounds. The blood absorbs more light, this is the reason for the light rhythm that is actually heart rate.

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