How to learn jumping fastly on the skip rope to lose 8 pounds?

Hello, my name is Cher, I am 24 years old. I aim to lose some extra kilograms and to make my body more beautiful so I have bought a rowing machine, and now I want to do some additional exercises. Could you advise me on some exercises? Now I’m thinking about jumping rope.
How effective is it, in your opinion? Will the skipping rope help me to lose excess kilograms? How often should I do this exercise? What period of time do I need to do jumping combining with the rower to lose 8 pounds? Which qualities have a professional rope? What material does it have to be made of? How to learn to jump fastly on the skipping rope? What technique of doing this is proper? What additional exercises can be done with the jumping rope?
Hope you can help me and give answers to my questions. I’m waiting for it, thanks a lot.

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Hello, Cher!
How effective is the jumping rope training? I am absolutely sure there are a couple of benefits you never knew. But first of all, the reason why I love this kind of workouts is pure simplicity. You neither need an appropriate location as in the case with jogging nor super cool equipment like in a gym. Your light and compact skipping rope is always in your bag and you can jump anywhere. My friend used to do it in front of the TV set.

For jumping fastly you will need a plastic rope, not a cheap toy one. Try to adjust it to your body height. Be careful before cutting if you are not sure. The surface must be flat and solid of course. But let`s get back to the is_it_effective_question. Jumping makes you coordinated and conscious and your feet become lighter. Your joints actually get more protected from injuries since the particular muscles on your legs become stronger.

According to the experts, skipping rope helps you to burn much more calories than running (the same amount of time is taken into comparison). It is super portable and allows you to combine different activities, it may serve as a fast warm up before yoga or be a complete training. It is also a great fun and motivation to do jumping rope tricks competitions.
Let`s not forget about bones, jumping is the best that can happen to improve their density.

If you do jumping almost every day, your cardiovascular system will become healthier and stronger. 15 minutes practice per day is enough. At some point, you will forget what it is like to be out of breath while going up the stairs. Moreover, you will notice better memory and ability to focus, your brain will work better, you will become balanced and easily calm down when needed. That`s quite an advantage!

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