Is jump rope for weight loss effective to tone muscles?

Hi everyone! I’m on my ketogenic diet right now, but now I’m looking for some effective exercises with jump rope for weight loss. I decided to add jump rope workouts to my everyday training. Noticed that 5 minute jump rope helps to increase my endurance. Actually, my current aim is weight loss. But is it really helpful for burning extra weight? How many calories can be burned while rope jumping? For example, if I do exercises with a jump rope for 30 minutes. Is it enough to burn calories? My next questions are:

Is it dangerous to do such kind of exercises if you have heart diseases? And how good is rope jumping for cardio? How many times a week I need to do rope jumping to lose 3 pounds? Is it effective to make the muscles toned up? What set of exercises with skip rope can you suggest to lose weight for women at home without many efforts?
Maybe, I should better choose something else, that will be more effective for losing weight. What do you think? Waiting forward to your reply!

Jump rope for weight loss

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Hello, Blum! Thanks for reminding me about jumping rope existence. Cannot recall the last time I used it ahha. I`ve been thinking it`s really a great way to lose weight and do cardio practice! Such a compact and cheap thing as the jumping rope can do magic after 15-20 minutes a day, the experts say. You`ll be impressed after checking the calories burnt (use either your fitness tracker or any popular calorie counter on the Internet. And it is less harmful to your knees than jogging by the way. I will try it on weekends, what about you? Good luck!

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