How many calories be burned doing 500 rope jumpings?

Hello, my name is Cher, I am 24 years old. As you know, I have decided to work on my body, and I need to lose extra weight. I exercise on the rowing machine and do rope jumps. I’m here again to ask some questions about jumping rope. How many calories can I burn by doing 500 rope jumps? I am trying to count all the burnt and consumed calories, so I need to know this information. As you already know, I want to lose 8 pounds. How many jumpings do I need at least to do during 1 training?

What is more, how often should I do jumping exercises to achieve a desirable result? How to learn to do double skips? What else tips should I follow to get closer to my aim?
I will appreciate your help; I’m looking forward to your answers, thank you very much.

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How are you doing, Cher? I`ve just done my first 500 rope jumping daily routine. What a task for a beginner indeed! It took me a bit less than 7 minutes and my fitness tracker says that I burnt only 93 calories. It is a tablespoon of mayonnaise or 50 grams of Brie cheese or some peanut butter sandwich or… Ah, I will be thinking of my efforts more when at the table next time. How about you? Did you see any results already? I wish you good luck!

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