How many carbs are in cabbage soup? Can I make it healthier?

Hello. I’m 22 years old. I have some questions about the famous cabbage soup diet because I would like to try following it. Well, how many carbs does cabbage soup consist?
I’m afraid that there are too many carbs and it will not be beneficial for my health and fit. What do you think about it? Is there any way to make cabbage diet soup healthier? I can change some ingredients or something like that.
Hope you will give me useful advice. I’m looking forward to it. Thanks!

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Hi Milla!

To begin with, soups have a positive effect on the body, because they contain a few calories and contribute to the improvement of digestion. The variety of soup recipes is enormous. Soup is a mixture of vegetables, which is cooked on a meat broth. You can add noodles, cereals and rice to them. Soups, in addition to being tasty, also low-calorie, and also provide a large amount of carbohydrates, nutritional fibre, potassium, iron, magnesium and vitamins of group B, vitamin E and beta-carotene.

Your favourite soup has such a calorie consistency:

Cabbage soup with sauerkraut and potatoes for 100 ml: 32 kcal; 0,6 proteins; 2,1 fats; 2,7 carbs

Cabbage soup with fresh cabbage with potatoes for 100 ml: 38 kcal; 1,0 proteins; 3,8 fats; 2,1 carbs.


I can give you a recipe for healthy dietetic cabbage soup:



500 g sauerkraut average acid, 400 grams of mushrooms, 200 grams of celery root, carrots, onions and parsnips, 1 c/sp of unrefined vegetable oil.


In a frying pan with a non-stick coating (better ceramics, then you can do altogether without oil), put butter, add onions and mushrooms, quickly fry.

Add cabbage, fry again.

Transfer the contents of the pan to a saucepan with boiling water.

Add the other vegetables  (celery root, carrots and parsnips) until cooked.
Turn off the stove Let it stand with a closed lid for 10 minutes

Serve a bit chilled.

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