How much sodium does a low sodium diet plan contain?

Hello, my name is John. Tomorrow I’m starting doing a low sodium diet, so I need to ask some questions concerning meal plans. First of all, as to my preferences. I enjoy fresh or frozen dinners fat free. Dried beans, fresh fruits, healthy fast food, ice cream, different salad dressings high in sodium and so on. What would you recommend to include into low sodium diet plan?

Actually, I have high blood pressure. So recommend me please appropriate food labels not to harm my health. Here are my general questions. Give me answers, please as soon as possible. I want to start my diet right now.

How much sodium should I consume per day while being on this diet? Which meals should be included in my nutrition plan and which are prohibited? Which amount of salt, the amount of sodium (milligrams of sodium) should I consume? Reducing the amount would be a good idea Do you know some unique tips about how to squeeze the most out of the low sodium diet? Are there any risks of following this diet? Hope you know the answers to my questions. I’m waiting for your advice. Thank you very much.

low sodium diet plan

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Hello, John. Great choice with the diet, I like it very much. The start is going to be the most difficult, everything you eat will seem tasteless but gradually you will start to feel the real taste of food. believe me. There are two ways, either you gradually reduce sodium consumption or you replace it with any kind of healthier spices you`ll find. It can be peppers, garlic. parsley or seaweeds. I prefer the second option even if it is quite tough and needs more conation. Spices will add the desirable taste to your favorite dishes and you won`t need so much sodium as you used to. Good luck!

I`m sure you know that a low sodium diet proved to be super effective either in losing weight or curing heart and kidney issues. I`ve read many comments from the people who tried it and they are mostly positive. Yet there are some risks, as you must have guessed. It is not wise to stick to this diet in heat as well as before hard physical work or gym workout. In this case, sodium is being actively removed from the body and its content may become dangerously low. Are you a professional sportsman, John? If yes, the diet is quite risky for your health. Please consider this seriously.

If you still want to try the diet and make it really work… say no to bananas and grapes, cereals and pasta as well as all kinds of sweets. Well, a bit of black bread is allowed, around 200 grams a day. No panic, you are not going to starve, eat all kinds of vegetable soups, fish or chicken bullion, lean meat, chicken or fish too (hope you are not a vegetarian ahha). Cabbage, zucchini, beetroot, carrot, and cucumbers are great. If you are cooking some potatoes make it like “backed jackets” (with peel). 15 grams of butter a day, Curdled dairy products are very much welcomed! Oh and let s not forget about berries. No coffee, tea or sugar.

You should be very attentive to your physical and mental state while on diet, John. If your head starts aching, together with nausea, dizziness and feeling weak it means your body lacks sodium chloride and it`s time to add some salt to your meal, but very gradually. With the wise approach and being sensitive to yourself, the diet will bring nothing but desirable results – you ll become more fit and healthier as the balance of salt and water in your body will be perfect. Please share your experience later!

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