What are your cabbage soup diet results?

Hello! I am 29 years old. While searching for a diet, I have found the cabbage soup diet, and I have got interested in it. I noticed that I have some water weight. The diet plan should be suitable for relieving it. Drinking glasses of water, I want to maintain a healthy weight. Hope this cabbage soup meal plan helps me to regulate the calorie intake. I’m currently interested in cabbage soup diet results.

As for me, I like some kind of products and find it hard to refuse them. Such as leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables, vegetable soup, cranberry juice, brown rice. Is it possible to combine these foods with the diet? In general, can you say that the cabbage soup diet works in short term? Provide me with a fat burning soup recipe.

How many pounds can I lose with the help of it? I’ve read that it is possible to lose even more than 10 pounds in a week! Is this true? It sounds very tempting, but I’m not sure that everything is okay with this diet. Do you know how long it works? I don’t want to spoil my health, so I need your answers. Hope you will help me, thanks.

cabbage soup diet results

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Good day!
Thank you for question.
So, cabbage soup diet is really healthy compared with other popular diets because during this diet you won’t be hungry – you eat 5-6 per day. Also you don’t need to eat only cabbages – according to average menu, you can eat also meat, fish, fruits (except bananas), vegetables (except potato) and drink yoghurts and tea. It is very varied so you can make your own menu.
(And yes, it’s possible to lose nearly 10 pounds in a week, you can strict to it up to 1 month)

Hi Lucy. I can advice you this diet becouse it really works. Thanks to this kind of nutrition you can really lose weigh but I can not say exactly how many pounds you can lose becouse it depends on the organism of the person. What is important is that you should not keep this diet more than 7 days. Futhermore you should also include fruits and vegetables (except bananas) in your feed ration during the diet. Also you can make soup from the different kinds of cabbage: nappa cabbage, red cabbage , broccoli. What is importand is that you can not keep this diet if you have some problems with the digestive tract and while breastfeeding. If you will keep these rules everything will be good with your health. Good luck !

Hi, Lucy! I have heard a lot about this cabbage soup diet. However, I must say that it’s hard to predict, whether it will be helpful for you or not and, if it does, how many pounds you will lose. The bad thing about this diet is that you have to eat nothing but this soup for a long period of time. Unfortunately, with such a small amount of calories it is not recommended to do some exercises. Your body just will not cope with working out because of the lack of energy. You will lose weight, but only for a short period of time. You are likely to lose you pounds quickly, but mostly you will lose water weight. And it’s possible that you will gain it all back. However, this diet is cheap and does not require much effort. You will probably feel hungry all the time, you will not feel power to do something. It might even lead to some health problems. I will recommend you to have a consultation with a doctor and choose a more healthy diet.

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