How should I begin my bodybuilding diet plan?

Hello again! I have a few more questions to ask you, so I hope you do not mind answering them. I do not have much experience in creating a fitness diet plan, so I’m here to ask if you can help me. Frankly speaking, I like sweet potatoes, brown rice, whey protein, protein shakes, grain bread. Guess that high calorie products are beneficial as weight loss is not my goal. I want to gain weight, namely, gain muscle mass. Of course, I do not want to increase body fat. Besides, I should notice that I don’t any dietary supplement. Building my diet plan, I need your help.

What should be my first step? How many times have I got to have my diet plan? Should there be any snacks in my ration? I spend almost all my time at work, so I usually have some snacks with me to eat, when there is no free time at all. But they were not healthy, so maybe you would recommend something more nutrition than chips or crackers. What else should I take into account while creating my bodybuilding diet plan (10 Best dessert to eat on a diet)? Write everything you know about it. Thank you!

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Nice question, Eva! Snacks are necessary and the bodybuilding diet is not an exception. Of course, we are not talking about sweets or chips or junk sandwiches. More proteins and fewer sugars. Some fruit, some vegetables. So simple. Oh! And healthy dairy with granola must be on the list as well!

Do you eat eggs? A great choice for a healthy protein snack. I’ve recently learned a new recipe for deviled eggs. I mixed the yolks with Greek yogurt (instead of mayonnaise), peppers and some mustard… mmm… you should try!

What about a healthy snack in your bag? Almonds of course. High-quality fats, proteins, and potassium for your cardiovascular system. I am also a great fan of yogurts and cottage cheese. Certainly, they have to be low in fats to match our dieting plan. And by yogurt I mean only plain (Greek), the one without unnecessary sugars.
These two products are also precious because of their amino acids for growing muscles.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are no doubt a must-have snack. Your body desperately needs their fiber and vitamins and minerals.
Meat and cheese? Why not? Handy and convenient to take in your bag beef jerky snack is another healthy snack idea if you are fond of beef.
You could also eat some crackers and hummus, they are a great source of iron and potassium for your muscles.

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