Japanese diet «13 days». The traditional Japanese diet is quickly becoming popular all around the world, but we don’t know who created it: Japanese women or special clinics. This diet rapidly relatively helps you get slim waist back before an important event or holidays. You can lose up to 8 kilograms with the help of this diet. You should keep to it for 13 days.

But take into account that you should start and finish the diet smoothly. Do not make a party before or after food. Such stress has an adverse impact on your organism. Just imagine what a result you will achieve in 13 days and aim for it. Eat something light for supper, for example, 150 grams of rice and vegetable salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, cabbage, and sweet pepper. Add olive oil and do not add salt. Or try to add it in small quantities because the supper is not the whole diet.

The rules of the diet

The main point of the aim of this diet is changing your metabolism so all components chose very carefully. For two weeks you don’t eat Japanese food is the number of products and that you shouldn’t change them to another one, even very healthy. The:

  1.  Salt because it holds liquids back.
  2. Sugar because it causes cellulite and folds on the sides.
  3. First-chop white bread and other baked goods apart from those that are permitted.
  4. Do not drink alcohol because it stops metabolism; even 100 grams will ruin your efforts.

Drink a lot of water not to dehydrate and exhaust the organism; this is the rule of any diet. Drink still clean water or regenerated water. You should drink 1.5 litres a day; this is enough for the proper functioning of the organism. Many mothers worry about their weight after pregnancy, do not hurry, start the diet after finishing breastfeeding. Better consume multivitamins which improve the hair, skin and nails condition.

The most important is not to stop and not to become disappointed when you don’t see results, it comes with time, and if you follow all the rules, you will definitely feel the improvement.

14 Day Japanese Diet: a brief overview

Duration: 14 days
Features: low-calorie protein diet, a strict one, the preliminary psychological mindset is essential
Price: low (now more than two thousand RUB during the entire period)
Result: minus 5-8 kg
Recommended frequency: not more than two times per year
Additional effect: the lasting maintenance result (under the condition of right diet exit)

The Japanese diet is not suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding ones, in such cases like gastritis and ulcer, for people suffering from liver and kidney diseases, heart problems. Before embarking on this diet it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

The japanese diet «13 days». Traditional Japanese diet
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