How to be Bella Hadid? How to dress like she?

Hi! Recently I learned about the well-known model Bella Hadid. Some days of surfing the internet and watching her Instagram photos let me understand that she is now my favourite model. I found out her image very modern and stylish. It seems me incredibly splendid!
I very like Bella Hadid cloth style. I want to be like she.
How to dress like Bella? Does she have a personal stylist? Where does the famous model buy her clothes? Which image prevails in her everyday life?

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Please, answer my questions about Bella Hadid dressing. Waiting for the replies)


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Bella’s style can be entirely different sometimes. So she can wear a hoodie as well as walk around the city in a dress. She often prefers to wear white, black and red clothes. Bella likes to wear pants and rarely wears shorts. For legs, she usually buys sneakers or boots.
Hope I could help you to find your style and become like Bella Hadid.

As I know, Bella Hadid is the most popular model. Designers choose her clothes specifically for the fashion shows. But I can tell you what clothes she prefers in everyday life.

Everyday clothes for Bella are a lot of different jeans like vintage and ultramodern, leather jackets,
t-shirts and comfortable sweaters. She understands that jeans and a shirt are always available and universal clothes. She also likes to experiment with her dresses.

Bella loves the black style, and she doesn’t worry too much about the creating her new own look, choosing clothes according to her mood. The main thing about her choice of clothes is the comfort, and it must look sexy!

Bella Hadid is a very popular model and she’s always in focus so she should wear smartly. Her style is really different, one day she wears sporty clothes and another day she is in an elegant dress. She likes black, white, grey and red colour.
In everyday life, she usually wears casual clothes like T-shirts, jeans and sneakers.
When she comes to different public events, you can see her in dresses, and she looks lovely in them.

Hi, Julia! Bella’s Hadid style in clothes is very fashionable and exciting. When it comes to mixing tenderness and sexuality, you need to take an example from Bella Hadid. The first tip is “don’t be afraid to bring back to life the old trends.”This rule is followed by many stars, which makes their style more unusual and memorable. Bella adores wearing simple clothes
combining them so that they look cool.
She likes base colours in her looks like black, white, red, different shadows of grey. In shoes, she prefers boots and sneakers.

Hello! They adore Bella for her great body shape, perfect taste as well as her daring dresses. She used to wear high waist jeans and hoodies that pretty much hid her ideal body. Today Bella seems to be focused mostly on feminine and sexy looks. The young woman prefers lightweight, semi-lustrous soft fabrics, split-to-the-thigh dresses to drive attention to her thin body lines and provoke another portion of fans admiration. Casual Bella Hadid wears tight jeans, short skirts, and open bodies.

There are a lot of articles and information on the Internet on this issue. Bella Hadid is stunning, and she has a so-called particular sense of style. I’m always amazed by the way she can successfully manage both street style, and red carpet looks. I think the best way to look like she is to scroll through some of her Google pictures and copy her outfits 🙂

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