Victoria’s Secret model Bella Hadid: age, weight, height

Bella Hadid is a famous American supermodel. She is only 22 y.o. but her achievements are really great! She is the face of the famous star magazines. The girl’s awards in the model industry are countless.

Age: 22

Weight: 55 kg.

Height: 175 cm.

Nutrition: Lose weight with Bella Hadid: nutrition and diet secrets

What about Bella Hadid nose job transformation?
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Does Bella Hadid have tattoos?
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Who is Bella Hadid married to? When was her wedding?
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How to be Bella Hadid? How to dress like she?
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When is Bella Hadid birthday? When was she born?
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Where Bella Hadid lives? Where is she from?
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Who is Bella Hadid? What is Bella`s age?
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How much does Bella Hadid weight? What does she eat?
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How to be Bella Hadid? How to makeup like she?
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What is Bella Hadid natural hair color? Who is her stylist?
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