How to do Bella Hadid ponytail? How to have hair like she?

Hello! I always like to try a new image. Now I love Bella Hadid’s ponytail. It is interesting to me how to do different hairstyles. Bella Hadid every time appears on the public with different hairstyles, which she is very fond of, that emphasize her perfect appearance.

The hairstyle is not an exception, as the model also likes to experiment with her appearance. Great excitement for me was Bella Hadid nose job transformation. Now I’m thinking about the perfect tail that I found on one of the star’s photos. How to do it? How to have hair like she? What tips should I follow to make such an ideal ponytail?

I learned about the natural hair color of Bella Hadid in one of the questions and was shocked. No less excited I was when I saw that Emily Ratajkowski changed hairstyle! I would never have guessed that she is not a real brunette. For me, it is hard to imagine the model with another hair color!

I am waiting for your replies!

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Hi! A high ponytail is one of her favourite hairstyles. She works a lot, so she doesn’t like when hair puts into her eyes.
Bella also said that the secret of her sleek hairstyle is a lot of hairsprays and a hair gel.

Also, you need to know some details about this ponytail. You don’t need a scrunchy in that way because only you need is a strand of hair. You should tie a strand around your ponytail and fix it. That’s all. Don’t forget about hairspray and gel!

Hey! Thanks for a question.
Nowadays, the ponytail is pretty trendy, despite the fact, that they are also useful for keeping your hair out of your face. I think that this hairstyle suits Bella the most!
To do one you need to, first of all, comb your hair. Pick up a hair tie, put it on your wrist and start to gather hair with your other hand. Then lift up your hair a little and put up a hair tie.
That’s it! You just made a ponytail.

This hairstyle is beautiful and convenient at the same time. In one of the interviews, Bella Hadid has told how she does her ponytail.
Well, to do a ponytail you should first brush your hair to the highest point and tie it with the hair binder. Then use some spray, and your ponytail is ready.

Hey! Bella Hadid’s ponytail is almost her iconic hairstyle. It contrasts with a haircut of her sister Gigi Hadid (blonde locks). Though, Bella adores when her hair falls on her shoulders with soft almost undone locks (typical French style). Her ponytail looks perfect.
To make a hairstyle identical to the picture you need an only hairbrush, a scrunchy and little of hairspray. So you need to start with brushing your hair, and then in the highest point tie it with a scrunchy. After it takes a strand of hair and covers with it the scrunchy, the final touch is using hairspray.
Bella has beautiful hair which can be damaged too easily. Though, Bella’s stylist admits that the model has healthy hair and she prefers only natural cosmetics for her hair care. One of Bella’s secrets is that she uses dry shampoos for adding body and texture to her quite thin hair.

Hello. I adore hair too. For a long time, I try to make something similar to it, because its favourite type of styling, but it wasn’t pretty enough. I tried several ways of creating high and perfect ponytail like Bella does, and most useful tips are the next: having a good hairbrush, qualitative hair elastic and a few bobby pins. I always start to make the perfect ponytail with a new nose ( the first day after washing it), then I tie my hair in a ponytail by very scrupulousness way, then I use bobby pins(only two). And for a better effect, you can use hairspray.
I know that Bella Hadid uses Ouai Wave Spray for her hair which had won “best of beauty” nomination from Allure Beauty Expert in the 2017 year.

Hello! Bella Hadid is a natural blond by the way. She has coloured her hair in warm brown since she was 16, the shade makes Bella`s facial features even more delicate. A stylish pony tale is model`s most common hairstyle. It is appropriate for a gym and party it is effortless to do. All you need is to brush your hair to the point you need, tie a strand around the ponytail and fix it with some binder. The secret is lots of gel and hairspray.

Bella Hadid’s ponytail is really amazing. And I think there are no particular secrets about it, she just has naturally beautiful, healthy hair. Moreover, there are loads of stylists around her all the time. Once I’ve read some article with the list of products that were used for Hadid’s Cannes ponytail, and among them were extensions. Can you believe it?

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