Emily Ratajkowski did haircut! Who is her hairdresser?

Hello! Recently I was surfing the Internet and found Emily Ratajkowski photos from a recent photoshoot. Seems like the fitness model did the haircut! What do you think about it? Do you like it?

Personally, I like Emily in any image. Cause she has an amazing appearance and perfect body! Read the article about her diet secrets, workout routine and you’ll see how easy she maintains such parameters. It’s fantastic!

Well, I think it’s all about genes. Have you seen her mother?

Emrata’s mother is far not young, but still having fit and toned body with a slim waist. Guess that Emily inherited her mother’s beauty. Actually, she claims that she doesn’t keep to any diet.

What do you think about it? For me, it’s hard to believe. Though, know that people can have various body types. Read also about Emily Ratajkowski plastic surgery.

Emily hairstyleSeems like Emily Ratajkowski eats everything she wants and gain minimum kilos. Now I became highly interested in her appearance. Emily Ratajkowski style is followed by many people all around the world. What is her natural hair color? Saw her latest photos and was impressed by new amazing hairstyle!

Besides, did you hear that Sebastian Bear-McClard presented a necklace to Emrata? See who is Emily Ratajkowski husband and when she was married.

So my question to you guys is the following:

  • Do you know Emily Ratajkowski’s hairdresser?
  • Who did such an amazing haircut?

Looking forward to your answers, thanks!

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Actually, it is only the image for a recent photoshoot. Emrata has long beautiful hair and doesn’t intend to cut it. Look at recent photos on her official Instagram account:

Emrata haircut

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