Emily Ratajkowski is a model and actress, who is considered one of the most beautiful and desirable women on the planet. Her figure is like a dream come true. Actually, with a height of 170 cm and a weight of 54 kg, model’s parameters are 89:61:87. Despite the strict diet, the girl allows herself not actually dietic food.

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The fantastic figure of Emily Ratajkowski attracted famous brands’ agents. Bright photoshoots quickly gave the model celebrity status in the United States and allowed to conquer the top of European catwalks. Moreover, the charming beauty attracted the attention of not only men’s magazines’ editors, but also filmmakers. In fact, she is lucky to rich success for such a short period of time. Many people consider all her success is thanks to her body. The model herself confess that it’s because of her genes.

How does Emily manage to maintain such amazing parameters?

Top 3 secrets of Emily Ratajkowski body

The model believes that beauty is a relative notion. She claims that our attitude plays a key role. But like other beauties, Emily does not neglect the help of modern medicine. It is obvious looking at Emily Ratajkowski’s photos. But let’s get to know everything in order.

Emily Ratajkowski's Diet


If you expect to read that in all respects perfect Emily’s nutrition entirely consists of pizza and fast food, you are greatly mistaken. The girl follows a reasonably strict diet, based on vegetables, cereals and non-fat meat with seafood. Before responsible events, the model, as a rule, keeps to a juice diet. Spinach, apples, carrots, beets, and turmeric – only having such a healthy nutrition, you can feel at your best walking on the red carpet in the next open dress.

However, the perfect Emily Ratajkowski has her weaknesses: popcorn, sweets and well-grilled steak with a glass of another dark beer. No wonder, as the model spent most of her life in Texas. The famous Fast food also occasionally appears in the beauty’s diet. Actually, it could not be the other way, when your best friend is Bella Hadid, a well-known fan of cola, cheeseburgers, and fries.

Emily Ratajkowski's Diet


The owner of the most attractive body in Hollywood does not hide that she is a quite rare guest in the gym. You may suppose that it is pure sarcasm. By no means. Emily permanently repeats that workouts in the gym are just boring for her.

As an alternative to endless iron pulling, the model chooses any physical activity in the open air. Hiking around Hollywood hills or doing yoga once a week in a nearby studio is perfect for her. The beauty does not consider herself an enthusiastic fitness guru and considers herself a black sheep compared to other supermodels, whose days run in the gym. Miracles, that’s all!


Recently, Emily had a posted a photo with her mom on Instagram. After that, everything more or less became clear. The luxurious model’s figure is pure genetics, as evidenced by the excellent physical form of Mrs. Ratakovski, who is nearly sixty years old.

The supermodel has regularly admitted that her magnificent appearance – no more than the gift of Mother Nature. In addition, it is said that the 27-year-old girl never referred to the services of plastic surgeons, while remaining a true supporter of natural beauty. Emily Ratajkowski is sure that the main thing is to feel comfortable in your own body.

Emily Ratajkowski's Diet

Nevertheless, lots of women all over the world are a little envious. Emily has a particular body type. It is known that she can allow herself not actually dietic food without bad outcomes. In other words, the model eats but does not gain weight. How can it be possible?

3 women body types: Ectomorphs, Mesomorphs, Endomorphs

Actually, the most correct classification of human bodies is the division into Ectomorphs, Mesomorphs, and Endomorphs. Knowing your type, it is much easier to decide on both nutrition and exercise. And in general, you know what your body is capable of in case you know your body type. At first, let’s figure out the main features of each type.


  • Slim figure with straight body lines.
  • Weak, slender musculature.
  • Narrow bones with small joints.
  • A small fatty layer or its absence (without training and keeping to low-calorie diets).
  • Narrow shoulders, small breasts, and buttocks.
  • Relatively long arms and legs.
  • Difficult weight gain.
  • Fast and efficient metabolism.
  • Hyperactivity
  • Difficult muscle building.


  • Natural, proportional lines of the body.
  • Natural, moderately developed muscles.
  • Bones and joints of medium size.
  • Natural slimness.
  • Developed, “square” shoulders.
  • Fat is evenly distributed throughout the body.
  • Lose fat easily.
  • Effective metabolism.
  • Easily build muscle mass.
  • The body responds quickly to training.


  • Smooth, round body.
  • Musculature develops easily but tends to be underdeveloped.
  • Medium or large bones and joints.
  • High level of predisposition to fat accumulation (there may be excess lipid mass and weight problems).
  • Narrow shoulders, high waist, large, wide hips, creating a pear-shaped figure.
  • Difficult weight loss due to loss of fat mass.
  • Slow metabolic rate.
  • Fatigue, frequent fatigue attacks.
  • Slow weight loss.


Looking at Emily Ratajkowski, it is not hard to guess that she belongs to the Ectomorph type. She differs in difficult weight gain because of fast and efficient metabolism. Let’s figure out the key characteristics of this body type.

Ectomorph type

Women of this type are tall, thin and fragile. They have light bones, small joints, and not big muscles. Long arms, legs, neck, and fingers are the recognizable feature of ectomorph. There is very little fat in the body. As to the hair, it is usually thin, but dense. Weakly developed lower jaw, thin wrists, and ankles. Ectomorphs often suffer from heat and badly stand humidity. They also tend to bad sunbathe.

This type is the hardest to gain muscle mass and weight. Ectomorphs eat little, easily endure hunger, and, as a rule, cannot gain enough calories to build muscle. They almost do not need cardio workouts in order not to burn the necessary calories. But they usually need strength exercises and protein supplements.

Emily Ratajkowski's Diet

Conclusion: Top facts of Emily Ratajkowski’s diet

  1. Emily follows a relatively strict diet: the basis of which are vegetables, cereals and non-fat meat with seafood.
  2. Before important occasions, the girl starts to follow the juice diet.
  3. Spinach, apples, carrots, beets, and turmeric – the key products to feel amazing on the catwalk.
  4. Model’s weaknesses are popcorn, sweets and well-grilled steak with a glass or two dark beer
  5. Fast food periodically appears in the girl’s menu.
Emily Ratajkowski’s Diet. Top 3 Secrets of her Ectomorph Body
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