The model told what she eats, where she sleeps and why she is afraid of the Swedish tables

Who wants to be fit and toned following just a few tips of the famous American model? Here are suggested 8 motivational celebrity advice to lose weight and tone up without many efforts! Read Emily Ratajkowski nutrition and training program to be fit!

Emily Ratajkowski has one of the most amazing bodies in the world and shows business. Despite the fact that the actress and model once admitted that she is very lucky because of her fast metabolism, she is working hard on her body. You can check Emily Ratajkowski diet secrets if you are interested in what she eats. We know the main secrets of her diet and training, for which she finds the time – even considering the enormous employment.

General information

  • Name: Emily O’Hara Ratajkowski
  • Nickname: Emrata
  • Date of birth: 07.06.91
  • Age: 27
  • Place of birth: London, England
  • Lives in: Los Angeles, USA
  • Nationality: American
  • Social status: married
  • Occupation: photo model, actress, social networks model
  • Net worth: $ 500,000


  • Height: 170 cm
  • Weight: 54 kg
  • Chest: 85 cm
  • Waist: 65 cm
  • Hips: 86 cm

Emily Ratajkowski nutrition and training program

Principles of Nutrition

It would seem that an active social life requires careful care of the figure and appearance. However, the diet is very chaotic and not orderly. Beauty rarely eats at home.

Every day for breakfast, Ratakovski buys a Black Breast Coffee Breton pie with a large cup of black coffee. However, during lunch, it strictly restricts itself and prefers to eat a portion of a salad. Check what fitness model Jen Selter eats or highly popular Kayla Itsines BBG meal plan.

Lunch and dinner are a good opportunity to support social networks. Among the favorite places is Italian cafe Bestia, Café Gratitude, sushi restaurant Mako and UNI network. If she remains at home, then almost everything is cooked with her favorite seasoning – turmeric. Among all drinks prefers beetroot smoothies.

Emily Ratajkowski nutrition and training program

Most of all he likes meat and is not ready to give it up for the sake of modern trends and trends. For good meat, Ratajkowski allows herself an Italian wine or a glass of beer. Often at breakfast, the girl likes a cake or a croissant. Among the favorite snacks are sweets and popcorn. Since childhood, the girl likes large portions of street tacos and burrito.

In an interview for Harper’s Bazaar magazine, she admitted that some guys on dates were surprised by the size of the portions ordered by her.

Training program

Fantastic appearance and a beautiful figure – the result of good genetics. In her youth, she was engaged in ballet school, but she left the career of a dancer for the sake of the modeling business. The training program of Ratakovski is unstable and dynamic.

The girl confessed that she does not like to pull iron in the gym too much and she does not have a personal trainer. Depending on the schedule of work and travel, is engaged 2-4 times a week. She devotes much time to walks or yoga. In the photo, however, her figure is tight.

Emily Ratajkowski nutrition and training program

It is difficult to agree that the sports body is the result of only genetics and long walks. Although successful photos can be the result of a correctly chosen posture and a good perspective.


  1. She eats baking for breakfast every day I go to the coffee shop “Blacktop Coffee” every morning, and together with the black coffee, I allow myself to eat a cookie called «kouign-amann», “Ratakowski admits.
  2. She is afraid of a “buffet.”
    The model and actress say that she usually eats a salad or a sandwich for lunch. However, when the girl is on the shooting set, she has to restrain herself when the organizers arranged a “buffet”. Emily herself says: “It’s easy to go crazy – they know how to feed you.”
  3. She allows herself little weaknesses

    “I would not say that I’m the girl who can not live without chips, but I like to eat a cupcake or a croissant in the morning,” the model says.

  4. She loves meat

    As you already know, I am carnivorous, – the celebrity jokes. – I really like to eat meat. My body needs iron, so I’m definitely not that person who eats only salads. I like to keep my body in balance and supply it with energy on time. It is a pledge of a good health.

  5. She often tries to train
    The girl confesses that in a crazy schedule it is extremely difficult for her to find time for full-fledged daily training:

    “At the end of each day, even if I’m very tired, I try to at least have a little exercise. It can be a long walk or doing yoga. “

  6. She does not eat at home
    Emily admits that she never eats at home. “Dinner is the time when I try to make the most of my time with people,” says Ratajkowski. Indeed, if we take into account that in the evening, after coming home, we are all inclined to overeat – Emily’s method can work perfectly.
  7. She drinks water and sleeps a lot

    “Before going to bed, I always drink water and take off my makeup. In addition, I sleep well only in my bed – because otherwise I feel I have not had enough sleep, “

  8. She is not too strict towards herself
    “I think it’s very important – to be able to give yourself a break,” assures Ratakovski, and it’s hard not to agree with her.
    Emily Ratajkowski nutrition and training program

Interesting Facts

To start with, Emily Ratajkowski is a famous American model and actress, the owner of the title “The Most Desirable Woman of the Planet”. She speaks with motivational speeches in defense of women’s rights to demonstrate their own sexuality. The young woman considers a manifestation of freedom. Often it is through pictures in the style of a nude girl trying to convey their ideas to the world community.

Despite the British origin, the Ratajkovski family consider themselves to be Americans. The girl wanted to get higher education at the School of Arts and Architecture of the University of California, but left the School and devoted her time to her career.

Emily Ratajkowski nutrition and training program

At the age of 14, the international model agency Ford Models signed a commercial contract with the girl. The girl was very good at showing herself in a profitable perspective. The need to be exposed for filming in the underwear was not frightened at all. For her, nudity is a norm that cannot be shamed, especially on the work done by professional photographers. Beauty represented brands Forever 21, Kohl and Nordstrom.

In 2014, Ratakovski became the most coveted girl of the planet according to Esquire. A men’s magazine “Maxim” included Emily in the list of “100 most sexy women.”

The girl is widely known for her strong defense of women’s rights. In particular, Ratajkowski treats the demonstration of a naked body not as sexual expression, but as a manifestation of freedom.

Emily Ratajkowski nutrition and training program

In 2016, Emily wrote an essay on the subject for the feminist magazine Lenny. Also, the beautiful figure with a perfect figure appeared nude on a horse and became the guest star of the Project Catwalk show.

In 2017, the model released a brand of swimwear under the name Inamorata. To support her brand, she was shot topless, and then completely nude on the beach. In the same year, Ratajkowski became one of the participants in the fashion show of Marc Jacobs, and also performed at the Miu Miu shows during the Paris Fashion Week.

Emrata likes to experiment and come up with new alcoholic cocktails. Whiskey with champagne is her favorite base.

Emily Ratajkowski nutrition and training program

In 2017, the model posted snapshots of the web with a fringe. Fans noted the similarity of Emily with the legendary Audrey Hepburn and suggested that the forelock is not a real one, but an overhead.

She shone in the video of the pop-rock band Maroon 5 for the song “Love Somebody”, worked with photo artist Bruce Weber, photographed her for the cover of the CR Fashion Book, with Michael Thompson and Tony Kelly, who made her the heroine of American and Turkish magazines GQ.

Ratajkowski has shared piquant naked photos on the page on Instagram to support selfie of Kim Kardashian, who received a number of disapproving comments about the placement in Instagram the next super-open selfie. Kim thanked her with a bouquet of white roses and a postcard with a message.
Also, the girl pleased the fans with shooting in a video for the song “Undivided” by Dima Bilan.



In 2018, the supermodel and actress became the face of the American brand DKNY. She starred in the commercial of its spring-summer collection, where, due to the plot, in her underwear, she ate pizza and at the same time made a selfie.

During the same period, she attended the Fashion Los Angeles Awards, held in April in Beverly Hills, where she was recognized as a model of the year.

At the same time, she advertised her own collection of swimsuits, presenting a series of seductive photos, including pictures in the car in the company of her newly-married husband.
For this year, was scheduled to release four filmings with Emily – it’s “Cruise”, “I Feel Pretty”, “Gone Girl” and “In Darkness.”

Emily Ratajkowski with husband

In 2018, unexpectedly for the fans, she and Sebastian Bear-McClard tied each other with the bonds of official marriage. Husband of Ratajkowski – Sebastian Bir-McClard, a popular actor and film producer. Fame McClard brought work on the crime drama “Good Time”. Robert Pattinson played the main protagonist of the picture. The ribbon is included in the program of the competition at the Cannes festival. Newlyweds met only a few months.

The wedding was held in the City Hall of New York. Among the guests were only the closest friends. The bride was not in a traditional white dress but preferred a mustard suit from Zara and a flirtatious veil. Wedding photo Emily in the Instagram briefly signed: “Today I got married.”

Emily Ratajkowski nutrition and workout program
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