What is Emily Ratajkowski bra size? Real or fake boobs?

Hello everyone! Recently I have heard of American model and actress Emily Ratajkowski form Robin Thicke music videos. Namely, I’ve read the article about Emily Rata workout routine. She looks really amazing! Looking at her photo one may say she has perfect parameters: breast, cup, bra size.

This woman is amazing! No wonder that she has achieved so much success in a short period of time. Look at the striking facts about her:

  • Age when she became a model: At 14
  • She was mocked: For being a “Baby woman”
  • Her leading direction: A strong feminist
  • The secret of her comfort: Often goes bareless
  • Her mom wanted her to be: A brain surgeon
  • If she wasn’t a model: She’d have her hair 2 inches short

Nowadays it is important for celebrities to maintain the perfect look. As they regularly have the photoshoots, interviews and attend different social events. Emily Ratajkowski measurements allow her to be among the top models.

Emrata breast size

Emrata measurements: breast & cup size

I became interested in Emily Ratajkowski boobs size. No wonder that nowadays she is one of the most popular Ford models in the world. I’ve read that she has been in demand since her childhood, at the age of 14!  By the way, her ex-boyfriend is Jeff Magid. And her father is a popular artist John David.

Some people in social media think the girl is lucky. I agree because she has amazing genes – her mother also possesses good shapes. Others think that the model’s success is due to plastic surgery. It is interesting for me whether it is some evidence of cosmetic surgery on her body or face. I know that Emily Ratajkowski diet is one of the model’s beauty secrets.

Despite the fact that Emily prefers natural beauty, I noticed some variances on her photos. For example, it is obvious that she used to seek help in plastic surgeons. I can suppose it looking at her lips size before and now. Now, I am interested in her boobs size.

  • Do you know Emily Ratajkowski measurements?
  • What are Emily Rata breasts size, cup size, weight, and height?
  • Has she got a nose job, boob job, used lip filler to feel pretty?
  • Is it true that Emily Rata has fake boobs?

As for me, it is difficult to say whether she used the plastic surgeons’ help or not.

Emily bra size

Actually, nowadays it is easy to do plastic surgery. There are many high-quality surgeons that are ready to serve such celebrities as Emrata. They help to meet the beauty standards of modern society. Without a doubt, it is pretty important for popular celebrities to look perfect for different photoshoots or social events.

Especially it concerns fitness models. They need to meet the strict standards of the modeling industry. As far as I know, such women are not allowed many things. For example, they follow a strict diet, work out hard in the gym. So plastic surgery is one of the needs for this industry.

I am interested in this question. Share with me guys if you have some information about Emily Rata breast size. Looking forward to your answers!

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Hi! Very often we can find the comments about Emily’s plastics. They say that all her parameters are created by the surgeon. Especially her bra size is a matter for many discussions. It’s easy to find her measures 90-65-86. Indeed, she can boast of quite an impressive bust. There are a few facts confirming she avoided mammoplasty.

Firstly, she published some photos where she is 14 years old. They show that even at such a young age she already had a big breast. Secondly, the breast really looks natural in different body positions. I’m sure Emily should thank her genes and amazing under clothing, especially bras.

For me, it doesn’t matter either her cups are natural or created. She is just a pretty woman. Her sizes are almost classical ones. She is not so tall, only 171cm at the same time the breast is 90.

It’s quite common that people glue their eyes to the celebrities. They split the body into atoms to find the faults. Emily is on the same list. So many discussions are about her bra size. I’m sure they just envy for her beauty and success. She doesn’t hide her parameters. Everybody can see her rather open pictures. But it’s her own business. I consider her rather smart. She is sure that the people’s negative reaction to her sexuality is not her fault, but the problem of those people.

Emily Rata measurements

Hello there! Yeah, I remember that fuss and judgment about her fake parts of face and body. I do not understand why people care so much about it. I like how Emily looked in Pharell William’s “Blurred Lines”, no matter she had something fake or not ahha. It might be just some special push-up bra pretending much bigger cup size.

We also know how different light can change our look in professional photos and videos! The fact I absolutely have no doubts about is that she is putting a lot of efforts in taking care of her body, serious and regular workouts, as well as healthy dieting, are part of her daily routine. Obviously, it works! I found Emily Ratajkowski inspiring.

Emrata boobs

Hello! I agree that Emily Ratajkowski is an amazing woman. Looking at her shapes, everyone is interested in her parameters. I found that her bra size is 32C. Guess that lots of people think that she asked help in a plastic surgeon. Frankly speaking, I think genetics is the main reason for her look. I saw the photos of her mother. She doesn’t look at her age! She has a slim waist and beautiful shapes. So it is quite possible that Emily just inherited her traits.

In fact, one can only envy her parameters: the cup size is 90 cm, the waist is 61 cm, the thighs are 86 cm. Though Emily’s height is 171 cm, her weight is only 52 kg. Fantastic!

Emily Ratajkowski measurements are 85-65-86. Of course, it is not a secret for society. Fitness model is open enough to share the secrets and body parameters with her fans. She is proud of her body as she works hard to maintain the shapes. Though she doesn’t have a special diet, her workout routine is quite hard.

Looking at her photos you do not wonder that she is satisfied with her parameters. She takes part in photo shoots with pleasure enjoying her talent and sharing the emotions with her fans.


Emily is one of the world models who attract so much attention and disputes. She’s lucky to get such a gift from nature. It’s only a part of her celebrity. As Emily said she is not a gym fan. Besides she can eat mostly she wants. Sweet desserts and a portion of good meat is not a problem for her. I think she is running a little.

To be so famous you need something more than just perfect parameters. I also see that different sources vary her sizes. They are

  • the height 170-171
  • the cup size 86-90
  • waist 61-65
  • hips 86.

So within the years, she tries to keep them more or less the same. It means that she has to support it all the time. If it is not a serious surgery it might be so-called beauty correction. Everything depends on how you consider it. Amazing body!

I heard that giving an interview to some fashion magazine, Emrata assured that her boobs size is natural and so luxurious just because of her growing up. Moreover, she suggested people to stop considering such stories as it is really offensive. The fitness model does not respect such people.

To illustrate her truth, she even has shown a picture with 14 Emily in a two-piece swimsuit on her website.

So I’m not confident about her boob job. Actually, nobody can be sure because her breast is so amazing. It is even hard to accept it. Moreover, her previous photo has proved that she has a rather big breast from her childhood. That makes me think that she is the owner of the real breast. I would deny any surgery on her boobs.

For me, no matter if these stories are based on real fact or not, ignoring some Emily Ratajkowski plastic surgery, I think our princess is growing feminine and striking as time flies. Nevertheless, Emily Ratajkowski is a beautiful girl. Society appreciates her body and working hard to achieve it.

Nevertheless, it is your business what to judge.

Recently I heard that Emily Ratajkowski boobs are fake. Is it true? Because it seems to me that her parameters are quite natural. Looking at the photos when she was a teenager, one may say that the model just preserved her natural beauty.

Nevertheless, I noticed some changes in her appearance. Another explanation can be makeup, as the model actively takes part in different photoshoots and social events. So as you understand, her job requires making a bright makeup.

Emily cup size

Look at the photo above when Emily was 14 y.o. Do you still hesitate that her breast size is real? Honestly, these gossips irritate me. I consider Emily Ratajkowski beauty natural!

By the way, recently Emrata celebrated her birthday party. Congrats!

Emily Rata measurements

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