Who is Emily Ratajkowski husband? When she was married?

Hello! Emily Ratajkowski is my favorite model. I like following her. Recently enjoyed the article about her diet and workout program. After Emily Ratajkowski reveals in blurred lines music video and films including feature film, social media became interested in her. The star seems to feel pretty and has a really good time now. Emily Ratajkowski weight is striking, guess it’s because of her body type.

But I’m interested if she has a husband. Suppose that she has already tied the knot, what do you think?

When she was married? Who is her husband? Is he a famous person? How many times she was married? How many serious relationships did she have? These were famous people? Does Emily Ratajkowski appear in public with her husbands? Does a woman openly talk about private life or tries to hide it from the wide audience?

Seems like Emrata have many fans of the opposite sex? Does her husband like this? Or vice versa is jealous of his star-wife? Do the women do all the housework, or at least her women’s responsibilities? Where does she live now? What does Emily Ratajkowski say about children? Does she like them? When do the women plan to have a baby? How many children does Emrata want to have? What does the star think about the motherhood in general?

What about her free time? Does she spend it with her man? It is really interesting information for me! Waiting for your answers!

emily ratajkowski husband

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Hi, she married Sebastian Bear-McClard on 23 of February 2018. Emily has known Sebastian for years; they were already familiar with each other in a friend group. He wasn’t a stranger to her, so it’s not a surprise that they got engaged eventually.

Oh, it’s a fascinating story, their marriage, l mean. Em surprised all her fans with this event on February 24. It was a shock wedding. The ceremony was private, only of her and her hubby’s friends were present.

You also asked about her husband. So, he is an actor, writer, director and producer. Sebastian produced films such as Good Time, Heaven Knows What and Still Life.

The husband of Emily is Sebastian Bear-McClard a producer and actor, known for movies such as Broken Flowers; Heaven Knows What and Good Time.

He had received some nominations for Gotham Independent Film Awards as well as the nod for an Independent Spirit Award.

Hey! That’s a good question.
I know that Emily’s husband is Sebastian Bear-McClard. He’s an actor and a producer of indie films. I hope that their marriage to Emily will last long!

Hi Lorry! Interesting question!

As I know Emily’s husband is Sebastian Bear-McClard. Their wedding was on 23 of February 2018. It was a very secret marriage. In one of the interviews,Emily said that she can’t even imagine a wedding for 300 people because it’s so uncomfortable. At their wedding there were only the closest people.

Her husband is an actor, director, writer and producer. He is best known for his movies Good Time (2017), Heaven Knows What (2014) and Broken Flowers (2005).

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