How to be Bella Hadid? How to makeup like she?

Hello! I’m Kim. I’ve seen that you discuss Bella Hadid. I’m the fan of she. And I wish to be like she for a long time. May you give me some advice?


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Hello, darling! You know, Bella Hadid is a very natural-being model. She is an It girl. The model once said that she likes natural beauty. Bella likes masks for face and simple make up. Make accent on eyes rather than lips. Bella like mascara very much and have a lot of them. What is more, Bella likes loose powder and take it everywhere.

She is a beauty chameleon and everything fits her.

You should follow the natural beauty. Bella uses the pure product, but they are perfect and expensive. At the interview, she said that she sleeps in my makeup sometimes, but she always wakes up at 2 am, freaking out and feeling completely guilty about it.

She gets up, washes my face, moisturises and go back to sleep because she hates waking up in the morning with make-up on – it’s the most horrible feeling. She usually a good girl about taking my makeup off at night. She typically does concealer under the eyes, on her chin and around the nose, and then a good bronzer and a right brow. That’s her top three for every day. She loves natural freckles and just keeping a natural look. And she loves mascara.

You know that makeup is an essential part of the model’s life. Bella Hadid likes nude style most of all in her day to day life.
In order to hide fatigue, she uses cover up cream near eyes, chin and nasolabial folds.
Cheekbones are a composite card of a model. Bella uses bronzing powder to make them perfect.

Hi!! I can say that I’m also her fan. I have been following her life for a pretty extended period. I noticed that she likes nude colours in her makeup and natural look. She wants to use brands like Clinique, Dior, Chanel and YSL.
She takes excellent care of the freshness and youth of her skin. She often uses moisturising cream with aloe extract. I take her advice about coffee peeling and daily care of the neck and hands as these are those parts of the body that show women’s actual age.

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