Who is Bella Hadid? What is Bella`s age?

Hi! Today I have heard about Bella Hadid. I saw photos of her, and I’m interested in her figure. I hope you know who she is.
What is she famous for? Is she a model or an actress? Is she demanded in Hollywood? What is Bella Hadid age?

What are her body parameters? How does she keep the body slim? How many times per week does the girl have gym workout? What training program does the celebrity do to be toned and pumped? What simulators does she use? Which set of exercises for weight loss does she use?
What is Bella Hadid Instagram page?
I think she has an ideal hair. I would like to have it too! How many times does the girl go to the hairdresser? Does she any procedures like keratinization, lamination or botox? How many times per year does she change her haircut? What is her natural hair colour?

What hairstyles she like the most? What products does she use to keep curls healthy, strong and shining? How does she look after her hair?

Despite the fact I do not know anything about her, I am sure that Bella Hadid is an amazing person. I already want to be like she.

Please, answer my questions)

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Hello. Bella Hadid is a famous American model. She has won many awards, for example,”Model of the Year”. Experts say that she is one of the most stylish and talented models nowadays. She is 21 years old. Her photos have been on the pages of such magazines as “Seventeen”, “Elle”, “Vogue”. What is more, she has her clothing line which is called “Robert Riley’s”.

Hi, I’m a fan of her work, and here’s something I know.

Bella Hadid is a model represented by IMG. She is also a nationally ranked equestrian. She began competing in equestrian when she was three years old. But in 2014 she moved to New York to start her modelling career

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