Does Bella Hadid have tattoos?

Hi! I’m always interested: do models have tattoos? For example, Bella Hadid. Her appearance is really stunning: perfectly toned body, healthy clear skin. As far as I know, the model used the plastic surgeon’s service. Bella Hadid boobs before and after are the burning topic today.

Bella Hadid tatoosNow I’m interested in the model’s tattoos. My questions are the following:

  • Is it allowed for models to have tattoos? Who knows? Wat interesting and modern things models can have on their body?
  • Does Bella Hadid have a piercing? How many earrings does the model have on her ears? Is it allowed for models to wear different rings?
  • Is it allowed to have small tattoos on the unnoticeable parts of the body?
  • What manicure is have to be being an internationally famous model? Can Victoria Secrets Angels have a long-nailed manicure? Is it allowed to wear wedding rings?

It is interesting for me to know this information because I am thinking about model career and I want to know all the restrictions. For example, Bella Hadid diet is one of them. Moreover, I have some small tattoos on different parts of my body. Maybe, one day I could become the famous worldwide model!

I am waiting for Bella Hadid tattoo pictures!

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Hi! Great question! Time flies so fast, and modelling business has changed a lot. As a result, so many famous models have tattoos. Nowadays such body art doesn’t mean something vulgar but seems to be elegant.

In particular, Bella made two symbols (small wings and tiny rose) in 2017. They look so good and give Bella even more charm. Interesting that Kendall Jenner also got a tattoo made by Jon Boy. I heard these two models are real friends. It seems girls prefer the same tattoo artist. I can say that this can be a part of unique Kardashian style.

Sometimes it is pretentious, but not in this case. Both girls have adorable tattoos.
Does Bella Hadid have tattoos?

Hi! It’s interesting. As I know, Bella has two little tattoos.

She has a pair of tiny angel wings on the back of her right ankle which she got from Jon Boy in January 2017. The discreet inkings are her first known tattoos. I think It looks lovely. Also, she has the little rose on her right elbow by the same artist in July 2017.

Hey! As far as I know, a lot of models have tattoos, and that’s normal. As for Bella Hadid, I heard that she only has two symbols: the first one is the wings on her ankle and the second one is the rose on her elbow. An artist Jon Boy has made both of these tattoos in 2017.

She hasn’t personally said about the meaning of her tattoos, but some people think that the wings made in honor of her modeling career.

Hello!I saw that she has two of them.First tattoo is wings on her ankle. Second is a tiny rose on her elbow. She had made them two in 2017. Someone told that meening of her wings tatto is that she was a Victoria’s Secret angel, or in honor of her mother whoms she calls an angel.

Hello! As we know, Bella never overindulged in tattoos. However, she likes to decorate her body with pictures now and then. My favourite one is a little minimalistic rosebud on her left elbow painted by famous Jon Boy in New-York saloon “Bang Bang”. She also has butterfly wings on her ankle. The model tends to give hints of her tattoo saloons visits on Instagram.

…and of course, each new treasure on her body is documented in stylish photo sessions.

It’s not a secret that girls who’re planning to start a modeling career are advised not to make a tattoo. Of course, it can shorten the demand and chances to become a model. Nevertheless, Victoria’s Secret models have already got a reputation and can allow making a tattoo.

For example, Bella Hadid has angel wings on her leg. Her fans are still thinking of the sense her tattoo bears. Maybe it’s a sign of her first Victoria’s Secret show?


Hadid tattooIn fact, the requirements of the modeling world are strict. Not every girl can potentially become Victoria’s Secret model. As your chances depend on appearance mostly:

  • height within 175-185 cm
  • parameters 86-61-86

The important quality that models should possess is the ability to wait. Walking on the catwalk takes only 2 minutes, and waiting for your turn can take many hours. Lots of time models spent on make-up, doing hair, manicure and so on.

This kind of job is quite stressing and exhausting. Actually, visitors see only 2 minutes of walking, and nobody knows what is behind the scenes.

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