How to be vegan? Can you suggest any vegan recipes?


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Hello! It’s me again. I said in the last my question that I’m trying to become a vegan, so yes, in this question I would like to discuss more about vegans and such stuff.

So, firstly, how to become a vegan? I mean physically. How to make this transformation without damage to your health? What means to be vegan? Can every person become a vegan or not?  I had a consultation with my doctor, and what he said, is that this process at the beginning is very complicated, so I want to make it more light and soft. And, also, maybe someone of you is vegan? Write me down some of your best recipes. I would really appreciate that!

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    hello there, my dear user!

    That is one of the most asked questions here, actually…But I will try to give you a proper and full answer ^) Here is what I can suggest:

    1. I see, that you have already made your mind about choosing such lifestyle, it is really good sign (just so you know). Though I also advise you to watch one film called ” Earthlings” (one of the best films in the eternity of human masterpieces).
    2. About the physical part…Well, it would be better to consult with your doctor again. I am not sure if the vegan diet is actually allowed for breastfeeding women (if you are one of them)? Here are some cons of the vegan diet: the lack of proteins, vitamin\mineral loss (B12 and iron, for instance) and the strictness thing in general. It would be great to consider all little detais and make a finakl decision: whether you would be literally able to take such restrictions?
    3. I am not saying you shouldn’t go vegan (since I am myself a one). Just think about it.
    4. Anyways, the first thing you should forever forget about is ”the light and smooth process”. Believe it or not, but you are going to face a lot of different obstacles (unless you are super vegan-vise). The key thing here woulb be to keep going without falling into the temptation.
    5. Check out some Youtube videos about being vegan and some recommendations for the newcomers.
    6. I DO really advise you to watch the Klossy channel, since you can get a lot of cool and simle vegan recipes from there. You should definitely the ice-cream one !(it is my favourite)
    7. Find your local vegan store or buy soy products online. Also look for vegan recipe books in some libraries or book stores in your area (over last years they have been really popular).

    So here are what I came up with…Hope you would like some of the mentioned above ideas and even give them a chance at least! I am kidding…Do what you want and enjoy every bit of being vegan!

    P.S. we will take over the world soon


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    Veganism – it’s the highest degree of vegetarianism.

    Shortly, vegetarianism it’s a diet, but veganism – it is a lifestyle, which almost excludes killing and exploiting animals for any purpose. Consequently, vegans do not eat any kind of meat, dairy products, eggs, fish, many kinds of seafood and even honey!

    Every individual can adopt this and be so.

    The main argument of veganism tells that person like all herbivores has very long intestines, specially consigned for digesting plant food. When animal products fall into the pipe of human, happens not absorbing, but putrefactive processes.

    How to switch to the vegan diet?

    The most important in changing diet – gradualness.

    Firstly, choose 3-4 food intakes in a week, when you eat meat products and replace them with plant products. After a month exclude some more animal meals and consume it only once a week.

    Secondly, refuse all dairy products; it’s a bit easier. The requirement of animal products will disappear after about half a year.

    What food eats vegan?

    This list of products will help to orient yourself in this and choose from large amount of food what will be suitable precisely for you.

    • All kinds of fruits and vegetables
    • Group of nuts and seeds
    • All diversity of cereals
    • Beans




    Banana bread for vegans:


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