How to build a pull-up bar out of wood?

I’m currently planning to make my home gym. Some days ago I’ve already bought all the tools and materials for a DIY rowing machine. It should be durable and long-lasting after finishing the work. A great advantage of homemade fitness equipment is a much cheaper cost and saving money.

Nowadays, there are many people wishing to go in for sports. But they usually have not enough money for the gym. Well, one of the solutions can be a home gym, mentioned above. You will find it cool to have the opportunity of working out at home. But you probably do not have all the necessary equipment.

The best solution is making the simulators on your own. Especially when you have a talent and the ability to create the production out of wood. But to start making equipment, you should have a correct instruction. Do you have the experience of successful handmade gears?

I decided to start working at some other simulators, including a pull-up bar. As far as I know, it is not difficult to build a pull-up bar out of wood with your own hands at home. Steel pipes of suitable diameter and length are most often used. As weights of various materials are available in almost every home.

A healthy person is a person who is regularly engaged in sports. A beautiful and healthy body is the result of doing sports. This is what many people want to achieve. I consider a pull-up bar a great way to build muscle and test your strength. In order not to spend a lot of money on it, I find it better to do it yourself at home.

Advantages of a homemade pull-up bar:

  • Helps you grow taller
  • Beautiful wide back and shoulders
  • Strong arms
  • Abs muscle developing
  • Prevention of physical inactivity

Considering all the mentioned above benefits you can get using this equipment, I decided to make it for my own home gym. How to build a pull-up bar out of wood?

Share your step-by-step instruction, please!

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Pull-up bar out of wood

Making a wooden pull-up bar is not so durable compared to equipment made out of metal. But it is much easier to make and has a more esthetic look. Let’s consider a detailed instruction:

Tools and materials

For building a wooden pull-up bar for your home gym, you need to prepare the following materials:

  • wooden beams 180 – 200 cm long – 2 pcs;
  • zinc pipe from 1 m long;
  • iron pins needed to connect to the beams – 2 pcs;
  • wood screws (size – 8);
  • screws for pipes – 2 pcs.

The list of necessary tools:

  • drill;
  • hand drill;
  • hammer;
  • device for threading.

Step-by-step instruction

Building a wooden pull-up bar is possible even for a beginner master. For this, you just need to keep to the following steps:

1. On wooden supports for the pull-up bar, it is necessary to mark the places where the zinc pipe will join.

2. Then drill holes in bars to adjust the crossbar.

3. Proceed to install the pins in the ground. For this, it is necessary to dig them to a depth of 60-70 cm.

4. Press the structures fully into the ground, compacting as much as possible. This will ensure the durability and safety of the entire horizontal bar.

5. Screw the wooden beam to the pins with a screwdriver.

6. Using a special threading machine, apply slots to the pipe.

Then push the crossbar through the holes in the beams and screw it with bolts.

Important! If you do not have a tool for applying thread, you can do with a hand drill. Make the holes at the pipe’s edges and tighten a bolt there.

The homemade pull-up bar is a universal sports equipment for effective training of several muscle groups and improving basic strength. Working with your own weight is a popular and affordable method of training.

Wooden pull-up bar is easier and cheaper to make. But it needs additional protection from climatic and biological influences.

The list of materials

  • logs with a diameter of 120–130 mm or a wooden beam of the same cross-section. Log length – 9 m;
  • a pipe or stick made of hardwood (oak, acacia, beech) 2.5 m long and 25 mm in diameter;
  • antimicrobial primer;
  • bituminous mastic;
  • varnish;
  • metal studs.

The list of tools

  • grinder tool;
  • jigsaw or hacksaw;
  • drill;
  • pen drill with a diameter of 25 mm;
  • tassels;
  • sanding paper;
  • hammer;
  • shovel.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Assemble the slipway. Set out the pipes and the horizontal.
  2. Cut a pipe with a diameter of 120 mm into two parts of 3.5 m and one part of 3 m length.
  3. With chalk, we mark the underground part of the pipes, in this case – 1 m.
  4. Cut a pipe with a diameter of 25 mm into two pipes. One is 1.44 m long and the other is 1.24 m long – for arms.
  5. Having left 80 mm from the edge, make holes with a diameter of 31 mm in the pipes 3.5 m long. To do this, use a drill with a crown.
  6. In one of the pipes with a length of 3.5 m, stepping back from the hole 500 mm, make another hole parallel to the previous one.
  7. In a pipe 3 m long, stepping back from the edge of 80 mm, make a hole.
  8. Cut the metal corner 20 * 20 mm into two equal parts.
  9. Collect a pull-up bar on the ground. Insert a 1.44 m long pipe into 3.5 m long pipes, a 1.24 m long pipe into a 3 m long pipe and into an additional hole. The frame is assembled.
  10. Evaluate how parallel are the pipes of a stepped horizontal bar.
  11. Join one of the corners of 20 * 20 mm 2 m long to the bottom of the structure.
  12. Leave 700 mm and join 2 m of the parallel corner.
  13. The underground part of the pull-up bar is ready. Fasten the crossbars to the racks by electric welding.

Before installing my new-made equipment, I’m interested:

  • How high should pull up bar be?

The optimal height is from 3 to 4 inches above the hands. Usually, it is enough for placing the pull-up bar. Mind that the set up is depending on your personal height. You should just ensure the height is suitable for doing exercises with legs and feet over the ground.

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